NEW! Aroma M Geisha Amber Rouge

by Lila Das Gupta, 21st November, 2011

For those who have enjoyed Geisha Rouge, now comes the flanker Geisha Amber Rouge from perfumer Maria McElroy. Aroma M describe this as "a beautiful, feminine fragrance composed of seductive sensual spices and woods... mellow yet racy, smoky and appealing".

According to the company, Geisha Amber Rouge gives a nod to Oriental perfumery with notes of Moroccan amber, wood, resins, cinnamon, clove and hints of star anis. Spicy notes of the original Geisha Rouge blend with that of Japanese incense: "Inspired by exotic travels to Morocco and Istanbul, Geisha Amber Rouge is a perfume poem, an ode to the Byzantine"

Geisha Amber Rouge is available in a portable roll-on flacon. It comes wrapped in traditional Yuzen paper from Kyoto.

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    • Kalynne | 23rd November 2011 05:42

      Gotta have it...I love Rouge and I've been craving sandalwood and amber scents!:dankk2: