Anya's Garden launch Royal Lotus perfume

by Grant Osborne, 05th October, 2011

Anya's Garden's latest limited edition fragrance, Royal Lotus will be available from her website until October 15, 2011. In addition, a free sample of Royal Lotus will be included with an order of Anya’s 10-perfume sample set, also on sale for $60.

Anya McCoy, founder and perfumer of Anya's Garden says:

Royal Lotus perfume is a 21st Century-specific design, containing only one wildcard from the 20th Century [Clementine from the USA]. I realized as I was making modifications on the blue and pink lotuses, that several of my aromatics had royal names associated with them, so I changed the name from Purple Lotus to Royal Lotus. It is a sweet and beguiling perfume, with a citrus cocktail opening that evolves into a slightly smoky rich and luxurious floral. The smoke dissipates, and a seamless floral extravaganza unfolds for hours. The sandalwood, tonka and ambergris base is lush and smooth, like the feel of a royal silken garment.

A slight spray of this unctuous perfume in your hair will reward you with at least 24 hours of floral and coumarinic, sandalwoody pleasure.

The notes for the fragrance are as follows:

Top notes:

  • Wild orange from the Dominican Republic

  • Yuzu from Korea

  • Orange Juice EO from Brazil

  • Clementine from the USA

Heart Notes:

  • Blue Lotus Absolute from Thailand

  • Blue Lotus concrete from India

  • Pink Lotus concrete from India

  • Queen of the Night absolute(Cestrum notcurnum, aka night-blooming jasmine) from India

  • Queen of the Night tincture from McCoy's garden

  • Jasmine grandiflorum aka the King of Jasmines tincture from McCoy's garden

  • Jasmine sambac Grand Duke of Tuscany tincture from McCoy's garden

  • Orange Flower tincture from McCoy's garden

Base Notes:

  • Sandalwood from Australia

  • Ambergris absolute from Utah

  • Tonka bean absolute from France

You can find out more and purchase the fragrance at the Anya's Garden website

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    • Francop | 6th October 2011 07:47

      Nice and interesting...:smiley:

    • Primrose | 7th October 2011 06:20

      Wonderful news from an indie perfumer!

    • Nymphaea | 7th October 2011 18:12

      Wow! This will probably be richer and more enchanting than her other luxurious perfumes, and THAT is saying something!

    • Natural_Juice | 8th October 2011 03:56

      Thank you Francop, Primrose and Nymphaea for your lovely comments.

    • Francop | 9th October 2011 09:43

      Thanks for your Beautiful inspirational world...:smiley: