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  1. Re: As of today, Creed is no longer a family owned brand

    This is actually great news. There is almost no better way for the owners to exit the business, even though I'm sure no one here fear about the well-being of the Creeds.

    That being said, it's...
  2. Re: Navitus Parfums (Redolessence & Paramount Impex LLC & Various perfumers)

    I think they are getting more and more recognition. MFK, for example, has been quite popular for a while. Akro also got decent coverage with his new releases. Mile High (Parle Moi de Parfum) was also...
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    Re: One Fragrance for One Month

    Thank you all for your suggestions. The fragrance with most recommendations is Terre d'Hermes Parfum. This would be my scent for the whole month of March.

    The winner of the draw is piney. You get...
  4. Re: Navitus Parfums (Redolessence & Paramount Impex LLC & Various perfumers)

    I'm not going to comment on the fragrances themselves as I haven't smelled them.

    What I find really bizarre, however, is the backing from an investment firm.

    As many of you have pointed out...
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    Re: One Fragrance for One Month

    Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions. Some of them are true gems I'd have never thought of.

    I see several people recommended Terre d'Hermes, which was my favourite scent for about a year. ...
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    One Fragrance for One Month

    This March I'm going to wear only one fragrance for the whole month. You tell me which one! The one that gets the most mentions is the winner.

    The fragrance has to be:

    Designer men's...
  7. Re: She doesn't like Tuscan leather, but I love it!

    Don't let her comments discourage you. It takes some getting used to but if you like it, you wear it.

    Btw, I'd consider smelling like a cigar a complement.
  8. Re: Buying refills from The Different Company

    Every time I have the choice. By Kilian offers refill bottles too, so I buy those.

    The presentation is nice but I'm after the juice. :happy:
  9. Re: Unscented/Lightly scented deodorant without aluminium

    Check out Speick Deo Stick.

    I've been using it for about a year and I love the performance. Last time I was in Frankfurt I raided the local DM (a chain of drugstores) and bought 10 bottles. The...
  10. Re: Facial moisturizing cream and/or SPF worth it?

    Your moisturizer is a must-have. That's not debatable.

    In an ideal world indeed with no pollution and chemicals you may get away without a moisturizer. Unfortunately, that's not our world, so put...
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    Re: Best Aftershave?

    Here's what to look for in a good balm:

    Aloe Vera - calms down irritated skin and cools down the burn;

    Chamomile Extract - helps the healing of skin burns and inflammation;

    Witch Hazel -...
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    [US + CANADA] Re: Niche & Designer for Sale

    Updated prices!
  13. Re: Looking for a Spicy/Woody Cozy Fall/Winter Fragrance

    Try Elie Saab Essen No 8 Santal.

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  14. Re: Trussardi launches motorcycle inspired collector's version of Riflesso

    The concept of Riflesso is interesting. Creating a fragrance from the smells of a leather jacket, machine oil, rubber and gasoline would be something worth smelling. Add a touch of floral and maybe...
  15. Re: Bulgari adds Wood Essence to Bulgari Man line

    Recently I smelled this one at the department store. Despite my attempts to escape the rep cheerfully spraying smell strips, I fell right into her arms.

    Nevermind. The fragrance itself is...
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    [US + CANADA] Niche & Designer for Sale

    Hey guys,

    I was going through my collection and I found some beauties in need of a new home. Let me know if you want to be their new proud owner:

    Shipping US$20/C$15

    1. Creation R pour...
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    Re: Aedes de Venustas in Toronto?

    Unfortunately no. Your best bet is to order from the US. MiN New York carries it.
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    Re: Most versatile gourmand fragrance

    Ferragamo Uomo - it opens with citrus and quickly develops into a delicious tiramisu cake. It's not overly sweet and is extremely versatile. You can find it at most department stores for under $100. ...
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    Re: NEW Mexican Niche House: Xinu

    I emailed Nixu asking them how I can obtain samples and test their line. I'll share here as soon as I hear back. It sounds like an interesting line. To my knowledge it is the second niche line after...
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    Re: NEW Mexican Niche House: Xinu

    I'd love to try them. Do they have a website? How can I sample?

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    Re: Autumn Fragrances Recommendations

    Hm, I like the concepts behind Menditorossa. Mr. Zayas gave a glowing review of Archetipo and Luca Turin has been very complimentary of the line. Of course, all this hype may be for nothing but will...
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    Re: Autumn Fragrances Recommendations

    Hey Everyone,

    I wanted to give you a brief update on testing some of the recommendations you so kindly made. I still have some fragrances to test but I still haven't got around to it.

  23. Re: Voyage D'Hermes Parfum is extremely underrated

    It is a nice fragrance. Unfortunately it has stayed in the shadow of Terre d'Hermes.

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    Re: September challenge (w 36)

    I'm in! I'm not quite sure what I'd wear but am leaning towards Tauer's Incense Rose or maybe GIT. It has to be something versatile.
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    Re: Incense based fragrance

    I second CdG Avignon - it doesn't get much churchier than that. It smells like a high mass at the St. Peter's Basilica. Gucci Pour Homme was also a very churchy scent but I think it's discountinued....
  26. Re: Perfumes that give you Chrismast/New Year vibe?

    The most Christmas-y scent for me is Arquiste's Anima Dulcis. It has this amazing cocoa note in it, spiced with cumin, orange flower and vanilla. I wear it only around Christmas.

    I also like Ambre...
  27. Re: 1:1 meeting with a VP, what *should* I wear?

    I'd say nuke him A*Men Pure Havane lol.

    I think you have many great options in your wardrobe but I'd go with something classic:

    Green Irish Tweed
    Grey Vetiver
    Heritage EDT
    Santal Noble
  28. Poll: Re: Which one of these fragrances is worth buying ?

    The One EDP is the only one worth a purchase on the list. It's very well done, even though the longevity has always been a concern.

    If you are curous to dive deep into why The One is worth a...
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    Re: I asked a guy about his perfume...

    I suggest you hang around the place where you met this man. Maybe he'll come back and then you can accost him and ask him: "hey, remember me? I'm that girl...yeah, so about that perfume you wore last...
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    Re: Bruno Fazzolari - Unsettled (A new one)

    I got the same email from them. I think it was created to celebrate some anniversary of a gallery. The New Caledonian sandalwood is most likely the Australian variety - round and creamy. I'm a bit...
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    Re: I asked a guy about his perfume...

    Well, maybe we can start by narrowing down our options:

    1. Where did you come across him?
    2. How was he dressed?
    3. Did he look like he was from the area you met him?
    4. How old was he?
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    Re: Tumulte Pour Homme.

    I've always wanted to try Tumulte. Is there a legit vintage place I can find it?
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    Re: Autumn Fragrances Recommendations

    Thank you all for the great recommendations.

    I see some recurring themes: Bel Ami Vetiver and Sycomore reappear in many posts, so I will definitely have to revisit them. I smelled Bel Ami Vetiver...
  34. Re: Best Coconut and Pineapple fragrance? Looking for a fragrance that smells like a Pina Coloda.

    Have you tried Bond No 9 The Scent of Peace for Him? It resembles Aventus but I find it much more juicy and fruity.

    Otherwise Heeley's Cocobello and Soleil Blanc are excellent suggestions.

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    Re: Help Me Find A Signature Scent

    It's probably worth it giving serious consideration whether a signature scent is something you should pursue. After all, variety spices up your life.

    To me, wearing a signature scent is like...
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    Re: Autumn Fragrances Recommendations

    Thank you all for the great recommendations. I'm truly grateful for taking time and suggesting something unique and well though-out.

    I haven't tried most of the fragrances mentioned here, so now...
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    Autumn Fragrances Recommendations

    Hey Basenotes family,

    I need your help with picking a fragrance for this autumn. I'm looking for a nostalgic fragrance, reminiscent of the Old World. I'm thinking of something one would wear on a...
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    Re: Hello Im new in the forum

    Sevilla is amazing. I found Granada a bit too touristy for me. I'm planning to do the east coast of Spain soon - Valencia, Alicante, Murcia.
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    Re: Hello Im new in the forum

    Have you been to Secret du Marais (c/ Hortaleza 75)?

    It's an amazing store with huge selection and friendly people. Last time I was in Madrid I ended up getting several fragrances from there and...
  40. Re: Good all-year around fragrance for 20 year old? (Classroom setting)

    I'd discourage you from getting on the Dior Sauvage bandwagon for two reasons:
    - too many people wear it, so you're likely to smell just like the guy next to you;
    - I don't consider it a good...
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    Re: Hello Im new in the forum

    Welcome, Shut.

    Where in Spain do you live? I love the country and the culture and I go there every summer.
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    Re: Fragrance Reccomendations

    What would be the occasion you wear this fragrance?

    Fragrances are like clothes - you need to put on the right one for the right occasion. If you are looking for a casual daily wear cologne, try...
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    Re: New: Valentino Uomo Noir Absolu

    I'm excited about the "less sweet" part. The original increases your blood sugar levels record high just with a sniff.
  44. Re: New men's fragrance from Trussardi : Riflesso

    I hope Riflesso is one up on Trussardi's re-release of Uomo. The latter was a shameful attempt to modernize a beautiful ballsy leather icon from the 80s and it didn't work very well.

    The listed...
  45. Re: Guerlain's latest scent is Lui - The perfume for a new gender order

    If the excerpt from Guerlain comes straight from their ad materials, they are in dire need of someone with proofreading skills. The stylistic mistakes aside, I'm curious to try this even though words...
  46. Re: How Fragrance Is The Antidote To Our iPhones

    Viola, I think you've hit on a major point here. This article deserves expansion and further exploration of perfume and mindfulness. I loved the style and the topic and I want more.
  47. Re: The Different Company launch Santo Incienso

    I wonder how this one is different than Carner Barcelona's Palo Santo.

    I found Carner's Palo Santo to be pleasant but fairly linear; with great prospects of quickly becoming boring.
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    Re: Coach's new men's scent to debut in fall

    I'm amazed at how fluffy and meaningless the company's description is. I'd try it if I bump into it but I keep my expectations low.
  49. Re: Opinion: "mist and walk through" is the bane of all fragrance

    Oh, the good old mist and walk through technique. It squarely wins the award The Most Wasteful Way to Apply a Fragrance. It gives you the illusion you wear a fragrance but you actually don't. I can...
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    Re: Bedtime Scent

    I don't put anything on but I burn a candle, which at the time happens to be Jo Malone's Incense & Embers.
  51. Re: Do you find this fragrance interesting and worth the blind buy?

    I'd say no. It doesn't strike me as particularly interesting.
  52. Re: What do we mean when we say "smells old man-ish?

    I think they refer to fragrances that smell dated. These are scents that are built according to the trends of past years. They are a little bit muskier or spicier. Knize Ten or Equipage are like...
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    Re: Dying Houses

    Agree 100% with your assessment of the situation. I think Guerlain faces a dilemma many old businesses built on tradition face: how do we stay relevant without sacrificing our tradition and culture?...
  54. Re: L'homme Ideal - the best masculine scent of last five years

    L'Homme Ideal was released out of necessity. I think Guerlain got pressured by LVMH to release a new men's fragrance on the mass market - something that would sell. After all, their previous...
  55. Re: Any Tom Ford Private Blend available in the Netherlands?

    Check Sephora - they now carry some Private Blend Tom Fords (usually the citrus ones in the blue bottles).
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    Re: Can you pick me a new fragrance?

    Have you tried any of the Xerjoff's Shooting Star line or Casamoratti? Based on what you have I think you might like them.

    I don't see any Tom Ford's on your list. Have you tried some of his...
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    Re: Summer night scent

    Chanel Edition Blanche is a great choice too. It has some vanilla to it which gives it a little more substance for a night fragrance. Tom Ford Noir - one of the lighter editions would also work well.
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    Re: How to start a fragrance collection?

    As you read comments and reviews here and elsewhere, you'll notice that people refer to different fragrances over and over again. Start sampling those, or at least smelling them. This will give you...
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    Re: Paco Rebenne

    I've got a feeling this would be a limited edition lol.
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    Re: Why can't Creed...

    Cost cutting maybe? Mine seem fine, except an old bottle of Himalaya I bought from a discounter.
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    Poll: Re: Best summer fragrance?

    Do we get a cut for being your marchandising consultants? :happy:

    Pierre Guillaume once said in an interview that fragrances popular in the perfume communities (e.g. Basenotes) do not do very...
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    Poll: Re: Best summer fragrance?

    Here's the point of doing the poll: the author is looking for a designer summer fragrance, tested a whole bunch and put a short-list of 10 or so. Now they want to decide which one to buy, so they...
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    Re: Modern farmer scent?

    Italian Cypress is so masculine, it induces pregnancies without sex.

    In addition to it, I'd suggest

    Lonestar by Andy Tauer (he was trying to recreate outdoorsy/cowboyish scent)

    Polo Sport...
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    Re: Changes in fragrances

    Agree with some of the other posters here: fragrances may smell differently on our skin as we age. Changes in hormonal levels and the composition of our skin may contribute to some changes. I dont...
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    Re: On Reformulations and Packaging

    I don't buy this argument about "new and imprved". What would you think if someone is to take a Rembrandt painting and "improves" it? Instead of a scroll there, let's throw in an iPhone so it's more...
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    Re: Allure Homme Édition Blanche EAU DE PARFUM

    Agree. They are essentially the same fragrance even though Fragrantica gives different notes. I just got a bottle and love it. One of the best lemons on the market.
  67. Re: Fake Tom Ford Noir de Noir? (photo attached)

    Thank you for sharing. It's a good lesson learned.
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    Re: What do guys like to smell on women?

    A musky-floral based fragrances. If it works with her chemistry, she can smell irresistably. Dirty musk tends to blend well with the skin and it turns into your smell rather than the perfume sitting...
  69. Re: Based on my wardrobe and ratings, am I likely to enjoy Opus VI?

    Oh no, this one is a must-try. The Opus line is quite unique and at their price, blind buying is just asking for disappointment.
  70. Re: Cracked open my blind buy GPHII this afternoon... Thoroughly disappointed :(

    Luca Turin gave it 3 stars, which is worth trying. I remember it being a fairly popular scent 5-6 years ago. I used to catch whiffs of it randomly on the street.
  71. Re: Cracked open my blind buy GPHII this afternoon... Thoroughly disappointed :(

    I haven't smelled it in a while but if I remember correctly it is mostly a tea note and light tobacco.

    It definitely doesn't have the quality of a Creed but then it is 1/3 of the price of Creed...
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    Re: Best everyday scent


    Most Chanel fragrances are pretty good as every day fragrances. Also try Hermes - they have some very versatile scents.
  73. Re: If You find yourself in the following situation

    Any Axe fragrance.
  74. Re: Your 5 most complimented fragrances so far in 2015 ?

    Same for me.
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    Re: Not worth the hype... and why?

    Some of the best fragrances are plain. They just do one thing very well. Tam Dao is one of them. It is plain and it does one thing extremely well - give you a warm, cozy sandalwood.

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    Re: What is your's the best by IL PROFUMO ?

    I sampled them extensively sometime ago and the only one I sort of like was Chocolate. Everything else smelled too synthetic to me. Considering the wide selection of choices, I wouldn't waste my time...
  77. Re: I have long resisted a summer fragrance, but....suggestions?

    So, you don't like aquatics: I understand that. I like few aquatics myself. I don't get the second part of your post: you want recommendations for aquatics that are not really aquatics? I think (not...
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    Re: CdG Wonderwood vs Royal Oud

    They are both nice fragrances but to me they are very different. The only similarity maybe that both have wood notes but then, that's every other fragrance for men.

    I find Wonderwood much balmier...
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    Re: EdT's turning: any reason?

    I wonder if it has to do with the quality.

    The only fragrance that has turned on me was Kenzo Power. I used to own it when I first started out with fragrances and the stupid me kept in on the...
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    Re: Terrible experience with

    I read somewhere else that they are a bit shady, apparently selling fakes. I haven't bought anything from them and I can't confirm if it's true but I'd stay away from them.
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    Re: What is The Best Lemon Fragrance?

    Weird, to me Orange Sanguine is mostly blood orange. That's why it is bright.
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    Re: Hey,i need for your recommendation.

    I'm a little bit puzzled by your list and your comment about being a bad boy. Most of the fragrances on your list are not what I would consider a "bad boy" fragrances, even though that's subjective. ...
  83. Re: Got my blind buy order, thoughts on Encre Noire and AB silver

    Congrats and happy birthday.

    I get what you are saying about EN. It does have inky vetiver smell to it. Give it a chance - it dries down to a very crisp vetiver. It might be hard to pull off...
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    Re: new Dior for men this fall

    This is it: Dior Homme Infusion d'Oud

    Upcoming flankers:

    Dior Homme Infusion d'Oud Extreme (limited edition)
    Dior Homme Infusion d'Oud Sport
    Dior Homme Infusion d'Oud Intense
    Eau de Dior...
  85. Re: Paco Rabanne Lina Rossa extreme shower gel and Doedorant body spray

    Well, enjoy.

    I try to avoid fragrance by-products as I have found out that their skin care properties are quite poor for the price. Terre d'Hermes aftershave is a notable exception.
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    Re: Royal oud use for summer

    I wore it a couple of days ago at a 20 degree weather. It worked well for me - no more than 2 sprays though. Its projection can be a beast.
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    Re: what do you do??

    I'm an African royalty in a pickle. Currently looking for people in whose bank accounts I can deposit my millions.
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    Re: Guidance with my next purchase.

    Why don't you try some of Tom Ford's citrus collection. Mandarino di Amalfi gets some good reviews online.
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    Re: Hello Basenotes, I'm Josh

    Welcome, Josh.
  90. Re: Nip Tuck mentions Creed in an Episode and the price.

    I don't think someone wearing Creed is any more vain than someone wearing Old Spice.
  91. Re: Can leather based scents be worn during the summer time?

    Sure, you can. Go for suede or raw leather mixed with floral notes or citrus. Recently I wore Cuir Ottoman and the raw leather note with the fresh tobacco and violet leaf worked very well in the hot...
  92. Re: Is there any social status associated with the cost of perfume?

    In Western culture perfume is a poor status symbol. I've heard that in some middle eastern countries perfume indeed could be a way to communicate your wealth but in the West, not so much at all.
  93. Re: I have a nightmare story and you all will despise me

    That's a funny story. I don't think 3 sprays is a lot if we are talking the original bottle sprays. On mine they squirts are on the small side (unlike Creed where you douse yourself with one spray)....
  94. Re: Allure Homme Edition Blanche EDT/EDP - are there differences?

    I just bought an EDP bottle from the Chanel boutique and to me it smells more or less the same as the EDT. If you look at the notes of each one on Fragrantica, you will see that they are different...
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    Re: Just saying Hi, haven't been here in ages

    Hi and welcome back.:laugh:
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    Re: Re-spraying late in the day

    I think this is the case too.
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    Re: Creed Aventus does not last on me

    You may also be experiencing a nose fatigue. Ask the people around you if they smell it on you. The same thing happened with me with Milesime Imperial.

    I'm surprised you're experiencing poor...
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    Re: Suggestions needed for a signature scent

    Since you already like Cool Water, GIT would be a natural choice.

    If you like aquatics, I'd also suggest:

    Eight and Bob - very versatile and yet unique;
    Nautica Voyage - one of the best pure...
  99. Re: Looking for Advice on My First Fragrance/Signature Scent

    Since you are in the fashion industry and most of the designer scent are probably pretty well known by the people you come across, I'd suggest getting something more niche.

    If you truly are...
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    Re: Versatile Summer Scents

    Heeley Oranges and Lemons
    Acqua di Parma - Acqua Decima

    Both excellent scents for very hot weather.
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