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  1. Re: What fragrances have you worn day after day?

    versace pour homme 3 days in a row.
  2. Re: Which one in woody-spicy family would you consider masterpiece/groundbreaking

    I like mj bang.
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, April 30, 2013

    arpege pour homme.
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    Re: Will Creed make me come off as a snob?

    If u enjoy it why not. And if someone asked me was I wasl wearing I would tell. I dont consider perfume magic. Its something yoy wear because I like it and if the next guy enjoys it eniugh to ask me...
  5. Re: Need some suggestions, "new" to the little world of fragrances.

    Habit rouge has a nice vanila in the base but depending on your taste you might not like the leather combo that comes with it. Not really for summer in my opinion since I almost gaged once, but I...
  6. Re: Feeling kind of bored with fragrances lately... What do you suggest I try?

    I would start retesting what you already have you might be surprised what you find. There is a reason you got them in the first place.
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    Re: have you ever tried modifying your frags?

    how much are you putting in?
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    Re: have you ever tried modifying your frags?

    Yeah thats what mean, vanilin powder? Is that edible? What about a cinnamon stick?
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    have you ever tried modifying your frags?

    Like puting a leaf of maryjane or a piece of leather in your bottles?
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    Re: fresco by ilum deam (an aventus clone?)

    now that its affordable i hope every one gives their aqua di gio a rest and get this.
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    Re: can you smell the difference

    True I guess it would does not really matter although I think American perfumes are safer and not as floral as French. And Italian seem to be more rich with herbs, woods, and citrus.
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    can you smell the difference

    Between American, French, an Italian perfume? How can you tell them apart?
  13. Re: Highest Positive Review to Negative Review Ratio Fragrances!

    I tend not to review frags I dont like or.even rate them. good info still and all those frag are not the best but overall good. Popularity or hype as simeone else mentioned has do something to do...
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    Re: Everlast 1910

    It good but I would not sweat on it. After afew hours of exercise outside I got a femenine powdery smell from it which is totaly not what it startoff smelling like and its not a nice powdery smell...
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    Re: Best addition to my tiny "collection"?

    id say something like inviduale or prada amber for men. these are just two popular frag there two many out there.
  16. Re: The best tobaccos at less than 100 dollars a bottle.

    i have this ive put it on twice. its a cheesy tabbaco scent but it makes me feel sophisticated...
  17. Re: L'Air Du Desert Marocain (Review) by Noirdrakkar

    i like your review its good info. i want to try this but some comments have turned me off, just like the one you mentioned about not being something you can wear to often. I actually think that...
  18. Thread: YSL L'homme

    by Stayclose

    Re: YSL L'homme

    Its very linear and probably not too exciting but not as bad as most. Not really for someone over 40.
  19. Re: Abercrombie & Fitch “Fierce” to blind buy or not??

    Girls like this frgrance because it smells aquatic, fresh and clean.teenagers love that stuff and when u throw a trendy clothing store there going to goble it up like crazy. It smell like...
  20. Thread: YSL L'homme

    by Stayclose

    Re: YSL L'homme

    Its sharp and cold at the start not sure how they do this since ginger is hot, then it starts warming up a bit withe spices and dries down into a creamy blob. I have not tried the fronzen ginger but...
  21. Re: The difference between a "classic" scent, and an "old fashioned" one?

    Classic mezns most people agree that its worthstill keeping or something of pleasing like a pice of art thats now worth lots but its still old.
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    Re: The Bond No 9. Club....

    I like this but couldn't afford would be nice if other houses did this.
  23. Re: Abercrombie & Fitch “Fierce” to blind buy or not??

    120 clams for fierce:shocked::shocked::shocked:
  24. Re: Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace for men (2013)

    I think it will be in the same ranks as Encounter. Both Ck and Versace seem to be making similar quality fragrances.
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    Re: Now hear this!

    dh is good but only to most of the fragrance enthusiast, if you where ask a guy on the street if they liked it they would probably say its too sweet and not a pastry sweet but like a wet smooch...
  26. Re: I don't care for the majority of fragrances I've tried

    For me its about one to every 15 samples that I actually end up wearing and like. Now love is probably one in 30. So yeah it can get frustrating.
  27. Re: I don't care for the majority of fragrances I've tried

    there is really no need to buy full bottles especially now with so many sample resources around. its a hobby and you can always stop and move on to the next when you want. And don't belive in all the...
  28. Re: Why Do Manufacturers Discontinue Great Fragrances?

    Yep its all about the money. I must had seen five d&g light blue commercials the other night. Looks like that one will be around for a while.
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    Re: The Most Classic Smelling Men's Cologne

    old spice
  30. Re: whats your honest opinion on jean paul le male?

    Its okay I guess.
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme thoughts

    To me its very simple straight to the point frag. It smell dated but it still packs a punch. I probably would not buy a full bottle but a decant would be nice when feel like it.
  32. Re: Vagabond Prince : A new perfume from....Fragrantia ??

    Thanks for posting birdboy. Won a sample and its good. It has a fruit aromatic after shave smell at the start and dries down to a spicy hot floral vanilla.
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    Re: Animale Animale

    Aa has patchouli in it, so much it keeps me from wearing it often. They are almost identcal. Quality of ingredients used might me the only diference.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I wouldn't. Use it as a...
  34. Poll: Re: Le Male: Who likes this fragrance? Who hates this fragrance? Favorite Vanilla Based Fragrance?

    Tried le fuer again. There is something that is alluring about this frag. But it justt does not have that spike I like. Too balmy.
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    Poll: Re: Should I urinate into this O'Driù fragrance?

    Wouldntit give a fish smell. I work near a alley and that smell is what comes mi.d when read this.
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    Re: Scents Similar to D&G The One

    Not the same but similar is Ferragamo F Black. I thought The One was great too on paper but bad on my skin. I will have to check out Ed Hardy's Villain next time I am in the mall. Thank for the link....
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    Re: YSL: La nuit de L'homme vs L'homme.

    L'homme for me,only because I not a big fan of cardamom.
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    Re: Paco Rabanne 1 Million

    One million is a good fragrance but for what it retails for its not worth it to me. I'd rather buy a bottle of madame rochas for men or any other of the budget frags. It just does not offer the bang...
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    Re: Is it sad that...

    If you have the gonads to stilll wear it more power to you. I used to wear and liked it by the way.
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    Re: A*men bottles are awful

    I like them even if they feel cheap they look cool and get a chuckel fromow its spits instead of sprying the frag on my arm.
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    Re: Just For Fun: Fragrance Comments

    while wearing tm pure havane " so where are the cigars?"
  42. Re: 1 Million and A*Men as signature I crazy?!

    I wouldnt wear them every day.
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    Re: Fahrenheit 32.. I just can't stand it.

    You would think it would smell like a orange cream pop but for some reason iam guessin the vetiver gives a sweet fecal smell to my nose.
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    Re: Bought within seconds of first smelling it

    Goodlife by davidoff although I don't wear it as much as should.
  45. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    The opening of Caron pour un homme can be a doozy. I can take it though but sometimes I have to keep myself from aborting the mission.
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    Re: Creed Alternatives

    there is a older gent at work that drives a jaguar, when he comes in I can smell him wearing something to me which is along the likes of aventus. my guess would be he wears a jaguar fragrance, since...
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    Re: Weird Experience

    who buys them? people who cant afford the real thing. and there are lots.
  48. Re: What 10 Samples Would You Give a Newbie Interested in Exploring Frags?

    Don't know many frags but from the ones I've tried
    Dior Homme
    Aqua di gio
    Cool Water
    Paco Rabbane pour homme
    D&G pour homme
    Ck one
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    Re: Overwhelming powdery note in LIDG

    I really don't get powder or patchoully. The drydown smell like chocolate and sandalwood to me but I have only tested twice. I could probably get powdery to some cause I think there might be flowers...
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    Re: Narcisco Rodriquez & Bvlgari Black

    Nc I guess is a modern classic green herbal frag. Like Polo by Ralph Lauren or Z-14 by Halston. Although NC is not a classic its traditional in that way. Its nice but to some the patchouli base might...
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    Re: LIDGE - What am I missing here?

    you cant really say its just okay, there is more going on it this fragrance then just chocolate. at least for me. i cant exactly tell you what it is but it smell like a good mix of flowers and...
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    Re: Habit Rouge????

    I like it because it has a mysterious sensuality to it. It smells dated but it still has a nice fresh powdery vanilla, and leather smell that I like, I have a small issue with it though I wore it...
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    Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme - reformulated?

    There are diferent and not the smae butif someone couldn't get a original formulation I don't think they wwould be missing to much. When I saw the bottle I said tomysellf hmmm. They must have put...
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    Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme - reformulated?

    Tried this one yesterday on a paper card at macys and it smelled about the same. Pretty good for a reformulation and its not to off from the original. A good one for summer or even spring but I also...
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    Re: Pure Havane and Burberry London?

    They dry down is slightly the samebut not really. Tome bl has a pumpking openinig followed by pumpking spice where ph has a cheryyopening followed by sweet mdicinal drydown. I too did not get the...
  56. Re: Dark scents? When a scent is dark, what's it like?

    I has to have lots patchouli in it my opinion.
  57. Re: Is there such thing as a Latin American cologne or fragrance?

    lol. I am not sure but anything from any Spanish designer house like Rabbane, Herrera, De LaRenta, and so on should be close to what you are looking for. Although typically I think Latin Americans...
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    Re: Thoughts on CK One Shock

    OI think that for what it brings to the table its ok. When I sampled it on a piece of paper it was pretty heavy and it does open your sense of smell. I got fruit like peach or guava with a very...
  59. Re: What's the best way to wear samples from a dab vial?

    Not sure if its the best way but what I do is the first time I put on a sample I dab some on my chin and that pretty much lets me smell it good enough to wear I can probably tell if I like it or not....
  60. Re: Should I get Dior Homme Intense (the curret one)?

    If I really wanted it then I would get the new one and if I enjoy it then I would try to get the original version just to smell the difference. But I wouldn't blind buy a full bottle either...
  61. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    I am guessing its the price. That's what does it for me.
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver... Wow!

    I love the opening and middle but once it gets to the base it all turns bad on me, not sure why. It turns so sharp that I cant stand it. I guess my nose it not seasoned enough to know whats good for...
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    Re: Grandfatherly fragrances

    Not sure what it was but the I went to a new baber a few weeks ago and while he was cutting my hair his hands smelled. Like some type of rose fragrance. I was curious but didn't ask what it was. He...
  64. Re: Unabashedly, boldly, in-your-face masculine fragrance? Any recommendations?

    In my opinion probably azzaro ph becauseit has a boozy smell to it. Its stong enough to make me thinkthat a woman wouldnt want to smell like it butthen again it does have a powdery sweetness that...
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    Re: My change of mind on Acqua di Gio.

    Same here I think its wearable, so much so that its gets abused, nonetheless to me its kind of like a glass of lemonade with a good contrast of sweet and sour.
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    Re: What makes Creed Aventus so exceptional

    Its good but expensive.
  67. Re: Does anyone else strongly dislike Terre D'Hermes?

    In my opinionits a straight forward orange frag with a twist of bengay. Very manly but not for me.
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    Re: Thoughts on L'instan de Guerlain

    I think its a good gourmand. Chocolate gourmand to be more specific so if you like those type give it a shot.
  69. Re: And the award for most ridiculous bottle goes to... Nicki Minaj

    Sorry to say that as an artist I can't undrstand what she is doing. She is all over the place and has no rules. How can one take her seriously, but only a fad or hype that will hopefuly end soon. I...
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    Re: looking for a day time fragrance.

    I finally got to try af and bl. They are both good, af reminds me too much of the original although very refrshing I wish it was just a lil different but still worth using. Bl was a surprise, I...
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    Re: A Question for Gay, Straight and Bisexual Men

    I like most of the frags I wear regardles, so I do feel sexy when I wear them in a way whatever it is I put on.
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    Re: Thierry Mugler Les Parfums de Cuir (2012)

    I bought ph and liked it but I didn't know how similar it was to a*men. I guess each have their own twistto them and it comes down to what top and base you like more cause they are all the same in...
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    Re: the hype train

    Why do you call it hype? Some of the frag on you countdown have been hyped. If it gets talked about its probably good. If not someone will say so. Its not like everyone agrees all the time. Sure...
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    Re: Best "Bang" for your buck

    Rochas man
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    Re: unfair to cool water

    I think I will leave cw for kids to enjoy i had my fun with it. it was magic but now i need something more mellow.
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    Re: Prada Amber Pour Homme...God Bless You.

    I like it but I can't get past the opening. It smell like palmolive dish soap to me so I don't wear it.
  77. Poll: Re: Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille vs. Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille

    I was thinking along the same way as to which one is more pleasing and have come to the conclusion after this thread that neither will satisfy. I shall try again later. Oh I also was a lil confused...
  78. Thread: On the bus

    by Stayclose

    Re: On the bus

    I my opinion two sprays should do it, more than that you on your own.
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    Re: Last frag that WOW'ed you ?

    I have to say the D&G The One did wow me on a test strip of paper but I put it on my skin and it turned bad. :(

    - - - Updated - - -

    I have to say the D&G The One did wow me on a test strip of...
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    Re: Best Tobacco Scents Out There

    The only tobacco scent I own Pure Havane and its true I just recently smelled the cigar note in this after applying it a few times. Cherry, a*men with styrax (medicinal) dry down is what I usually...
  81. Re: If I dislike Le Male, will I dislike Rochas man, hanae mori, Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin?

    I also dislike le male not because it smells bad it just dose not excite me. I think le male is more of a oriental vanila. Rm and hm in my opiniomn are gourmand don't know about llam. Rm is a safe...
  82. Re: in my mind i always thought Gucci PH was one of the "big ones", surprised

    I don't know but sometimes I think we are talked into things that really one sided when. There are two sides to most thing. Look at a painting of jackson polock it think his name is. Is that art?...
  83. Re: in my mind i always thought Gucci PH was one of the "big ones", surprised

    All this talk. Abiut dollars and scents. Who cares if there works ot art. Not everyone likes picassos paintngs and its not beacause you don't have any art appreciation. It just simply dose not appeal...
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    Re: CK Shock Discontinued ALREADY???

    To me this scent is rich and full, but maybe a lil too full its shocking, so I guess many will skip this so it would make sceense they are making room for something else.
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    Re: Why oh why didn't I ask...

    I almost did ask someone once but this guy looked like a pimp so I was afraid he would slap me if I did.
  86. Re: in my mind i always thought Gucci PH was one of the "big ones", surprised

    Gph 1 was the first frag I tried that smelled like sweaty crotch and pencil shavings. And I thought wth but still wore it. I think I smelled it a few weeks ago on someone and was pretty good. Gph 2...
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    Re: Guess the cologne, win a free 5 mL decant!

    Dior Fahrenheit
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    Re: Would you consider this too much cologne?

    When I was younger I used to spray up to six times now I only spray twice.
  89. Re: How could anyone ever possibly like Le Male?

    To me lemale isn't bad but its so common I am surprised they haven't made hotel soap or any other soap smell like this. I like to smell it but not on people. It just say to me when I smell it "hey...
  90. Re: What are you itching to buy, before this winter comes ?

    I wont get my samples of Burberry London and Fahrenheit Aqua till next month :(
  91. Re: First 10 minutes of wearing Terre D'hermes Parfum! I have to say, this is really....

    When I first got my sample it smelled like earth and orange, it was pretty nice but then it started to smell more like mineral and orange. I was kind of disappointed because I couldn't get back the...
  92. Re: this has been bugging me since this afternoon!!! Is that too much?

    Man you can really tell your frustrated woith this. Well you that its imposible to get along with everyone. if she is the only one making your life misarable then I would try to avoid he or confront...
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    Re: d&g Light Blue

    I have too admit that I finished the bottle I got as a gift but every time I wore it I felt like there was something missing. This fragrance only gives you citrus on top of citrus on top of citrus on...
  94. Re: this has been bugging me since this afternoon!!! Is that too much?

    Maybe its offensive to her. I mean we all love perfume here but there's lot of people who don't. I think you should lay off it for a while and if you run in to her and she still complains that you...
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    Re: Where do you spray?

    Forearms if iam not sure about it. Collar bone if I dig it.
  96. Re: I finally smell the civet in Kouros for the first time after many wears

    Wikipedia says that palm civet ingest coffee and people drink it after they poop it out, that's so funny cause I love coffee but now wouldn't even consider drinking that's stuff (its supose to give...
  97. Re: I finally smell the civet in Kouros for the first time after many wears

    I want to try kouros but the civet note worries me. Not sure if its civet that I smell in guerlain vetivers base but I can't stomach it especially on a empty stomach. It smells weird to me like you...
  98. Re: What does it mean when a frag smells "purple"

    To me the top notes to rive gauche give me a redish feeling not really purple but close a bit brighter, leanig towards pink. It really dosent mean much its just what color comes to your head when you...
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    Re: question about kouros

    Ok. Thanks for response guys. Would kouros cologne sport be a good alternative?
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    question about kouros

    Hello ladies and gents I have a question about kouros. If I don't like civet will I feel comfortable wearing kouros? I ask cause I tried guerlain vetiver and couldn't stomach what I think is the...
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