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    Re: Define green fragrances

    vetiver and oakmoss Calvin Klein's CK1 and Guerlain's Vetiver come to mind!
  2. Well, since I'm basically an apple-I guess it's...

    Well, since I'm basically an apple-I guess it's Santal 33 from Le Labo that will be my next excursion into finding my "fragrance identity". (Even though green, mossy chypre-types have been my steady...
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    Re: Azzaro Pour Homme - Anise?

    I don't notice any liquorice scent-just a fabulously "barber-shopesque" scent (maybe the greenish part of the anise blends in with some of the sweeter, greener notes (like the oakmoss, pettigrain)...
  4. Re: Patchouli: Did my sense of smell change?

    Also, natural patchouli has a tendency to grow sharper with time-eventually it may wind up smelling like straight urine (the chlorine note you described)-I like the synthetics better for that reason...
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