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  1. Re: New brand Brooklyn Perfume Company with four fragrances

    thebeck: Just reporting what I heard from Eric of Twisted Lily! Not sure myself as I've never spoken to the perfumer myself.
  2. Re: New brand Brooklyn Perfume Company with four fragrances

    I tried them on Sunday. Quality materials, each one of them, and definitely worth paying the money for. The musk apparently uses actual musk tincture, which might be why it smells so, so good (poor...
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    Re: New York, New York

    I'll be staying over in New York from 1-11 January and have been reading up on the fabled Perfume District, which I plan to explore in-depth (i.e. a full day visiting the stores that I've found on...
  4. Re: Article: New subscription service, Scentbird, allows you to pick a scent each month. Win a free

    The website looks very chic and the concept is great. $14.95 for 8ml sounds reasonable. It's kind of like a sampling service that prevents you from over-buying, but presented in a very nice format. I...
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    Re: Ego Facto in Paris

    Thanks, lpp!
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    Ego Facto in Paris

    Hello, I will be visiting Paris next month and I was wondering if one can find the brand Ego Facto anywhere in Paris? Thanks!
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    Re: Why did Luca Turin dissapear from style?

    I fell down the perfume rabbit hole after purchasing a copy of 'The Guide'. Did I treat it as gospel initially? Probably - I didn't know much, and I sought out the things flagged out as good. As time...
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    Re: New Blog - The Smelly Vagabond

    I've just posted a piece on Angel that both lovers and haters will enjoy to equal measure! :)
  9. Thanks for the info, Grant!

    Thanks for the info, Grant!
  10. djron91, I'm a huge fan of Mousse au Café too!...

    djron91, I'm a huge fan of Mousse au Café too! They've really got stuff that no one else does, as well as impeccable service. I enjoyed reading your write-up on your perfume adventures in London :)
  11. Re: Article: Sandalwood Dreams, Part 8: Uses and Markets + Sandalwood Oil Giveaway

    I have learnt, rather superficially, that Australian album sandalwood smells similar to Mysore sandalwood, only stronger, although I'd have to smell it for myself to decide! Great series, Jordan :)
  12. Re: Britney Spears' New Perfume - but this one's a song, not a scent

    Oops apologies, I hadn't seen that earlier. Feel free to delete my post if necessary, sorry! :)
  13. Britney Spears' New Perfume - but this one's a song, not a scent

    Britney Spears' Perfume - a Song, not a Scent

    Ms. Britney Spears has recently released a song and video about, guess what... Perfume! She sings about marking her man with her perfume in order to...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque --- blind buy?

    I'm glad you like it - gives me hope for my own blind buy that's waiting for me!
  15. Re: New Limited Edition Perfumes for Gorilla Perfume

    I'm definitely looking forward to Ponche. At the moment, it looks as though Snow Fairy, Snowcake, Rose Jam and Ponche will be making an appearance, along with one final mystery perfume! :)
  16. New Limited Edition Perfumes for Gorilla Perfume

    Gorilla Perfume will be releasing 5 limited edition perfumes on 22nd November 2013. What do you...
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    Re: Serge Lutens Cuir Mauresque --- blind buy?

    I have a full bottle of Cuir Mauresque that I bought blind and that I have yet to remove the plastic packaging from! So in a sense, this thread is pretty helpful, although I now feel rather guilty...
  18. Diptyque Do Son, TDC Un Parfum des Sens et Bois [Worldwide]

    Hi! Check out my items for sale below. I'm open to swaps too. I'll ship worldwide from the UK at the buyer's cost. Approximately £4 in the UK, £5 without tracking, £10 with tracking in the EU (except...
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    Re: Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    That's precisely how I felt! Waking up and thinking: WOW I WANT THAT PERFUME IN REAL LIFE! I've heard that people have actually 'smelt' actual perfumes (not made up ones) in their sleep. Now, I just...
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    Have you ever smelt in your dream?

    Have you ever smelt in your dream? If so, what did you 'smell'?
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    Poll: Re: Séville à l'Aube vs. Rubj

    iodine: I know what you mean by it can be overpowering! Thank goodness my skin tends to swallow scent, so something with a bit of an oomph is usually preferred. And yes, Rubj does smell like warm...
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    New Blog - The Smelly Vagabond


    I've recently started a new blog, hope you guys can check it out and let me know what you think of it! :cheesy:

    I hope to be able to write...
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    Poll: Séville à l'Aube vs. Rubj

    What happens when LAP's Séville à l'Aube meets Vero Profumo's Rubj? Find out here!


    Which do you...
  24. Re: Amouage, Montale & Penhaligon's for Swap (Worldwide)


    I've got 100ml of Diptyque Do Son that I'm willing to swap for Amouage Lyric Man. Do drop me a PM or email me at [email protected]
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    Re: 15 year old: birthday perfume needed!

    I'd recommend Badgley Mischka since it is a sweet fruity melange that is made grown up by boozy notes!
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    Re: L'Heure de Nuit by Guerlain - NEW scent!

    That's the most synthetic blue I've ever seen... liquid detergent, maybe? I certainly hope to bits that the juice is good.
  27. Hi Sarah, Just read this interview and had...

    Hi Sarah,

    Just read this interview and had some questions for you! (if you're checking back on this space!)
    1. How do you think your time at Lush has influenced you as a perfumer?
    2. Does...
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    Re: HdP 1889 - Moulin Rouge, for men?

    It's my absolute favourite :) feminine? yeah! but who cares! I get compliments from both ladies and gents alike when I wear it, but most important of all is that I love it.
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    Re: First date picks

    Well, NOT A*men. I'd like to say wear what you like, but some frags can be repulsive to others and IMO A*men is one of them.
  30. Re: Where should I spray on my body and how much?

    I think your country's climate probably plays a large factor with regard to the sillage and longevity of whatever fragrance you're wearing. Bearing this in mind, if you're in an equatorial country...
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    Re: Hong Kong - Niche Guide

    Hi mr. reasonable, I emailed you a couple of months ago when I wanted to pay Hong Kong a visit in December 2010 and I must say the Hong Kong Perfume Guide was exactly what I needed! The photos which...
  32. Re: Cheap masculine cologne for college age individual?

    Yohji Homme! Though I'm not sure if you can get it for less than 60 dollars.
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    Re: Jardin sur le toit or su le Nile?

    Jardin Sur Le Toit smells too clean on me! Don't get any "compost" note, just heaps of pear and apple! I'll probably draw lots of flak here but I'd recommend Jardin Apres La Mousson out of the Jardin...
  34. Re: What would you layer with a rose fragrance to make it more masculine?

    cocaina you can get Encre Noire from Jasina! It's at High Street Centre, bought mine from there - it was out of stock but they recently brought in more and it's excellent!
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    Re: Rance 1795 Triomphe

    Just tried it today - It's essentially a lighter version of L'Artisan Parfumeur's excellent Timbuktu. Quality materials but feels kinda like a copycat.
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    Re: L'Essence Des Notes : New fascination!

    wow which mall stocks them! i own jardin apres la mousson so going by your description, this is a must try!
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    Re: Free Samples?

    I guess the reason why I don't usually get samples is cause I'm from Singapore... the sales assistants here ONLY give out samples AFTER you purchase a full bottle of fragrance as an incentive to get...
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    Re: Free Samples?

    o.O manutd I'll be heading to London to study for the next 3 years! But I'm always too shy to ask for free samples...
  39. Jimmy Choo should release a scent which smells of...

    Jimmy Choo should release a scent which smells of leather shoes! :) with lots of class.
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    Re: Luca Turin Help Please?

    The Guide is my Perfume Bible! Absolutely love both Luca's and Tania's writing, it's so witty and makes me burst out laughing at times!
  41. Re: Underappreciated Un Jardin Apres le Mousson.

    @Delmar: Really? I just wore Mousson today to the office and found its sillage minimal... and none of my colleagues complained (unlike when I wear Chanel No. 5 or Pink Sugar or Insolence etc etc ok...
  42. Re: Underappreciated Un Jardin Apres le Mousson.

    I belong to the fan club for Apres la Mousson. Its salty brine mixed with sweet lime recreates the nostalgia of standing at a beach
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