Designer Parfums announce in-house perfumer for Patou and other brands

by Grant Osborne, 25th November, 2011

Designer Parfums have announced Paris-based perfumer Thomas Fontaine as the new in-house nose for Jean Patou. Fontaine will also create fragrances for the companies other brands which include Worth and Jean Louis Scherrer.

Fontaine has previous created fragrances for Gres, Lubin and P&G Prestige.

Jean Patou was acquired by Designer Parfums from P&G Prestige earlier this year

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    • Surfacing | 26th November 2011 21:27

      Good to read this. This can only be good news. This seems to mean to me that Designer Parfums takes Patou seriously and want to make decent quality fragrances. This, as opposed to Proctor and Gamble and conglomerates that just take....take....take.

      Well, time will tell what comes out of Patou. I'm hoping it is good.

    • LaNose | 27th November 2011 15:09

      One nose; three houses. Busy fella! Hope he can uphold the Patou tradition of originality and exellence.

    • Larimar | 28th November 2011 05:53

      Congratulations! Right then, get to work and bring back the Patou classics such as Moment Supreme and Que sais-je?... I want the same high quality as in the 1980s for their re-launch!

    • Griff | 30th November 2011 03:48

      Curious. Along with the brand, did P&G sell all the old Patou formulas to Designer Parfums?

    • Valnum | 30th November 2011 17:56

      But what did the previous nose, Jean-Michel Duriez, at Jean Patou? Patou almost never releases new fragrances...

    • pluran | 6th December 2011 20:42

      Hope there's some substance to it. Few perfume houses had the quality of Jean Patou.