First Look: Givaudan updates iPerfumer app

by Grant Osborne, 09th December, 2011

Givaudan have launched a new version of their free iPerfumer app. Updates include a cleaner a interface, which makes it simpler to use than the previous version. Best of all, the app now lets you create perfume profiles for other people as well as yourself.

The iPerfumer app was launched last year and allows users to rate fragrances they own or admire as well as create wish lists. From this information the app gives you recommendations based on your selections.

When you first open the app, you are given the choice to find fragrances, view recent launches or view the most highly rated fragrances by iPerfumer users.

Finding a fragrance is fairly straightforward. You can simply type the name in or search by fragrance house, family or an individual note. Pretty much all the mainstream designer fragrances you can think of are listed in the database, including some long discontinued (Cuiron, Moustache...). The app boasts a selection of popular niche houses too such as Frederic Malle and Serge Lutens, though hardcore niche fans will find many of their favourites missing. (No Tauer Perfumes or Ormonde Jayne; from Creed only 'Love in White', but inexplicably no 'Green Irish Tweed' for example.). However, Givaudan are continually adding new fragrances.

Searching by 'Fragrance Family' allows you to view all scents belonging to that grouping: as well as the usual floral, oriental, 'chypre', 'fougere' etc. the family categories are usefully expanded to include 'musky', 'gourmand', 'spicy', 'fruity' and 'aromatic'. Each category also comes with a helpful definition. Sadly, the 'Fragrance Notes' category is not quite as helpful, eg. you can find perfumes listed under 'aldehydes', but if you don't know what they are, there is nothing to tell you.

The recommendations are a fun feature however. It chose some for me that I already knew I liked, and the rest I'll be sure to check out next time I see them. This feature would also be ideal for gift giving. The user can tap in all the fragrances they know someone likes, and receive ideas for new ones. I could see this being used in a social setting for fragrance get-togethers - who knows, even fragrance compatibility...

The system works by looking at what you like and have rated highly, then finding others iPerfumer users who have done the same. It then recommends other fragrances that they also rate highly.


  • Large number of fragrances listed

  • Create profiles for friends and family

  • Give recommendations based on your likes


  • Requires Internet connection

  • Mainstream Fragrances, so big gaps in niche lines.

You can download the new version of iPerfumer from the Apple app store. Android users will get an update early next year. You can see a video promo below.

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    • Harvest Moon | 9th December 2011 19:52

      Got very excited about this - great idea, but the selection is so mainstream that there is hardly anything there that I own. Boo hoo.

    • mr. reasonable | 11th December 2011 04:12

      It's sorta fun. Givaudan need to get a hot IT savvy person to get this running on full steam. Right now it's very basic but the potential is there . . . nice idea, let's see in a year or so if it can begin to realise it's full potential.

    • BXR4T | 11th December 2011 06:39

      It is available on android right now, just downloaded the app 3 seconds ago.

    • chorando | 12th December 2011 02:18

      The android version that is available is version 1.0. This version is still up in the android market. The new version is not available as yet.

    • chorando | 12th December 2011 02:19

      The android version that is available is version 1.0. This version is still up in the android market. The new version is not available as yet.

    • Primrose | 12th December 2011 03:12

      Very cool! An app just for the likes of us!

    • Profumo Saggio | 16th December 2011 11:11

      Just searched the Apple App Store. Search returned no results.