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    Re: Suggestion for strong Winter Cologne?

    Zirh Icon is a very modern strong cologne and is great for winter. I guarantee that the price can not be beat and you will never smell it on anyone. The development and note separation are great and...
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    Re: "True Viking"

    I also have a bottle of true viking that i received as a gift from a relatives trip to Iceland. It smells great!
  3. Re: Versace The Dreamer considered one of the best of all time?

    More hyped than Sex Panther, only works 20% of the time every time. The other 80% of people think you rolled in aldehydes and compost.
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    Re: 5 Colognes That would wear Chuck Norris?

    All of the below would roundhouse him in the face.
    1. Quorum
    2. Joop
    3. 1 Million
    4. Kouros
    5. One Man Show
  5. Re: what is a fragrance you will never touch again in your lifetime? Kryptonite fragrance to you

    1 Million - dumbest blind buy ever.
  6. Re: Got sample from friend's cousin at Gucci...GUCCI PH II INTENSE

    Google images has that same sample! Wish I was as lucky.
  7. Re: What's the most bottles of any one fragrance you own?

    3 x Aramis Havanna (I paid through the nose for it when it was discontinued.... and the re-released stuff smells just the same.)

    2 X Caswell Massey Newport (original)

    4 X Joop - I seriously...
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    Re: Where do you store your fragrances?

    I keep most of my collection in a small dorm refrigerator that I picked up from the local pawn shop that some college kid pawned. I turned it all the way up and it stays about 45 fahrenheit/ 7...
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    Re: Outsides that look like the insides

    The best bottles ever have to be Caswell Massey. I like how they feel like old school apothecary bottles i might have found in my great granparents pharmacy.

    For crazy bottle design i would have...
  10. Re: The most unique smelling frag in your collection?

    Narciso Rodriguez for him... and unfortunately I just ran out!
  11. Re: Abercrombie & Fitch - Fierce . Reformulated ? or what ? help

    I can tell the difference from my old red label bottle and the new bottle. That being said my "room spray" bottle is older and smells exactly the same as the new bottle so i am not sure if there...
  12. Re: Your gettin it on fragrance of choice please !

    D&G The One.... I like seeing which has better longevity, it or me.
  13. Re: Best way to get compliments with your frag?

    The below is absolutely the most effective way to receive compliments even though you will be cologne guy and people will despise you, the sad thing is that at one time or another I have done all of...
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