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    Re: Biggest surprises in Perfumes The Guide 2018?

    I was a little surprised by the stinginess of some of the rating, but having thought about it it makes sense - the first book covered off a lot of the classics whereas this is more focused on the...
  2. Re: What fragrances have made you feel you reached what you were searching for on your journey?

    Only a couple so far:

    Chanel Eau de Cologne - I tend to have a bit of a thing for simple / classic things which have been refined and tweaked to “reference” level. Chanel EDC falls into this...
  3. Re: Which Fragrance Are You Currently Waiting To Be Delivered In The Mail?


    Tried it from a sample, Instant order.
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    Sticky: Re: Welcome to Just Starting Out...

    Hi there.

    Long-ish time lurker but getting more into things now. Just wanted to stop in and say hello.
  5. Re: What am I looking for? Strong, Dry, Male Cologne, reminds me of Polo but more black

    Soapy makes it a little tricky but maybe take a look at Aesop Hwyl - when I first came home with it my wife’s first comment was that there was something about it that really reminded her of Polo,...
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