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Versace launch Pour Femme Dylan Blue

15th January, 2018

The advertising campaign was shot by Bruce Weber and stars Croation model Faretta. Versace pour femme Dylan Blue is available in the UK now from Harrods, with a wider launch next month. In Germany the fragrance is available from Douglas. The scent is available as 30ml, 50ml and 100ml Eau de Parfum. …

RUIK turn famous Amsterdam Christmas tree into perfume

20th December, 2017

  Co-founder Boye says: "After a year of maturing and testing, it has become a fresh green fragrance for everyone, combined with warm woody notes and a sultry hint of cinnamon. The ultimate ode to this natural scent icon.” Siblings Boye and Noëlle started making perfumes from orange peels (VERSCHIL) and Christmas…

House of Matriarch's latest fragrance is a tribute to the Holly King

15th December, 2017

House of Matriarch's latest fragrance is Sacre Noir. Perfumer Christi Meshell has collaborated with Joseph Sagona to create this limited Winter "Holy-Day" fragrance. The company say: During the darkest night, in the darkest hour, The Holly King emerges from the timeless enchanted forest to anoint us w…

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Bruno Fazzolari now available in UK at Roullier White

13th December, 2017

Award-winning niche fragrance company Bruno Fazzolari is now available in the UK at South London’s Roullier White.

NEZ Magazine launches in London

11th December, 2017

The founders of NEZ Magazine will be in London this week to celebrate the launch of their new English issue #4 which is themed on ‘is perfume an art?’ NEZ Magazine is the only periodical to be dedicated to scent and the sense of smell. It brings together articles, interviews, surveys and critical analysis with an olfactory …

Bertrand Duchaufour is perfumer behind new British perfume house, St Giles.

05th December, 2017

St Giles is a new British perfume house with a range of five perfumes. The house was founded by Michael Donovan, who worked in collaboration with perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour to create the initial collection.

Bruno Fazzolari launches Ummagumma

04th December, 2017

Bruno Fazzolari's latest fragrance, Ummagumma was inspired in part by a Pink Floyd album from 1969.

Villa M and Cuadra are latest fragrances from Paul Schütze

04th December, 2017

Cuadra Invoking the brilliantly hued modernist masterpiece of Mexican architect Luis Barragan: Cuadra San Cristobal, a horse ranch built around geometric reflecting pools and the fountains which feed them. Cuadra is at once exotic and intimate, open yet embracing. Juxtaposing the architect’s hot signature colours with the vas…

Ruth Mastenbroek launches in the US

31st October, 2017

UK niche perfume company, Ruth Mastenbroek, has launched in the United States. The range consists of four fragrances: Signature, Amorosa, Oxford, and the most recent, Fire dance, which was launched last month. Signature - the first fragrance launched by Mastenbroek in 2010, is a Chypre fragrance with notes of bergamot, pineapple…

Crowdfunding campaign launched for Puerto Rican perfumer

26th October, 2017

A crowdfunding campaign has been launched for Juan M Perez – founder of indie house, The Exotic Island Perfumer and perfumer behind the Zoologist perfume, Dragonfly. Perez, based in Puerto Rico, has been greatly affected by the recent devastating hurricane. Travis J McIntosh, who created the campaign says: Juan Pere…

Submissions for the The Fifth Annual Art and Olfaction Awards to close next week

24th October, 2017

Submissions for the The Fifth Annual Art and Olfaction Awards close next week. The event, to be held in April 2018 is being held in London and celebrates excellence in independent and artisanal perfumery, and experimental work with scent. Submissions close on November 1st, and physical submissions must be received on or before 14th Nov…

Carphone Warehouse launch promotional fragrance: ‘Unboxed’

12th October, 2017

Carphone Warehouse, a UK cell phone retailer has launched a fragrance named Unboxed, which aims to capture the smell of unboxing a new smartphone. "We played with a range of curious ingredients to get that perfect blend of phone materials, refined packaging, metallic electricity and luxurious exclusivity" says Gemma Hopki…