Selena Gomez asks fans to pick notes for her debut fragrance

by Grant Osborne, 13th December, 2011

Disney actress Selena Gomez is asking her fans to pick fragrance notes for her new perfume. The scent, which will be created by Givaudan, will be launched next Spring.

Fans can log on to to vote on which notes they would like to see in the fragrance. The first 100,000 US participants will receive a free sample of the perfume before it hits stores, and all will be entered into a drawing to win an all-expense-paid tour of the fragrance lab with Selena.

The campaign imagery for the fragrance involves Gomez being submerged in a water tank at Smashbox Studios in West Hollywood.

You can see Selena describe what top, middle and base notes are below...

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    • Thighs | 14th December 2011 00:36

      I voted for Texas BBQ Accord, Hemp Absolute and wet dog note.

      Hope I win.

    • d4N13L | 14th December 2011 01:31

      Ive tried to read the entire thing, but i cant pass the pick at the top :o

    • mnaonbn | 14th December 2011 03:31

      Mod, please delete.

    • SirSlarty | 15th December 2011 18:01

      "I have no idea what I want so I'll let someone else decide! Money in the bank! Fans will have better ideas than actual professional perfumers! Yes I am so SMRT"

    • awesomeness | 19th December 2011 00:42

      Ballot is available.

      Your choice of middle notes are crappy jasmine or even crappier freesia.


    • Lush | 19th December 2011 01:35

      Top notes: Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker for Women

      Heart notes: Justin Bieber Someday by Justin Bieber

      Base notes: Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift

      ka-ching, ka-ching, ka-ching.

      Laugh all the way to the bank, Selena.

    • RIVI | 19th December 2011 18:50

      It is funny how the ad campaign is already shoot even though they don´t even have the perfume, which is weird considering that they don´t know "yet" the perfume notes. Anyway, I bet it will be a crappy atomic sugar bomb with as many artificial fruits as possible in it.

    • RIVI | 19th December 2011 18:52

      Totally AGREE!!

    • jooxi | 20th December 2011 05:17

      I'm not sure we need to get so worked up. This is Selena Gomez. She is making this for tweens. Is anyone expecting anything better?

      There's still plenty of room or good perfume, isn't there? I don't see how bad art should prevent good stuff from being made.

    • mnaonbn | 20th December 2011 19:34

      Mod, please delete.

    • oolafsson | 21st December 2011 01:38

      Absolutely true. I'm from Iceland and have been fragrance shopping here in Reykjavik for the holidays and perfumeries don't even carry this garbage. No Usher, no Justin Bieber, and no other celebrity-aggrandized corporate and unimaginative garbage. I doubt Selena Gomez's fragrance will even see the shelves here; none of this other crap does. It's called taste: something America is in desperate need of. I'm 19 years old, and my 15 year old cousins here laugh in the face of the desperation of American kids' willingness to pray to the altar of these generally unartistic and sensationalist "tween regimes." From a sane outsiders perspective, it's downright hilarious, and somewhat sad. These franchises have done enough to ruin music and television… there's really no need for them to ruin perfumery. Leave it to the professionals and artists.

    • mnaonbn | 21st December 2011 02:05

      Mod, please delete.

    • Uboutiques | 22nd December 2011 08:23

      I vote channle,the taste is so good.

    • jooxi | 22nd December 2011 18:46

      Thanks for the passioned reply mnaonbn. You have good points. I suppose it's like that in every art, however.

      In an ideal world, good work would be rewarded and the bad stuff not, but we all know, sadly, marketing plays a big role.

      All the same, wouldn't it be hilarious if a fragrance by the likes of Selena Gomez or Paris Hilton was some unintentional gem?

    • mnaonbn | 23rd December 2011 01:12

      Mod, please delete.

    • NDN-01 | 24th December 2011 15:47

      :tongue:All I can say is BLUH!!!!! Maybe my 4yr old daughter will like it.

    • MarquisdeSod | 27th December 2011 19:51

      I have some notes suggestions, I think a large dose of "cheese," "cocaine" and "used condom" notes would be a propos especially given her invariable Lindsey Lohan/Britney future...

    • DirtyPony | 30th December 2011 22:12

      I don't see why you guys are so uptight! Who knows, maybe it will be good. It seems a little unfair to judge her! And I actually kind of like this girl. She just seems different than most child stars.:vrolijk_26:

    • mnaonbn | 30th December 2011 23:01

      Mod, please delete.

    • Jeannemarie | 31st December 2011 18:41

      I cringe to think this is how most of the world views Americans when it comes to fragrance. :embarassed:

    • SpiritOfGonzo | 8th January 2012 04:41

      I honestly can't focus on anything but the picture. Grrrowl.

    • mnaonbn | 12th April 2012 22:28

      Mod, please delete.