Le Labo to make 'city exclusives' available in other cities this November

by Grant Osborne, 31st October, 2011

Normally Le Labo's exclusive city fragrances can only be found in the cities they were created for: New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, London, Chicago and Dallas. However, Like in 2009, Le Labo are making their entire City Exclusive line available for the month of November only.

The Collection :

Here are the exclusives that will be temporarily available elsewhere, including Le Lebo's descriptions of them.

Tubereuse 40 – New York The Tubereuse 40, like most of our other scents, barely deserves its name. It is of course full of Tubereuse (Absolute and nothing less) but what hits you from the go is a wave of bergamote, tangerine and orange flower that yields that surprising “eau de Cologne” effect (despite its concentration of 30% which transforms this perfume into an extract). The first pschitt is hence pure well - being. The Tubereuse 40 then slowly develops to the woody / floral heart that gives it unique character and comfort. You smell the white floral’s where the Tubereuse finally has its say and the woods (cedar and sandalwood) sing along oak moss, muscs and ambrette absolute to rock you into a state of intensity, pureness, and bliss. As long as there is light there is life. As long as there is NY, there will be Tubereuse 40.

Aldehyde 44 – Dallas Aldehyde 44 is a small wonder that sits tight between an Aldehyde overdose, that gives this scent a unique cleanliness to it, a sublime floral composition that is built around Naracissus, Jasmin and Tubereuse (all Absolute in case you wandered), and a bed of muscs tied with a hint of vanilla. The result is esthetically admirable and unique. You should know that we receive numerous hate mail from perfume lovers that have somehow put their nose on some Aldehyde 44 and that are now considering vacationing in Dallas. Our bad…

Vanille 44 – Paris We all know that Paris is the city of love (and hence sex). But Paris is also about to become the city of Vanille 44! We also know by now that our Rose 31 does not smell of only rose, that our Iris 39 does not smell of just iris, and that the number is an important (if not more) than the name of ingredient to the left of it (I am not a number!). Well our Vanille 44 does not smell of just. Vanilla. At lease it doesn’t smell of vanilla straight away. We could also say that this theme is a subtle ambery incensy woody sexy note that once acquainted with your premium pashmina sweater will release the finest of the vanilla bourbons that you’ve experienced. It’s vanilla disguised. Some will say that it is scandalous to release this theme in Paris only and only in Colette’s Paris. Others will say that it is already too much and will try to ban it in the name of normality, where vanillas smell of vanilla. Now, tell me, who is normal these days? Regardless, our sincerest gratitude to Mr. Morilla’s for this newborn, and remember, Paris is always only a memory away (Ok, that was super cheesy).

Poivre 23 – London Poivre 23 translates into Pepper 23 and it’s Le Labo’s pepper statement, developed in partnership with Nathalie Lorson, and only available as an Extrait de Parfum. Why pepper? (And we’re talking true Bourbon Pepper, the Rolls of peppers) Because it’s the spice of all spices, widely used in perfumery, and we wanted pepper to finally get what it deserves: the limelight. Pepper with cistus, gaïac, patchouli, incense, Australian sandalwood and other funky stuff. It’s very warm, ultra spicy, truly oriental, and it’s only for London.

Gaïac 10 – Tokyo Gaïac is a very hard greenish wood that isn’t as dry as cedar and that is subtle, profound, and stable. Le Labo’s GAIAC 10, a perfume extract that has been developed in partnership with perfumer Annick Menardo, is a tense formula built on gaïac wood and surrounded by muscs (4 different types in all), with hints of cedar and olibanum (incense). Don’t expect this woody musc to leave a perfuming trail from where you are to Hokkaido (unless you already are in Hokkaido), but it will stick on you and with you, despite your mood, for days and days. Gaïac 10 is your ideal partner.

Musc 25 – LA Musc 25 is Le Labo’s LA exclusive scent. Why you ask? Because genderless angels have to be tempted into the smell of life.

Musc 25 is white, angelic, very musky and aldehydic, and so intensely luminous that you will need to wear shades to approach it. Yet despite all this heavenly white, it’s core is somber, devilishly dark, so much so that it wakes up your inner demons that are anchored in sin and in animalic notes that are sensual, sexual, and decadent. Its alter is made of Vetiver, ambergris, more musc, and more civet and of the devil itself. Enjoy the ride of L.A 25, oops, we meant Musc 25.

Baie Rose 26 – Chicago In pure Le Labo style, the new Chicago exclusive scent reinvents the pimento berries to knock you off with straight elegance, and endless wake and unique signature. Pimento berries are reinforced with clove and pepper, winking left and right to some cedar and Aldehyde, while waking up the aisle to get married with the eternal rose absolute from Grasse. The result sits on musks and ambrox. It is pure refinement, personality and memorability.

Available from 1st November for one month, online and in Le Labo stores. Sizes are 15ml, 50ml, 100ml and 500ml.

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    • PerfumedLady | 31st October 2011 14:49

      Excellent news,thanks for reporting this,Grant!Been dying to sample Aldehyde 44!

    • Apep | 31st October 2011 15:18

      Good news indeed! I've tried quite a few of their normal range, but have been itching to test a few of their exclusives... Bring it on!

    • eMCizzle | 31st October 2011 17:57

      Any must-haves?! I can't afford them all in the short amount of time they'll be around, but am super excited about getting a couple of them if I'm lucky. I'm just wondering what people recommend for a blind-buy of the city exclusives. Masculine or unisex.

    • MikeNY | 31st October 2011 19:05

      Poivre is my must-have!!

    • cacio | 31st October 2011 20:01


      no blind-buy necessary, I saw them at Barney's Chicago, so I'm assuming they're available in SF as well. None seemed really bottle worthy for now. Gaiac is a very interesting dry-woody-incensy, with a strong peppery note.


    • eMCizzle | 31st October 2011 22:59

      I have Rose 31, so I wonder if Baie Rose is any different?

    • CanwllCorfe | 1st November 2011 02:56

      Hm... weird. I don't see Kunkletown on this list? :undecided: I guess they'll probably add it next time.

    • Francop | 1st November 2011 16:57

      I have just ordered a sample of each of the city exclusives...can`t wait to receive them...!!! :smiley:

    • JustinL611 | 1st November 2011 22:39

      Just bought my bottle of Poivre 23 today. Went to the Le Labo boutique in Manhattan and was in and out in less than 10 minutes. Sampled MANY of their blends while my bottle was being created and was blown away by a few including the Santal 33. Prices for the city exclusives are as follows...

      15 ml... $116. 50 ml... $290. 100 ml... $440. 500 ml...$1,400.

      I got the 50 ml bottle. Refills are discounted but I can't recall what the prices were.

    • Flaconneur | 13th November 2011 16:11

      Many Chicagoans I've spoken to about Baie Rose 26 are thoroughly depressed about this fragrance from Le Labo. Most feel that it isn't representative of the great spirit of this city and is a bit weak in character. I might have suggested to Le Labo that the city exclusive for Chicago might have been an incense and smoke fragrance. Yes, it's a bit literal and a narrative on the cities biggest historical disaster but fitting none the less. What would Le Labo call this fragrance, DeKoven 137 of course.

    • cacio | 13th November 2011 16:52


      indeed, it is not the only one that fails to honor the town. Paris as a tepid vanilla? Los Angeles a clean laundry musk? (ok, the latter perhaps an image of the shallow, look-oriented, hyperbotoxed look?)

      I just came back from Chicago - there could be many things, perhaps a big, meaty tuberose (slaughterhouse of the world), a quirky hay thing (the grain), and so on.


    • Flaconneur | 13th November 2011 19:08

      It is said that the name "Chicago" is derived from a French translation of the Native American word shikaakwa. Roughly translated as "wild onion" or "wild garlic," from the Miami-Illinois language. With that being said, how would you construct a fragrance around an onion or garlic note? Perhaps a smoky, onion-garlic, animalistic, incense fragrance? It sounds delicious.

    • cacio | 14th November 2011 01:20

      Oh, I see, you were coming from ... certainly an onion frag is quite a challenge...