Vote in the 2012 Basenotes Reader Awards

14th January, 2012

What were the best fragrances of 2011? We'd like to know your opinions for the Basenotes Reader Awards 2012. Voting will be open until the end of January 2012, and we will announce the finalists in mid February.

The voting form is only available to Basenotes Members who are logged in, so if you are not registered, click here to do so. Current members can log in using the log in box at the top right of each page.

CLICK HERE TO VOTE - (Voting Form Updated, should work for all now)

If the form is still not working for you, you can email your votes to, with the following categories:

Best New Fragrance for Women 2011:

Best New Fragrance for Men 2011:

Best Flanker 2011:

Most Pointless Flanker:

Best Packaging 2011:

Best Celebrity Fragrance 2011:

Best Online Perfumery:

Best Perfumery (offline):

Best Marketing Campaign 2011:

Worst Marketing Campaign 2011:

Perfumer of the year:

House of the Year:

Best All time Fragrance for Women:

Best All time Fragrance for Men:

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      • Francop | 15th January 2012 00:28

        Is the form up and running?

      • PureBoy | 15th January 2012 03:09

        Ok ok! Now it's done!!!

        ...if I read Bleu de Chanel or Gucci Guilty as the winners I will be able to kill myself!!! Not here... please!!!:lipsrsealed:

      • vmmmlls | 16th January 2012 20:25

        Nope :( doesn't work for me

      • kalli | 17th January 2012 01:09

        Not working at all

      • Grant | 18th January 2012 10:29

        Seems to be working for some and not others. Can I ask what error message you get? Or if you dont get a message, what happens? thx

      • abzr88 | 19th January 2012 08:07

        It was not working when I was logged out, it said "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (vb) isn't associated with any program." However once I logged on it was working fine.

      • Leesee | 19th January 2012 17:32

        I am logged in and I still cannot access it. Also gave me the protocol vb error message.

      • Livingdead | 20th January 2012 18:29

        mine shows me a blank page, on my tab it just says Untitled. Using Chrome.

      • Grant | 20th January 2012 20:45

        Okay, I'll look into it! Stay tuned!

      • Redneck Perfumisto | 21st January 2012 06:35

        Here's the URL that it sends to Safari on Mac:


        And here is what Mac says in the browser window:

      • Grant | 23rd January 2012 10:25

        Hi folks, I've rewritten the form now. Should be working fine. Sorry for the problems before

      • Ciprian | 24th January 2012 17:00

        It does not work. I have tried ,firefox,safari and explorer:huh:

      • Parkxi | 26th January 2012 02:58

        doesn't work for me =/

      • kalli | 27th January 2012 08:58

        Actually, it worked for me before the doesn't work. Says Firefox doesn't know how to open address because the protocol (vb) isn't associated with any program?

        Lol, I should have voted when I got it working.

      • kalli | 27th January 2012 08:59

        Nvm, now it works! Thanks!

      • achanna | 2nd February 2012 20:21

        What happened to all the previous Awards, i can't seem to find them

      • achanna | 2nd February 2012 20:22

        What happened to all the previous Awards, i can't seem to find them

      • ayric | 18th February 2012 09:48

        It's mid February. When do we get the results?