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  1. Re: Is there a food item you believe the scent industry is overlooking?

    They were big in the 80's ...............I think:rolleyesold:
  2. Re: Is there a food item you believe the scent industry is overlooking?

    Jim Gaffigan loves Kale!
  3. Re: Is there a food item you believe the scent industry is overlooking?

    Secretions Magnifique?:shocked:
  4. Is there a food item you believe the scent industry is overlooking?

    So.........have manufacturers of scents covered all there is to make use of?

    I've seen avocado and green pepper notes listed, is there a food item you would like to see be utilized?

    A long time...
  5. Manufacturers seem to be vague on ingredients...

    I've read that manufacturers don't always come out with the exact formula or list outright every single item in their scent, how do you know that a scent has real oud/agarwood?
  6. Re: Pino Silvestre bringing us 3 new releases.

    B'Notes has yet to add them to the directory, anyone have a review to share?
  7. Re: What are your top 3 Cartier Fragrances still in production

    Declaration Essence......musk/tea
  8. Re: Which of these colognes is best for compliments ?

    Same here...............
  9. Re: Sir Irisch Moos, I got the Eau de Cologne and love the scent..............but not too long

    Yes, I've looked at, Germany's ebay site, I keep on putting off sending away for it. Soon maybe.
  10. Another rare bird.............Ferragamo's Monsieur.

    Only one review on this site at this time and Fragrantica does not list it.

    Anyone have this classic in their stable?
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    Re: What is your "Barn Find"?

    My sister once found a VERY rare promotional T.M. Angel bottle and box and someone in Singapore also spent quite a bit of time and effort in obtaining it from her, some things are worth the time and...
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    Re: What is your "Barn Find"?

    Garage sales, you never know what you're going to find there!
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    Re: I know what Dior Sauvage smells like

    All I know is that I've really fallen for Sauvage
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    What is your "Barn Find"?

    Here in the "States" there is a phrase, "Barn Find" and according to Wikipedia:

    A barn find is a classic car or motorcycle that has been discovered, often in derelict condition. The term comes...
  15. Re: Most worn in December, 4th Quarter, 2nd Half and the whole year 2015

    Fendi's Assoluto. has become a great scent for me at this time of year��:thumbsup:
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    Re: Signature Scent for Your Car

    When I shop at they always include samples of Exceptional.

    Because I have bought quite a few items from them the sample vials are plentiful, that is my auto signature...
  17. Aramis' Tuscany Uomo FORTE, is it great on own merits or just overhyped cuz discontinued?

    I like it, just wondering what the B'Noters think, I see no resemblance to Drakkar Noir as some at Fragrantica have said it does.
  18. Re: Just picked up the best cologne I've ever had.

    It's a nice scent, well in line with the wave of dark/oud releases in the last few years.

    I enjoyed test wearing it, hope to get some soon.
  19. Re: What are you going to wear for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    Gonna wait a week or two and let the craziness die down before I go near a theatre, then maybe. Got a bottle of VC&A Midnight in Paris on the way............starry night bottle sounds good.
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    Re: New: Ferarri Vetiver Essence

    Ferrari has had to work its way out of a hole, it seems quite a few folks were not happy with their first few releases, prior to the "Essence" line, I'm happy with their Oud and "Yellow" ones.
  21. Re: PerfumedCourt/LuckyScent........timely?

    Thank you folks for your thoughts!
  22. Re: The Cologne Wars: Star Wars fragrance round-up

    Could not read your comment because of an advertisement for Cholula right over it.
  23. PerfumedCourt/LuckyScent........timely?

    In the last month or so I have purchased from the Perfumed Court then Lucky Scent, what a difference, Lucky was so much faster than Court.

    Just wondering what your experience is.
  24. Al Rehab's Susan................good? Age? Synthetic?

    Hi, just wondering if any ladies in this forum have experienced Al Rehab's Susan.

    Looking for gift ideas.
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    Re: Aramis...which one...

    Havana is pretty much the only stellar one of the group. I burned out on the others real fast and they seem a little too "codgy". In the northern hemisphere of the world, right now, Havana should...
  26. Re: Cuirelle by Ramon Monegal...Any of you try this?

    Hey folks, I'm bumping this because I've just learned about this one.

    Is this a little feminine?
    Any new members wish to add their thoughts on this one?

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    Re: If the shoe fits...

    And if she worked in a shop that made her nation's national dress shoes would she have a love of wood notes?
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    Re: Best scents for a gentleman?

    Dior's Homme EAU for MEN


    Mugler's PURE HAVANE
  29. What male scents have the ad agencies been pushing on you lately?

    Is there a particular scent that you've noticed in print, internet, radio or billboards lately?

    Recently when I go on Youtube I've seen quite a bit of Boss' new scent The Scent.

  30. Re: An IM chat with Lizzie Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette) on her book 'Perfume - A Century of Scents'

    Interesting, another one that I have to request at my local library.
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    Re: Anvers by Ulrich Lang New York

    you're close
  32. Re: Has anyone sampled Floris "Jermyn Street"?

    Surprised to read that, the reviews over at fragrantica seem very positive on their Honey Oud though I am on the fence about it.:undecided:
  33. At first glance, am I the only one who thinks Byredo might be pronounced like BURRITO?

    So what's the best way to say Byredo?:dankk2:
  34. Re: Wow, just finished watching a 30 sec. commercial for No. 5 w/Gisele Bundchen.......fave?

    Great ads, Chanel has big money to produce those "shorts".
  35. Re: Wow, just finished watching a 30 sec. commercial for No. 5 w/Gisele Bundchen.......fave?

    Okay, I think I just saw the one where the ladies are yelling out Egoiste. All in one building hanging out the balcony? Weird.
  36. Re: Wow, just finished watching a 30 sec. commercial for No. 5 w/Gisele Bundchen.......fave?

    Okay..............what am I doing wrong? The links lead to a "general" page that has no reference to these ads.

    Is my section of the internet broken?
  37. Re: Wow, just finished watching a 30 sec. commercial for No. 5 w/Gisele Bundchen.......fave?

    I think Theron did J'adore.
  38. Wow, just finished watching a 30 sec. commercial for No. 5 w/Gisele Bundchen.......fave?

    This particular scent has had very well known ladies in its ads, do you have a particular favorite celebrity or image that you remember or really like?

    I believe Keira Knightly has also done No. 5?
  39. Re: What's Your Opinion on Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time?

    Thank you!
  40. Re: What's Your Opinion on Azzaro Pour Homme Night Time?

    My experience is Ross would not take back an opened box.

    I'm also "bumping" this thread because I just purchased it and in mail.

    Any more feedback on this?
  41. Re: People requesting me to stop wearing fragrance

    Maybe just try going with your favorite scent's body wash and deodorant?

    Sorry to hear about your situation.

    Have you talked to people in the Industry like staff at perfume counters or shops...
  42. Re: Whatīs the most "macho - old school - grampa" menīs perfume?

    LEATHER by Avon, the stuff from the 70's
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    Re: Purchased Tom ford noir

    Congratulations, unfortunately though, TF Noir just didn't work for me.
    Maybe I'll try it again somewhere down the road.
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    Re: Where have all the women gone?

    Howabout a "Ladies Night"? Women get in free while guys have to pay cover charge?

    Everybody on the floor!
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    Re: Rose Fragrances on Men?

    I like Ungaro's Pour Homme III
    A good number of oud scents seem to include rose which mixes well and most of them are unisex, so that there might tell you rose may go either way.
    You know how it...
  46. Re: Pure Malt, Pure Havane, or Chanel Egoiste?

    All I got is Egoiste Platinum, sold off my Pure Malt bottle but LOVE Pure Havane..........especially at this time of year.

    Ohio nights in winter must be begging for Pure Havane.
  47. Re: I've never used fragrancenet before, what should I know?

    You can also shop Fragrancenet through their ebay store, they sometimes have items there that they don't seem to have on their main website, like half full bottles.
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    Re: Poppies - what do they smell of?

    I asked the same question of the sunflower, I've never come across a fragrant sunflower.
    California's state flower is the California Poppy, never sniffed one but I never hear any talk about it being...
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    Re: New: Dolce & Gabbana The One Royal Night

    I'm still waiting on The One Sport Eau Fraiche Extreme Intense Summer Edition 2016, more The One flankers please.:rolleyesold:
  50. Re: What's your opinion about Strellson - Loaded? + Any advice please?

    To the OP, you read my mind! I was curious about this brand.

    As for just getting started, get what you love BUT..............test wear first around the house and try and figure out the number of...
  51. Re: A real gangster's (wife's) perfume collection

    Sorry, but I had to "bump" this post, just because it is funny and it would make a good game.
    I'm always fascinated and zoom in on perfumes/colognes in pictures/videos/movies.
  52. Re: HAPPY & PROSPEROUS DIWALI TO ALL ---some festive Recommendations needed ?

    Life is good, rock on to you all and Happy Diwali! Man I love Indian sweets.
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    Re: Wife gives thumbs down on my collection

    Reminds me of that ol' joke, "My wife said it was either her or my love of (fill in the blank), I sure am going to miss her"!

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    Re: Favorite Cold Weather Fragrance?

    Zino by Davidoff, for the gentleman.
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    Re: Your favorite cocoa fragrances

    Givenchy's Very Irresistible .............hazelnut/cocoa
  56. Re: Dunhill......SIGNATURE? basenotes calls it such but

    Fragrance sellers, online, just refer to it as Dunhill for Men.

    No Signature.
  57. Dunhill......SIGNATURE? basenotes calls it such but

    Where does it say SIGNATURE? Not on the sample I purchased, fragrantica doesn't list it as such.

    So is it just Dunhill or Dunhill Signature?
  58. Curious/interested/wondering about the 24 Gold Scent Story line? USA

    Yesterday on fragrancex I purchased 24 gold/elixir/oud all 3 samples for 2.99 dollars each then had free s&h offered on website.

    Probably for USA only.
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    Re: Jovan Secret Amber

    This scent gets great reviews both here and Fragrantica. Up in the air as to whether I should get it for myself or a female relative.
  60. Re: What do the lady Brits wear for G. Fawkes Day?

    Thanks for your thoughts folks! The history of G.F. Day really intrigues me. I had completely forgotten about this day being celebrated in the U.K. and some Commonwealth nations until a tourist...
  61. Re: What was your BEST EVER compliment and on which frag?

    Wonder the same here about myself😬
  62. What do the lady Brits wear for G. Fawkes Day?

    Just curious, was reading the history of this day, was once rather dark and serious, now? Seems more laid back.
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    Re: Favorite beach scent?

    I know this may sound like a joke but I like Club Med's scent for Men.
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    Re: Best of British


    Haha! Love it! Because of my love of motorcycles, of all makes/category/nations and their history, I have come to realize sayings like that are not too far off the mark.
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    Re: Best of British

    I've sent away for and looking forward to Floris' HONEY OUD!
    Gets great reviews over at Fragrantica............:o
  66. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Atelier's Atlas
  67. Replies

    Re: MFK Oud series

    I have worn the original, Oud, and it is a little too soft for in too feminine. Saffron is prominent and it lasts and projects well, not too strong.
  68. Replies

    Re: Is "budget oud" an oxymoron?

    Kanon's AGARWOOD, no really. :o
  69. Re: When you buy perfume samples, how do you decide what order you want to test them in?

    no particular order but deciding where on the body to test before going to sleep is interesting



    back of hand?

  70. Re: Im surprised no B'noters have reviewd Floris' Honey Oud

    Wow! Many thanks, you Caledonians aren't so bad.;)
  71. Re: Mercedes-Benz VIP Club Black Leather - anyone tried it?

    The regular VIP over at Fragrantica does not get much love.
  72. Re: Products (unrelated to cologne) that smell like a fragrance?

    Many dishwashing soaps have nice cucumber/melon scents.
  73. Re: Baldessarini Ultimate: the most beautiful designer of the year?!

    Don't know much about Baldessarini, just sent away for Ambre.
    Thank you for the heads up.
  74. Re: Something classic, something Italian.......

    Old school........................Victor's Colonia...........
  75. Replies

    Poll: Re: Best Amber Based Fragrance Ever

    :oAmber Man Halston
  76. Re: Does anyone else get "new car seat, complete with air freshener" from AdP Leather? Better optio

    AdP does have a smell in that direction.;)
  77. Re: Olympian Michelle Roark is also a perfumer (2:00-min. VIDEO)

    Is she still around?
  78. Replies

    Re: Perry Ellis Oud Vetiver Royale Absolute

    Perry Ellis Oud Vetiver Royale Absolute

    Now that's a mouthful, seeing as how P.E. has done a great job of cloning other scents through their 360 line maybe these "high line" scents will be great...
  79. Replies

    Re: Who's given Kanon Nordik a shot?

    Haven't seen it anywhere at local retailers.
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    Re: Kokorico de Jean Paul Gaultier

    Haha! :laugh:
  81. Replies

    Re: Playmobile Super4 EDT

    Has me thinking............I know Star Trek has had a line of scents named after their characters, is there a line for Star Wars?
  82. Anyone seen this before? Oldest perfume? Aphrodite's Island?

    Read the story at the above link, interesting.

    I like the thought of trying to replicate the concoction found in the...
  83. Re: Going through a bottle of Versace in a week? Week after week................yikes!

    Yes, some people feel that way about Versace.
  84. Replies

    Re: Cyndi Lauper is one of us

    Wonder what Boy George is up to............or Debarge?
  85. Re: Going through a bottle of Versace in a week? Week after week................yikes!

    If you watch the interview Jimmy Kimmel sounds rather serious about his agent using a large quantity.
  86. Replies

    Re: Need one more for my haul

    The only one I've tried is Creed's Vetiver Geranium. I am considering Dior's Ambre Nuit though because of the overwhelming pos. reviews both here and at Fragrantica.

    Vetiver Geranium is an...
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    Re: I Wake Up To Put On Fragrance

    Sometimes I have to get up real early for work and there's nothing like being up before everyone else and being on the road before traffic builds up. It's also great to go home early before the...
  88. Going through a bottle of Versace in a week? Week after week................yikes!

    I was watching The Stephen Colbert Late Show on the CBS website and he was interviewing Jimmy Kimmel. They were talking about their agent who they share, Kimmel said that the agent goes through a...
  89. Re: Eau de Metal FOR MEN? Anyone here in the forums tried?

  90. Re: Eau de Metal FOR MEN? Anyone here in the forums tried?

    was gonna pm you info but you do not allow it
  91. Re: Dark Cntemporary Leather/Smoky Fragrances

  92. Eau de Metal FOR MEN? Anyone here in the forums tried?

    It's not in the B'Notes directory, is it best to forget it? it a "diamond in the rough"?
  93. Re: Armani Eau Pour Homme or Dior Eau Sauvage?

    All I know is that Armani lasted longer on me.
    Dior was short lived.
  94. Replies

    why an unnecessary step?

    When I click on a company/brand/house why do I go to a page with only a fraction of that company's scents then have to click where it says something like:

    Show all 30 perfumes by Maison Francis...
  95. Re: Im surprised no B'noters have reviewd Floris' Honey Oud

    Ill keep you in mind.
  96. Re: Im surprised no B'noters have reviewd Floris' Honey Oud

    Interesting, you're the first person, I've read on here, as interpreting honey as such.
  97. Re: Im surprised no B'noters have reviewd Floris' Honey Oud

    Yeah, Floris seems to fly under the radar around here.
  98. Im surprised no B'noters have reviewd Floris' Honey Oud

    Over at Fragrantica they're gushing about it.
    Anyone here have a review in the works for this Floris creation? 🍯
  99. Re: Halloween costumes based on popular fragrance bottles...

    For a Halloween or toga party you can always emulate a MDCI bottle top����
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    Re: Alford & Hoff Edt?

    Thanks Zonie!
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