Loewe launch La Colección, exclusively at Harrods

by Grant Osborne, 04th November, 2011

Spanish company, Loewe, were in London yesterday to promote their new collection of fragrances to the press. La Colección by Loewe is "an exquisite collection of four fragrances created to reflect the elegant luxury of the house of Loewe.". The new range is exclusive to Harrods for six months.

The four fragrances were created by Loewe’s in-house perfumer, Emilio Valeros. Each scent has been designed to relate to values deeply rooted in Loewe’s personality, defining its identity as a brand. Passion, Sensuality, Desire and Eternity.

Loewe 1 : Passion

The first fragrance reflects energy, strength, it’s a daring bet! To keep it related to the Spanish heritage of the brand, it communicates the need to live always with passion.

Essence of Spanish culture, which is at the same time a mix of many others. Smell of Spanish land… trail of surprise and emotion… A hint of Spanish country.

Includes notes of Bulgarian rose, Orange blossom and Mysore sandalwood.

Loewe 2 : Sensuality

The desire of finding the perfect match, to seek the perfect lover. This perfume wants to keep the sensation of that instant when a person is able to make time stop. That deep feeling kept in the memory for ever.

Features notes of Purple Redcurrant, Calabria Lemon, Egyptian Jasmine and Mysore sandalwood.

Loewe 3 : Desire

Desire captivates people, dominates, makes fly…Desire demands life, pleasure and dreams.

It is the inevitable need of moving forward, going beyond and discovering.

With notes of Bergamot, Iris from Florence, and Atlas Cedar.

Loewe 4 : Eternity

Absolute and perfect possession of something endless, with no beginning and no end, immutable and boundless. Just like the immensity of a work of art or the infinity of a poem, this fragrance is a tiny paradise of intact essence.

Includes notes of Ylang-Ylang from Comores, Jasmine from Grasse and Vanilla Absolute.

The bottle of the fragrances was inspired by the bottle of the perfume L2, created in 1978 by Vicente Vela. An Art Deco-style bottle featuring subtle, clean, crystalline edges

Loewe say:

"Only high quality glass is used during the handcrafted process of creation. Both the cap and the bottle are hand-flamed, polished and carved, giving as a result an exclusive piece of great artistic value. Each bottle, crafted one by one, is a jewel longing to be contemplated, touched, felt… admired. And in its interior, exquisite spilled sensations inviting you to lose yourself slowly… "

The box was designed by the creative director of Loewe, Stuart Vevers.

"A luxury vertical shape that contributes to enhance the perfume, so that once it has been opened, the bottle stands out in the centre.

The golden exterior echoes the tonality of the fragrances themselves, creating an extremely consistent and elegant whole. This golden tone combines and contrasts with the black of the inside and the exquisite ribbon of the closure. "

As well as the individual fragrances, they are also available together in a Vanity Case (see top picture) in Loewe’s Suede-Gold collection.

"Loewe´s Suede-Gold collection began in 1975, and soon became one of the Loewe icons.

The suede-gold collection finds its inspiration in the Spanish countryside; its colours, its brightness, its greatness and its contrasts; without forgetting about the country’s handicrafts - nails and studs decorating some typical doors of Spanish villages.

This Vanity Case is the best reflection of Loewe´s “savoir-faire” since it has always been present in its history; it is easily recognizable in the nowadays representative suede-gold materials; perfectly combining the modernity of this vanity case with the tradition of the Suede-Gold collection."

La Colección is exclusive to the Perfumery at Harrods and each fragrance is priced at £250. The Vanity Case is priced at £3500.

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    • d4N13L | 4th November 2011 10:52

      La Colección is exclusive to the Perfumery at Harrods and each fragrance is priced at £250.


    • Francop | 5th November 2011 10:18

      Dios Mio...

      Puro lujo from Spain...:rolleyesold:

    • Diamondflame | 7th November 2011 04:24

      Love the vanity box...! Not too sure if the fragrances match up though.

    • firehorse | 12th November 2011 01:04

      The box is nice, .... how can it have mysore sandlewood in so many of them???

    • RIVI | 15th November 2011 17:40

      Another non-luxury brand trying to get a piece of the luxury market with a nice wood box. That is so Armani...

    • RIVI | 15th November 2011 17:42

      Another non-luxury brand trying to get a piece of the luxury market with a nice wood box. That sounds so Armani...