Friday Fragrance News - 30 October 2009

01st November, 2009

This episode we feature the latest fragrance news from: Kate Moss, Avon, Reese Witherspoon, Ormonde Jayne. Ulrich Lang, Anya's Garden, B Never, Luca Turin and Tania Sanchez, Edmond Roudnitska and more...


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    • mtgprox05 | 1st November 2009 16:00

      Great guys! I'm going to check it out in a few, got some stuff to take care of first. I find it ironic though, that a post by Grant got moved!

    • Grant | 1st November 2009 16:09

      That was me - I kept getting that annoying 'fatal error' when i tried to post it here....

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 1st November 2009 16:22

      LOL :grin:

      Yes, it's a great video. As I said on the vid comments - the fact that you two were wearing the same perfumer's work when you met? Too cute!

    • AromiErotici | 1st November 2009 17:09

      It's great to see both of you at one time.:rolleyes: Nice job with all the improvements lately.:thumbsup:

    • seasoldiermarine | 1st November 2009 17:16

      Great vid Grant. LOL mtgprox and redneck, I was thinking the same thing. how can a video By the great Grant be moved. "fatal error" LOL, even the Boss Huh. Purchased the Paperback by the way. It's Awesome

    • Nukapai | 1st November 2009 18:06

      Woop! Well done guys :)

      I love the boxes and general domesticity in the background - few years down the line you'll be in some swanky studio :D

    • DanielleCooper | 1st November 2009 18:39

      It was difficult enough to get him to record it in the home office... ;) No stopping him now though - he can't wait for next week's one!

      Thanks for all the lovely comments btw. This is by far the most nerve-wracking BN undertaking ever because it is the most personal :-S

      We also have big Fragrance Foundation/Basenotes news coming soon and big insert-aroma-house-name-here-in-couple-of-weeks-time-when-can-actually-talk-about-it-openly/Basenotes news too. I have been doing this a lot this week: :D

    • Redneck Perfumisto | 1st November 2009 19:44

      Like Pia said, the domestic background is wonderful. I think it's actually perfect right now - just the way great, authentic things should start. lt will be fun to watch it grow. And you two have a very nice co-anchor thing going, to say nothing of both of your obvious comedic charms. I got some wonderful laughs this morning. Very cool stuff.

      Looking forward to sniffing some of these fragrances you showed, too. Polge the Younger! And "Big K"! This is a very enjoyable way to consume fragrance industry news with an emphasis on perfumers and industry aspects. Maybe I've just folded into the TV generation, but I love seeing this stuff - be it the celebs, the perfumers, or the store displays and events.

      I'll admit that it's probably just a bit scary to put yourselves out there on video, but you're both very charming, and a ton of fun to watch. I think you guys could get away with a lot of really cute and funny stuff. Let your imaginations take you where they want to go! :thumbsup:

    • kbe | 1st November 2009 21:18

      Very interesting and very well done!

      Now, brace yourselves for a big influx of first-timers on Basenotes.

    • DanielleCooper | 1st November 2009 21:49

      You think that was funny you should see the idiocy we display on the out-takes! I have genuinely not laughed so hard in months :grin:

      I think it is an important point - the 'TV generation' is a wide and influential audience, so we hope you are not alone in enjoying your news this way ;)

      We have started to record a video diary of our *top secret* project for eventual YouTube broadcast and we are both much more conversational which is far more comfortable territory for both and, we have been told(?), more engaging to watch so we're looking forward to that.

      Imaginations engaged as instructed sir and ready for action. Thank you very much for all your feedback here and on the channel RP.

    • mikeperez23 | 1st November 2009 21:56

      Very impressive. You two have a natural chemistry that easily shows thru onscreen and it was so delightful to finally see and hear both of you. Here on BN we rarely get to 'meet' each other and now I feel like I have met you already. Plus I love both of your British accents and your impeccable pronounciations of those tough French fragrance names. :)

      I'm looking forward to future video posts!!

    • Mimi Gardenia | 1st November 2009 22:01

      It's wonderful to see both Grant and Danielle. Hello you two ! :) You both look great on screen . I always wanted to know what you both looked like ! :)

      I think having video news is a great step forward. Thanks !

    • Marcello | 1st November 2009 22:27

      Well done, well done!! Looking forward to your forthcoming videos, Grant & Danielle!

    • seasoldiermarine | 1st November 2009 22:40

      I feel like I just made Two great new friends, I love you're Charm and sense of Humor. And you have Chemistry to spare, and I was impressed with the quality of the video. Good luck with all you're endeavors. And may you entertain us forever here at Basenotes

    • Primrose | 1st November 2009 23:47

      Thank you for the sharing. Hopefully more people will be exposed to the world of fragrance--beyond what is being pushed in the local shopping malls. :D

    • Emlynevermore | 2nd November 2009 00:20

      That was fantastic!

      You both seem to have personalities and voices that lend themselves to video. I want to echo the comments above about the natural rapport the two of you have. More of that would be no bad thing.

      Regarding A/V, the music, titles, and pictures spliced in and around the news itself were well chosen and executed.

      My only suggestion would be to alternate the presenting of the news itself between the two of you more often in future videos. This will play up the back-and-forth dynamic that works so well whilst keeping the same non-reader from sitting idly on-camera for too long.

      I look forward to making this a Friday staple. Subscribed! :thumbup:

    • Grant | 3rd November 2009 16:24

      now also available as a Podcast to listen to on the way to work!

    • hirch_duckfinder | 3rd November 2009 16:59

      Good idea, well executed!

      Now - we demand the outakes video :D;)

    • fool | 3rd November 2009 18:12

      Excellent job and you're both very "videogenic", if that's a word. I hope you realise how much your efforts are appreciated around the world. Of course, it would probably help if leeches like me got around to buying memberships. I will now so do. Thanks.

    • Grant | 30th December 2009 17:20

      You can view the page at [url=][/url]