Andy Tauer Launches Cologne Du Maghreb at Indie Scents

by Lila Das Gupta, 02nd December, 2011

Swiss perfumer Andy Tauer has launched a new fragrance. Cologne du Maghreb is created in the traditional way of cologne making says Tauer, using only natural, botanical raw materials: "Essential oils, absolutes, resins and love find their way into this Cologne. Not more, not less. There is no need for anything else."

The name Maghreb refers to the geographic region in North Africa that includes Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

The cologne uses bergamot and lemon essential oils, combined with other citrus ingedents such as neroli oil (the steam distilled essential oil of orange blossoms). Some notes last longer than the classical citrus chord says Tauer. These include Moroccan cedar wood and cistus ladaniferus (labdanum). Lavender and rosemary, rose absolute, rose essential oil and clary sage are also listed as ingredients.

TauerPerfumes first presented this cologne in 2010 during the advent calendar give-away. It is now being made in limited quantities and is being sold only through

The perfumer explains: "When I visited the global headquarters of niche perfumery –Luckyscent- at Brea Ave. in Los Angeles the other day, I got a chance to inspect the shelves of a new venture within the company called This new 'company within a company' is a wonderful thing, it acts like an incubator, a separate, nurturing place that is a home to many emerging, artisanal brands and to a large number of perfumes that are hand-crafted, limited, and unique.

Going through these fragrances, smelling this universe of truly inspired and unique creations, I said to Franco Wright, its curator: "Franco, I would be proud to see a flacon of the Cologne du Maghreb on these shelves“. "Sure thing“, he replied. "It will do well and have good company on the shelves. We would love to see a Tauer there, too".

"Thus, it is with great pride that I offer the Cologne du Maghreb at" says Tauer, "to start, I filled just a few hundred flacons, with my cologne that is natural and all botanical, referencing the colognes of 200 years ago. The flacon is simple; it is basically my former flacon that I used for many years. In a sense, I go back in time, celebrating my beginning with all natural, all botanical perfumery.

I feel happy and proud to offer my Cologne du Maghreb"

Franco Wright and Adam Eastwood, founders of Luckyscent say they wanted their sister company,, to focus on smaller, independent perfume brands. The company says the concept is to provide an engaging marketplace for the growing number of emerging perfumes brands with many artisan-made, exclusive limited editions. They plan to keep prices between $40 and $120.

Cologne du Maghreb Cologne for $65 for 50ml from

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    • Francop | 2nd December 2011 21:01

      What a Brilliant Club...sounds really exciting...:cheesy:

    • Ivan D' Great | 7th December 2011 06:43

      Andy is such a real guy and a true master. I would love to test this.

      Has anyone smelled it yet?

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 22nd December 2011 01:47

      There's a new giveaway on this one - link here.

      This stuff does sound like a citrus-lover's dream. I'll be on the lookout for it. :thumbup: