Katy Perry launches second scent, Meow!

by Lila Das Gupta, 02nd December, 2011

Singer Katy Perry has launched her second fragrance: “Meow! by Katy Perry,” in partnership with Gigantic Parfums. Ms Perry said "Meow! is my second baby in the fragrance world. I created it during my California Dreams Tour, and I can't wait for people to be able to experience my intriguing, amusing, candy-land like fantasy whenever they spritz it! We have A LOT of fun on tour so there's a lot of fun infused in this bottle! Meow! It's simply the cat's meow!"

The fragrance "commands a soft sexuality appropriate for use during any time of day. Its signature comes from a pairing of honeysuckle and pear with the backdrop of vanilla, musk, and amber." The eau de parfum was developed with Givaudan.

1.7 fl oz $45 (approx 50ml) , 3.4 fl oz (approx 100ml) $65.00. Meow! is available exclusively at Nordstrom

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    • MonkeyBars | 2nd December 2011 20:30

      I'd like to diss this but I think my girl would probably love it to pieces, especially the bottle. Sigh

    • Primrose | 3rd December 2011 19:10

      I am a scoffer at things like these, but I always sniff before passing judgement on the juice inside the bottle. I am sure this will be a great seller even despite what the scent smells like. Droves of adoring young women will buy this.