Viktor & Rolf's Spicebomb set for explosive launch next year

by Grant Osborne, 22nd December, 2011

Viktor & Rolf are launching a male counterpart to their debut feminine scent, Flowerbomb. The new fragrance, called Spicebomb, was created by Flowerbomb's perfumer Olivier Polge. Polge says the scent is a "combustion of spices"

The fragrance contains notes of bergamot, grapefruit, elemi, pink pepper, chili, saffron, vetiver, tobacco and leather. Interestingly, according to WWD, no market testing was done on the fragrance.

The fragrance is available as 90ml and 50ml Eau de Toilette, and body products of deodorant spray, aftershave balm and shower gel.

Spicebomb is available exclusively from 23rd January at Harrods in London and Bijenkorf in the Netherlands. Launches in France follow in February; USA from 1st March; and the rest of the UK on 7th March.

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    • PureBoy | 22nd December 2011 14:15

      Interesting notes... I hope it will be as good as Flowerbomb! ...Because V&R Antidote is a piece of crap...:tongue:

    • scentimus | 22nd December 2011 17:16

      after Antidote - I just feel that V&R doen't have the balls to release a powerful men's scent with the sillage that Flowerbomb holds

    • noirwest | 22nd December 2011 19:51

      Spicebomb? What spice? Pink Pepper? Why not call it Pepper Spray and be done with it? Pink Pepper Spray - maybe they could get the unemployed cop to show up in malls to aggressively spritz shoppers!

    • autumngleeman | 22nd December 2011 22:53

      well the grenade shaped bottle certainly gets the point across. I kinda like the bottle. we'll see about the contents and that "combustion" of spice notes later.

    • calero | 23rd December 2011 03:02

      I sure hope it's not as confused as Antidote...

    • Oupavoc | 23rd December 2011 18:23

      Cant wait to try this, plus the bottle is intrigue me lol

    • noirwest | 24th December 2011 05:10

      Wonder what TSA will have to say about the bottle? Might be an okay scent but doubt that it will travel well...

    • mnaonbn | 24th December 2011 09:25

      Mod, please delete.

    • bFlay | 24th December 2011 13:10

      Sounds like funeral home deodorant to me!:tongue: