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  1. Re: Opinion: "mist and walk through" is the bane of all fragrance

    Remember to leave off your pearl jewelry if you M&WT!

    I've never used the technique, personally. Too weenie. No contact with pulse points.
  2. Re: Memoires de Mustique - my first Eight & Bob experience

    Hi hednic,
    What did you think of Cap d'Antibes - very calone-y or a bit more unique?
  3. Memoires de Mustique - my first Eight & Bob experience

    Wearing this today. Light but very present. Citrus with the edge honed down by subtle florals. Drying down into clean musk and jasmine. This is totally unisex, the jasmine and orange blossom...
  4. Re: Best Smoky Vanilla replacement for PdN Vanille Intense?

    Such excellent suggestions! Tomorrow I'll be ordering samples. Thanks.
  5. Re: Whatever happened to Comptoir Sud Pacifique?

    How is the Green Patchouli, hednic? Sounds intriguing.

    I have a few CS frags, older ones. Favorite is Barbier des Isles.
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    Re: Tarragon, bad note?

    Wearing GFT today. That citrus/herb combo really is lovely. Thanks for the mind-bump, Funwithfrags - your post inspired me to pull out my sample and then I ordered a bottle!
  7. Re: Best Smoky Vanilla replacement for PdN Vanille Intense?

    Wow, great ideas to follow up on. Thanks!
  8. Best Smoky Vanilla replacement for PdN Vanille Intense?

    I am still on record as hating most vanilla fragrances. Cake batter is fine but not on my pulse points please.

    The few vanilla-positive experiences I've had are with Patricia de Nicolai's Vanille...
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    Re: Perfume and grief

    I wore Inoui (Shiseido) on the day we buried a dear friend. As fragrance lovers, you might well know what a rare holy grail that is - almost like Djedi (Guerlain). I thought him worthy of the best...
  10. Re: Molinard - Exceptional Quality At An Incredible Price !!!

    Big fan of Molinard from way back. I remember the sensation Molinard de Molinard created when it first came out, in those lavish Lalique-inspired bottles and with that zinger of a blackcurrant note....
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    Re: NEW: Courreges - Eau Hyper Fraiche!

    Thanks hednic!

    I went through many a bottle of Empreinte and Eau de Courreges. Looking forward to this one.
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    Re: Tarragon, bad note?

    IMO, not at all! Tarragon can give a fragrance a tantalizing balance between bitter and sweet. The fresh herb has a delicious scent reminiscent of liquorice but slightly lemony as well. Highly...
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    Re: Have You Ever Done This? :)

    As long as it's Eau d'Hermes!
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    Re: NEW: Parfums de Nicolaï - Rose Royale!

    Thanks for the news, hednic!
    I'm in for a 30ml as soon as it's within reach.
    Love those small bottles - low-risk and if it doesn't please me, they make a nice gift.
  15. Re: When you die, who would you leave your collection to?

    Great! Just like those terracotta tomb warriors. Standing sentinel over a fragrant journey into the hereafter.
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    Re: ex nihilo cologne 352

    I liked it a lot, from the smallish sample I had. I wouldn't mind having a bottle, and it also strikes me as a fragrance that could be at its best when sprayed liberally. Even though I already have...
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    Re: Rainy day scents?

    My personal fave for rain is Silences by Jacomo.
    Originally marketed to women, but nothing really femme about it at all.
    Very green and mossy - moisture in the air really makes it jump and come...
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    Re: Loss of confidence

    Not meant frivolously: the loss of one's sense of smell would be profoundly depressing. This I know from observing a good friend's struggle with sudden and seemingly permanent anosmia.

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    Re: Variety vs. Favorites

    I love the variety too, but I let my favorites guide me in terms of acquiring new fragrances. There is a reason why the favorites are what they are.
    The "back catalog" frags often surprise me. I...
  20. Thread: Coqui Coqui

    by Jardanel

    Re: Coqui Coqui

    I've tried their Rosas Secas, Rosas Frescas and Flor de Naranjo. Nothing bad about any of them.
    I had high hopes for the Rosas Secas, looking for that masculine-leaning dusty dry rose. It was...
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    Re: Dreading at Christmas

    Got a bottle of Fracas this way. Not a Fracas fan, but kept it around for reference purposes. 20 years later it is a reference all right - of pre-IFRA, full-strength, parfum. Yes, it was a quarter...
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    Re: Fath's Essentials Green Water

    Two stellar colognes. Totally different characters.

    Cologne Sologne is what most neroli colognes want to be when they grow up - the leader of the pack.

    Green Water is not really about whatever...
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    Re: Ads that made an impression on you

    Speaking of YSL, how about the French version of the ad for the original M7? Whoa! I liked it......a lot. You could tell what religion the model didn't belong to, for sure.
    U.S.A. version was not...
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    Re: Ads that made an impression on you

    In 1988 I was in Lisbon right before Christmas. Along the Avenida de Libertade, there were billboards advertising Fahrenheit by Dior - that first iteration of the ad where a man stands at the edge...
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    Re: What about the boxes?

    I keep the boxes. Some of them are works of art or just enjoyable in themselves, expressing something of the fragrance within.
    My current rotation sits on a dresser top that gets a bit of sun, so...
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    Re: NEW: Parfumerie Generale - Limanakia 27!

    Sounds very intriguing indeed. Thanks for the heads-up, hednic.
  27. Re: Hermes Muguet Porcelaine - how wrong I was!

    Hi Dane,

    I sprayed on Muguet Porcelaine at the local Hermes shop and was not expecting much. Like you, I was surprised, and pleasantly. I like the development of this scent as it unfolds and...
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    Re: Chanel Cuir de Russie EDP and Reformulation

    That "woody molecule that makes it feel a lot more modern" would ruin it for me.
    I love(d) Chanel's Cuir de Russie and considered it the ultimate example of the Russian leather genre.
    Sounds like...
  29. Re: Encens Feve Tonka (Fragonard) - delightful light smoky scent

    I believe it is from their "Jardins" series and has been out for at least a year or two. Marketed more to women, but is very non-frilly.

    And I forgot to mention that the titular tonka, an...
  30. Encens Feve Tonka (Fragonard) - delightful light smoky scent

    One doesn't hear too much about this Fragonard scent. I recently acquired a bottle and gave it a full wear yesterday.
    Overall, not a heavy or loud scent by any means. This one has to settle on me...
  31. Re: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Reformulating Again?

    Looks like Luckyscent is carrying the re-done MPG line, a mixed bag of their older titles and some new ones. Doesn't look like a complete line-up, but some good ones in there. Curious to see how...
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    Poll: Re: Bvlgari The Vert vs The Vert Extreme

    The very best kind of difficult decision!
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    Poll: Re: Bvlgari The Vert vs The Vert Extreme

    The Extreme is not just a stronger version of the The Vert. It's a fragrance in itself much the way Concentree de Orange Vert is in relation to Eau de Orange Vert.
  34. Re: Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Reformulating Again?

    Of the three bottles of Pour le Jeune Homme that I own, the oldest (90ml, red bottle with cross-hatch incised design) is a veritable powerhouse compared to the two later bottles (100 ml, red bottle...
  35. Re: Current version of Chant d'Aromes - decent?

    Thanks, Lilly. That's encouraging - pondering a purchase now.
  36. Current version of Chant d'Aromes - decent?

    Haven't bought a bottle of Chant d'Aromes since 2004. Time to buy a back-up for my back-up bottle so I can wear it freely and fearlessly.
    How's the current formulation - I don't expect it to smell...
  37. Re: Bulgari and it's fascination with Tea accord in scents

    Agree. None of the others has quite captured my attention like this one.
  38. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    That strong and true lemon top note sure caught my attention!
  39. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    Purchased the Trumpers Eau de Quinine and am wearing it today. At first I thought it was too powdery, but the astringency of the rosemary note has kicked in and I do think I'll be loving it.

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    Re: Weekends are for reeking

    On the agenda this weekend:
    Samples of the new Tom Ford Vert series
    Vintage Yohji Yamamoto women's frag
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    Re: Weekends are for reeking

    You clever devil, you!
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    Re: 20 Years Ago I Was Wearing.

    Gauloise by Molyneux. Chant d'Aromes by Guerlain. Givenchy III. Trussardi original.

    Harder to obtain but still loved so much!
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    Weekends are for reeking

    Weekends for me are times when I don't have to be at work or in close confines on mass transit. Generally, I can choose who or when or how much company I keep. So that's the time when I can wear...
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    Re: 30 days in the hole ( HUMBLE PIE )

    Hey palerider,
    Another Steve Marriott fan here. Why'd he have to leave the planet so soon!
    What frag do you think the ol' artful dodger would have worn?
  45. Re: NEW: Tom Ford Private Blend Vert de Fleur (and three others)

    I also ordered the sample pack from Luckyscent. Pacing in front of the mailbox, almost literally.
    Ever since they discontinued a bunch from the original Private Blends lineup (like Japon Noir), I...
  46. Thread: Patou 1000.

    by Jardanel

    Re: Patou 1000.

    You'll have to use all your wiles, my friend. Perhaps you could sneak a dab into the small of his back, a place where it would literally not be in his face. And then you, I am sure, could concoct a...
  47. Re: My Experience with A Horrible Sales Associate

    Soup HURTS when you snort it out your nose!

    Seriously, funny.
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    Re: One classic Eau de Cologne to rule them all

    Wearing Bergamotto Marino today!
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    Re: One classic Eau de Cologne to rule them all

    Thanks, all. Great to see so many fans of the genre.

    Now for a thread within a thread:

    Of the eau de colognes you've loved that have been discontinued, which do you most yearn to be brought...
  50. Re: Has someone tried the new Tom Ford fragrances?

    Luckyscent has these now. I ordered the current sample pack, which has samples of all three.
    Can't wait to try them - remik's reviews above have me tingling!

    Re: the TF Hyacinth scent was...
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    One classic Eau de Cologne to rule them all

    As I have confessed repeatedly in these forums before, I am addicted to the classic eau de cologne style of fragrance. Everything about it just appeals to me, not least the flexibility found within...
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    Re: Any scents that smell of forest?

    A Scent by Issey Miyake. Has that pine note in it, smells more like the wind through the forest canopy than the loam and mushrooms on the ground level.
  53. Re: Question re Geo F. Trumper splash bottles

    Thanks, guys - appreciate it.
  54. Question re Geo F. Trumper splash bottles

    There's a couple of Trumpers scents that I'd like to purchase and some of them are available in the 100-ml splash bottles. I'm referring to the nice ones with the crown-shaped metal embellishment on...
  55. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    Thanks, guys - I'll be plunging into a purchase soon and I'll circle back with results!
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    Re: Molinard: Rose Turkia Eau de Toilette

    Would love to hear your thoughts if you get a chance to sample either the edp or the edt. Thanks!
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    Re: Thoughts on 6 hard-to-find Montales

    Hi Possum-Pie,
    Congratulations on your brave blind buy! Sounds like you will have a grand time getting to know all of them.
    Re: Silver - you said this struck you as a re-bottling of the Sliver. ...
  58. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    I've heard of Marlborough but don't think I've ever tried it.
    I'd love to hear why you like it.
  59. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    Thanks, guys. Nice to hear love for the quinine. This is drawing me towards a purchase, and I don't think I'll regret it.
  60. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    Thanks so much, Jack!
    It just so happens that I am interested in Eucris, as the "dark twin" to the Eau de Cologne.
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    Re: What are your "Primary Colors?"

    My reference green is that rara avis, Inoui by Shiseido.

    Runners up would be vintage Sikkim by Lancome, vintage Vent Vert by Balmain.
  62. Re: G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    Thanks, hednic - it truly is superb, the gold standard of its type. I'm always amazed at how Cologne Sologne, for a light scent, is full of development and subtle persistence. Just goes to show...
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    Re: Molinard: Rose Turkia Eau de Toilette

    Thanks, hednic - I think the description you so kindly provided might be for the edp version of Rose Turkia - but now I want that too!
  64. Re: Traditional Old School EdC Styles and Brilliant but Short-Lived Citrus and Fresh Scents

    If you want some really short-lived and subtle fragrances in the citrus/edc style, try the ones by Malin & Goetz. The Petitgrain is especially nice - fleeting, but really good.
  65. Replies

    Molinard: Rose Turkia Eau de Toilette

    Has anyone tried this fragrance? I think it's a fairly recent issue, maybe from 2014. Can't seem to find any reviews or much description, but it sounds like something I'd shell out for. I love...
  66. G. F. Trumpers Eau de Quinine, Eau de Cologne, Eau de Portugal - how essential for collection?

    I'm an enthusiast for traditional-style eaux de cologne. It is a style, imo, that can be almost endlessly morphed within its classic framework with brilliant results. And I just plain like a...
  67. Thread: Rotation..

    by Jardanel

    Re: Rotation..

    There's some seasonal considerations to my rotations. Then there's the curiosity about how something smells after a long absence. And then the trying out of new things. In any rotation, I try to...
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    Re: Eden - cacharel ???

    Sorry for the delay in thanking you, Dane - much appreciated!
  69. Re: Syrian and Hellenistic Perfume/Incense Pieces at The Metropolitan Museum of Art

    Beautiful - so kind of you to post those!
    I've had a lifelong interest in the world and times of Alexander the Great. Now I can imagine him handling some of those gorgeous pieces.
  70. Re: Have you written your scent collection into your will?

    Some weighty thoughts indeed here.
    My inclination would be to stipulate their sale and proceeds to go to the SPCA or our local marine mammal rescue.
  71. Re: Most masculine fragrance you've ever smelled?

    Definitely. Yatagan.

    Especially the old version that smelled like burning rosemary.

    Just thought of another - Parfum d'Habit by MPG. LIke sleeping outdoors in a leather jacket and...
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    Re: Eden - cacharel ???

    Maybe someone could look up that quote from Luca Turin comparing Eden to the smell of a wet cashmere sweater. My memory is probably faulty in part at least on this, but that was the gist of it.
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    Re: Captain Molyneux, is this the good one??

    Definitely do it for the oakmoss!
    Great fragrance, memorable and full of character.
  74. Re: Azzuro di Capri by Bruno Acampora - instant love

    Luckyscent would probably be a good source for a sample - they carry much of the Acampora line.
  75. Re: Azzuro di Capri by Bruno Acampora - instant love

    Yes, hednic - it's the 30 ml spray.
  76. Azzuro di Capri by Bruno Acampora - instant love

    Obtained this recently.

    The "instant love" in my thread title doesn't even begin to describe it...

    This made me moan out loud when I took the first hit. It slayed me. Strong, complex, with a...
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    Re: New Stephane Humbert Lucas 777 - TAKLAMAKAN!

    So now Taklamakan will join Tenere (by Rabanne) in the category of fragrances named for the deadliest deserts on Earth.
    The concept fascinates me. Want to try this soon.
  78. Replies

    Re: Les Senteurs Gourmandes - Rose Sublime

    Hmm - sounding even more tempting!
    Thanks, hednic.
  79. Re: NEW : Guerlain Les Delices de bain collection

    Isn't this kind of what Diptyque did when they had that huge shakeup some years back? They discontinued some fragrances and discontinued the soap and shower gel forms of just about all their frags. ...
  80. Re: Has anyone smelled Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD Satin Mood?

    An acquaintance uses this as her signature scent. Heavenly on her - I think the name of this frag is a perfect description.
  81. Replies

    Les Senteurs Gourmandes - Rose Sublime

    Rose Sublime - no reviews, few descriptions.
    I know that several members here have collected the LSG frags. I just have Vanille Patchouli and Blossom Oud. Love both and impressed with the...
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    Re: Fath Essentials

    The local brick and mortar Barneys only had the 6.8 oz for $215 and it looks like the only size on the website too. What is the other size?
  83. Replies

    Re: Fath Essentials

    Thanks hednic, I'll give it a try!
  84. Re: Traditional Old School EdC Styles and Brilliant but Short-Lived Citrus and Fresh Scents

    Some really good suggestions from the prior posters.

    I think the de Nicolai line is especially good at this style. In addition to the Cologne Sologne already recommended, I would add the Cologne...
  85. Replies

    Re: Fath Essentials

    I'm going to try the Vers le Sud - got a sample while at Barneys. What do you think of that one?
    Maybe it will be good and I won't be so morose about GW.
  86. Replies

    Fath Essentials

    These are at Barneys now.

    Smelled this version of Green Water. Made me unhappy.
    I loved and wore the original Green Water all the way from the mid-1970s through the time when Fath was sold and...
  87. Replies

    Re: Is that an Hermes bottle behind Mick Jagger?

    Thanks for the up-close of Mick's nipples.

    The bottle looks like a Caleche splash edt.

    To the left, closer to the geezer's head, there are some round bottles (one behind the other) that look...
  88. Replies

    Re: Penhaligon for summer

    Re: Douro
    I think this would be fine in the summer; it's a year-rounder for me. The citrus notes in the top are great, but for me the real attraction are the deeper sandalwood and labdanum. Has...
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    Re: Rose + Oud Combination

    Aoud pour Homme by Micallef - as dry as it gets. Like smelling fresh ash falling from an incense cone. Subtle, super smooth rose note that doesn't come across as femme at all.

    10 Corso Como -...
  90. Re: Wild and Wise Essence by Weil? good or bad?

    When did these come out? I'm an Antilope wearer and am fond of the Weil brand.
  91. Replies

    Re: How Many Fragrances is "Too Many"?!

    If I ever get married, there will be a forbidden chamber that the spouse will eventually find the key to. Then....well, read the Bluebeard story.

    Haven't counted my bottles in years. If there...
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    Re: is champaca ك too femine a floral?

    Champaca would be a little more challenging than rose, for instance. I can see a guy who confidently wears jasmine scents trying the TF Champaca Absolute. Champaca has a certain syrupy quality to...
  93. Re: Ambre Cashmere de Nicolai - soft skin amber or a weenie?

    Bought it. Love it.

    Thanks, guys for the responses. This definitely was a good choice, as the scent blossoms and lasts longer when sprayed "for real" rather than from a sample.

    Spicy, as...
  94. Replies

    Re: New from Lucky Scent

    Agreed, dude.
  95. Replies

    Re: Am I crazy? Am I obsessed? Are you?

    I don't (can't) sniff every bottle because that would involve pulling stuff out of the many drawers where it's stored!
    However, I do worship at the altar just about every day - that is, the...
  96. Re: Haven't you worked out that not every perfume suits you?

    Sad to say, but what I have "worked out" is that it's not wise for me to show my collection to most people in general. I'm just not that candid any more. I've been enjoying my adventures in...
  97. Re: Do you think about the situation for use of your collection?

    I think about the situation/suitability thing all the time, and as pointed out by previous posters, it's all pretty subjective.
    But I rarely think of it in light of having over-invested in one...
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    Re: Creamy, clean laundry type fragrance?

    Wasn't the SMN Muschio Oro the frag that reminded everyone of Dial soap? I think Dial was a bit more harsh, but it sure was a memorable scent.
  99. Replies

    Re: Would Don Draper wear Jade East?

    You don't think that Don would be more of a Hai Karate guy?
  100. Re: Parfumerie Generale - Grand Siecle Intense 7.1 vs PG11 Harmatan Noir

    Don't know about the "versus" part, but I do love Grand Siecle Intense. The original was great, but the Intense takes the identity to a much more interesting destination, imo. What I love most is...
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