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  1. [USA] Flash Sale: Vintage Eau D'Hermes, Vintage Annick Goutal Vetiver, Kenzo Air, CDG & More

    I would like to get rid of these quick so feel free to make offers on multiples. Pictures available upon request. US shipping only. Shipping is $6 for one bottle and free for 2 or more. No swap...
  2. want to buy or trade for vintage Tuscany per Uomo

    At least 50 mls preferred, let me know what you have. No decants please. ConUs only
  3. [USA] Re: Niche/Designer Swap NEW STUFF ADDED! ConUS ONLY

  4. [USA] Re: Niche/Designer Swap NEW STUFF ADDED! ConUS ONLY

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    A question about Maai

    I'm just wondering if Maai reminds anyone else of a mash up of vintage Kouros and Rien by ELDO? I'm sampling Maai right now and that's all I can think of(it's quite wonderful regardless). Has this...
  6. [USA] Re: Niche/Designer Swap NEW STUFF ADDED! ConUS ONLY

  7. Vintage: Yatagan, Zino, Paco Rabanne, Habit Rouge etc. etc.

    Looking for pretty much any vintage classics but especially the ones listed in the thread title. Heres what I have available to swap:
  8. [USA] Re: Niche/Designer Swap NEW STUFF ADDED! ConUS ONLY

  9. [USA] Niche/Designer Swap NEW STUFF ADDED! ConUS ONLY

    More than willing to discount multiples or work out some kind of deal for swap on something that interests me. I have a huge "want" list right now so just try me on something and Ill let you know if...
  10. Re: A Few Things For Swap (Niche/Designer/Vintage)

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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Masque Montecristo
    CdG Guerrilla 1
    Gucci PHII
    HdP 1740
    Bond no. 9 Harrods Agarwood
  12. Re: Woody smelling cologne for high schooler?

    You have much to learn young person. Wearing fragrances is for your own personal pleasure not for others. Use 1 or 2 sprays max and you won't come off as a Jackass. Be bold, people dig that, just...
  13. Re: Woody smelling cologne for high schooler?

    If you like it wear it. Also look into Esencia Loewe by Loewe. It's a much smoother more refined Polo Green IMO.
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    Re: What Should Be My Next Niche

    It must have just sold out. I ordered my bottle last night and it was still in stock. I would send you my 5 ml sample that I had but I dropped it last night and it spilled all over my carpet. Bummer...
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    Re: Unknown Masterpieces.

    Nejma One by P. Morabito still doesnt get much play around here. I never see anyone talking about Guerrilla One by CdG. Reminiscence Noir or Original Patchouli are fantastic buy way under the radar....
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    Re: What Should Be My Next Niche

    Winter is coming...time to stock up on orientals if you ask me. I just purchased 1740 from HdP, Absolue Pour le Soir from MFK and a vintage bottle of Bal a Versailles in the EDC concentration. I...
  17. Re: A Few Things For Swap (Niche/Designer/Vintage)

    bump it
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    Dar al Oud

    Does anyone have any experience with these guys? I was thinking about snagging a bottle or two to try out for my first pure oud oil. Any comments on quality, recommendations, scent profile, and...
  19. Re: Dark Incense Close to Norma Kamali Incense?

    If you like patchouli, they also put out the most amazing patch fragrance Ive ever experienced as well. They have several variations but the original is the best:...
  20. Re: Dark Incense Close to Norma Kamali Incense?

    Ever tried Noir by Reminiscence. Ive never had the pleasure of wearing NK, but Noir is the darkest, oiliest, most resinous scent Ive ever owned. Its not a church incense, but more of a herbaceous...
  21. Re: Best weightless incense - Bois d'Encens, Sancti, Cardinal or??

    I love the whole Incense line from CdG, but outside of that my favorite is 7 Loewe.
  22. A Few Things For Swap (Niche/Designer/Vintage)

    Please delete this thread
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    Re: Today I bought: D E C E M B E R 2013

    Amouage Silver
    Montale Amber & Spices
    Reminiscence Patchouli
  24. Re: Discontinued Fragrances With A Dominant Sandalwood Note ?

    Vintage Guerlain Samsara
  25. Re: Let's Talk Russian Leather... No, not the usual

    If the information about Kolnisch Juchten is true, it has been around much longer than any of these mentioned in the article you posted. Apparently Parfums Regence uses the same formula which was...
  26. Re: Let's Talk Russian Leather... No, not the usual

    Glad you made this post. Ive been on a quest to find some great Russian Leather scents lately and havent found much. I own a good size decant of Vintage Cuir de Russie by chanel and its really great...
  27. Re: What are your most loved incense fragrances?

    7 Loewe
    M generation
    Reminiscence Noir
    Gucci Pour Homme I
    CDG Man 2
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, October 31st, 2013

    Fahrenheit Absolute
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    Re: what is your oldest fragrance?

    If we are talking oldest formulation, it is definitely Kolnisch Juchten. Its formula is supposedly over 300 years old. Next in line would be Knize Ten
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    Re: My New Theory...

    I think the OP is generally right, but there is overlap within the categories you listed and probably some that werent listed as well.
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    Re: Bone dry, non-musky scents?

    Noir by Reminiscence
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    Happy Mothers Day!

    Just wanted to throw a quick Happy Mothers Day out to all my fellow female BN's who have kids out there! Your sacrifice, love and attention are greatly appreciated. Hope you all got some amazing...
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    Re: Diet and smell

    I agree with many of the comments above and the OP. I recently did a 180 on my diet, going almost nearly vegetarian. I eat almost nothing but veggies and beans and rice and have started training for...
  34. Re: Opinions on e Roy Soleil Extreme for Men Salvador Dali for men

    If you are going to reply with such rude responses dont expect any help from anybody around here. Hednic probably has more posts and a more extensive collection than anyone else here on BN and was...
  35. Re: Looking for the Perfect Summer 2013 Fragrance

    I live in TX too and the heat does really crank things up to the max. I like these in your category:

    Mugler Cologne
    AdP Colonia Assoluta
    Perry Ellis Original (Vintage)
    Encre Noir
    Caron Pour un...
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    Re: Muscs Koublai Khan

    Are you sure you had sex? I once got drunk, sprayed on some MKK, passed out for a little bit, woke up, and just assumed I had some sex while blacked out. Its a common mistake....
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    Re: Fragrance to wear in your own funeral

    I would want the remainder of my entire collection sprayed upon me just so I would have the piece of mind that my collection didnt outlast me for too long.
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    Under the Radar Animalic Gems

    Im interested in investigating some different animalic frags that are not the typical Kouros, Jicky, or MKK. I am a huge fan of all three of those, but just looking for something new to me and a...
  39. Re: Which scents have you ever stolen from the girls?

    Black Orchid
    Chanel Cuir de Russie

    And I just bought a bottle of Salvador Dali(fem.) PdT by Salvador Dali
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    Re: Lost for what to buy :\

    This. In the times when I cant decide what to buy, I start to re-evaluate my current collection and see if my opinions have changed on anything I currently own. Take some time to enjoy what you...
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    Re: How much is left?

    You are making this too hard on yourselves. Put your bottles in the freezer for about 30 min to an hour and then take them out. Condensation will form on any part of the bottle which contains liquid...
  42. Re: Which scents change the most from top notes to middle notes to dry down?

    Nejma One

    Top: Saffron & Cumin/spices

    Mid: Tobacco

    Base: Oudh, Sandalwood, Musk
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    Re: Your rarest fragrance

    Vintage Bel Ami
    Kolnisch Juchten
    Vintage Chanel Cuir de Russie
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    500 Posts!

    Well, I made it to 500 posts! WOO HOO!

    First of all thank you to everyone on here for all the reviews and suggestions so far.

    I feel like Im missing something from my wardrobe. What do you...
  45. Re: After a long time away from Basenotes......

    Welcome back!
  46. Re: just opened up Men's Journal magazine.......Salvatore Ferragamo's AQCUA ESSENTIALE is in there

    didnt care for it. Just another aquatic to me.
  47. Poll: Re: POLL: The War of the Roses (no, not the movie)

    Rose 31 or Black Aoud for me
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    Re: Sel Marin = Voyage

    Bummer man. Sorry you dont like it. Ive tried a sample and it didnt really smell like voyage to me.
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    Re: The United States Of America.

    Visit the Scent Bar in LA. Its a definite must. You will be able to get your Amouage line there and everything else niche. When people refer to here this is the actual storefront. You...
  50. Re: Best Creed for an October wedding in UK for a male...

    Why does it have to be Creed? Just curious. I can think of quite a few more that would suit a wedding better than a creed frag. But if it must be creed then I would have to say BdP or Royal Oud.
  51. Re: Make Recommendations Based on a Poster's Current Favorites!

    Ill play

    For Lancel I would suggest Dark Aoud by Montale

    My Current favs are(no order):

    7 Loewe
    Rien ELDO
    Fat Electrician ELDO
    Esencia Loewe
  52. Re: If I like Creed Aventus, GIT and MI, which Guerlain would you recommend?

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    Re: Name some "dry" fragrances you love.

    Esencia Loewe
    Parfum D'Habit
    Guerlain Vetiver
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    Re: Musk, some sort of wood, and Vetiver

    Breath of God
    Fat Electrician
    Terre d'Hermes
  55. Re: Vintage Tabarome ..Possible return in 2014 ?

    Interesting article. Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Must Try !

    Not a huge fan. Pretty generic and not unique at all. It does beat most designer aquatics but thats not saying much.
  57. Re: Ready for my leather fragrance purchase . Tom ford Tuscan Leather or clive Christian C?

    Get Montale Aoud Leather. It smells the same as your other two choices, is cheaper than your other two choices, and lasts just as long if not longer than your other two choices.

    Or if you want a...
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    Re: Millesime Imperial Gone Bad?

    No its not fake. Its the one bad batch of MI that exists out there. Its just unfortunate that you wound up with it. Thats why I rarely buy off of ebay. Sorry man!!!

    You could always try to...
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    Its not their fault though. Its L'Erbolario Lodi that requests that it not be shipped to Cali. Guess they are not a fan of California. Who knows....
  60. Re: Do you ever feel "guilty" for your excesses?

    Hey, you only live once. If it makes you feel any better, I have over 60 in my collection, and other members here have literally THOUSANDS of fragrances in theirs. Just some food for thought.
  61. Replies

    Re: Millesime Imperial Gone Bad?

    I have actually read House of Leaves 8 times now. I have several editions of it and it is my all time favorite book. But yeah too bad about the MI. I doubt putting it in the fridge would help but you...
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    Re: Loewe Solo Absoluto

    Bummer. I recently grabbed 7 and Esencia as well and went crazy for them. I was hoping everything else from this house would be just as good. Oh well, thanks for sharing.
  63. Replies

    Re: Millesime Imperial Gone Bad?

    First of all, I love your screen name! House of Leaves right? Secondly, it sounds like you got the bad batch of MI. I dont usually get involved in all these Creed batch arguments cuz most of them are...
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    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    You can pretty much always find it here:

    This is the direct importer of the whole line to the states. If you find it somewhere else in the US it...
  65. Re: Is There a Fragrance That Epitomises 70's Disco ?

    I was born in the 80's so I asked my dad and he told me it was Givenchy Gentleman, Halston I 12 and Z 14 all the way for him. Thats what he "boogied down" to(his words not mine). Funny cuz I wear all...
  66. Re: What is that one cologne you can safely say "it is one of a kind!"

    Kolnisch Juchten, Nejma One, Kouros, a few from the Amouage line.....good question!
  67. Re: How many do you have? Have you set a limit? Have you surpassed it?

    My collection is right at 60, and Im crazy about each frag, so the number wont be going down. Ill dont think Ill ever get to 100 though. Maybe. Probably will. Damn it.
  68. Replies

    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    I have not. Sandalo sounds very promising though. If the quality and execution is anywhere close to Meharees I would purchase it in a heartbeat. If you do buy them, Id really like to hear your...
  69. Replies

    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    Ok, so I received my bottle in the mail today. WOW! Really great stuff here. And yes this does smell very very very similar to Musc Ravageur without the clove note. Are they identical? No. Is the...
  70. Re: Men's GIVEAWAY thread- NO REQUESTS ALLOWED! Revised 1/29/13

    just re-subscribing
  71. Re: Finally bought Creed Aventus and GIT - what's next?

    Next up is to start 10 Creed Aventus threads a day ad nauseum exacting all the details of why it is the best fragrance out there.

    Seriously though, you should start investigating the houses of...
  72. Re: My Score of the Decade!!! Wax Sealed Vintage Tabac Blond!!!

    I think we are all dying to know where you scored those from man! Its rare to even see a picture of the vintage original around here. Regale us with your tale!!!! Please!
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    Poll: Re: Kelly Caleche vs. Black Orchid

    I prefer Black Orchid. The opening is quite floral with a hint of chocolate and powder. This lasts for an hour. Then the chocolate starts to dominate with a bit of patchouli and the florals move to...
  74. Replies

    Re: Old School "Powerhouse" Scent

    Pretty good summation Tim. For me Bel Ami by Hermes is what I think of. Also original Kouros rings that bell, but that just goes to prove that point that many frags fit the bill of 80's style...
  75. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    Hahaha! The mental image in that statement is uncanny!!!!
  76. Re: **Kilian God's Enter** Combing Two Fragrances????

    Welcome to BN by the way! You have two great frags there, enjoy them any way you see fit. Sounds like you have some cushioning in your wallet which is good if you plan on participating much in these...
  77. Replies

    Re: Meharees L`Erbolario

    Thanks for the link, I must have just missed that on the front page. Ill post my thoughts when it arrives sometime this week. Anyone try anything else from this line yet? Some their other stuff...
  78. Re: Straight versus Gay preferences: A Scientific Study

    Is there even any point to this thread? WHO CARES?!?! Im pissed that I wasted my time reading this. By the way, the preference of fragrance that a certain demographic gravitates towards is not...
  79. Replies

    Meharees L`Erbolario

    I just blind bought this based on reviews and the fact that I couldnt find and samples to try and Im super stoked! Id love to hear some more feedback on this one while I await its arrival. Hows...
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    Re: A Walking Fruit Bomb cologne?

    Millesime Imperial(good melon note)
    Lapidus Pour Homme(pineapple)
    Pure Malt (fruity and malty)
    Habinita(peach, also womens)

    You might have to check out some more womens...
  81. Replies

    Re: Looking for Sandalwood...

    I dont think sandalwoods or vetivers could ever be redundant for me. All three of those are great and worth owning. IMO sandalwood does great in the heat so buy away!
  82. Replies

    Re: Versace Dreamer - Worth a Look?

    This one gets a bad rap around here on BN. I have the original formulation of the juice and I like it quite a bit. Yes the tobacco note in this does smell like a fresh pack of cigs which I have...
  83. Re: Ouarzazate, Eau des Baux, M Génération, Gucci pour Homme, CDG 2 Man...Your favorites

    I just received my bottle of M Generation and I am blown away by it so far. Smells like a $200+ niche fragrance and it only costs $25 online. You cant go wrong for the price. Truly impressive stuff....
  84. Replies

    Re: Help me understand Pure Malt

    I didnt care for it either, dont feel bad about it. It isnt a bad fragrance, I just didnt find it special.
  85. Replies

    Re: Fleur Du Male for swap!

    Just to keep people from further posting, I already swapped Mad14 for the Fleur du Male weeks ago. He just hasnt updated the thread. Check out my swap thread if you are still interested in the FdM.
  86. Replies

    Re: Encre Noire: Eau Hell No!

    I love the stuff! I wear it all the time and get complimented every time I do. I cant detect any rotting smell at all. Very fresh and snappy IMO. Guess that leaves more EN for the rest of us.
  87. Re: Hey guys. My own personal batch of Aventus

    Hmm...I always thought the universe would implode or something if you mixed batches, or something catastrophic like crossing the streams of the proton packs on Ghostbusters. It was rumored that the...
  88. Replies

    Re: Favorite Wood Fragrances

    Actually just received my bottle of Esencia Loewe today. Its loaded with Pine Needle, Fir, Leather, Juniper, Vetiver....Im picking up some Patchouli in there as well. This is a very wood-centric...
  89. Re: Attention all Chanel experts... question about Egoiste Cologne Concentree...

    The concentree is OUTSTANDING, but I also prefer the EDT. Its much more versatile in my opinion. In fact I just swapped my 75 ml splash bottle of the Concentree away because I never really had the...
  90. Replies

    Re: very little of BEAUTICONTROL talk here

    Funny, Beauty Control is one of my dads biggest clients. I have been to their headquarters many a time when I used to work for him. Never been a fan of their frags though. They would always load us...
  91. Re: Kouros Question (Am I missing something?)

    I usually wear 2-3 sprays of Kouros, and Body Kouros is the incense based frag not the other way around. If you want another good designer incense frag, check out Fahrenheit Absolute. One of my...
  92. Re: so are the Tom Ford Musks scents really unisex or do they fall into more feminine side?

    I tried Urban Musk and its pretty floral, but I like florals, especially Jasmine centered ones. I would still call it unisex though
  93. Replies

    Re: Pure Havane - Should I?

    To me, the dry down of PH and PM are pretty much the same. The opening of PH smells exactly like cherry flavored chapstick. I really wasnt that impressed by this stuff, but if you love PM you will...
  94. Replies

    Re: The Great Reformulation Debate.

    I think reformulations should be viewed as making a xerox of a xerox of a xerox and so forth. Eventually the end product is unrecognizable from the original and also becomes much more faint. However,...
  95. Re: Which fragrance would you like to steal from the previous poster wardrobe?

    and your Jubilation XXV too
  96. Replies

    Re: Thoughts on Vintage Kouros

    Question for the OP: Is this your first time trying Kouros? or have you tried some variation of it before. Just curious.
  97. Re: Recommendations for well crafted rich orientals, a boosy note won't hurt too

    +6 on LDDM
    Back to Black by Kilian
    Halston Man Ambre
    Ambre Precieux
  98. Poll: Re: POLL : Best/Favorite Amber based fragrance based on overall scent/projection/longevity/complimen

  99. Replies

    Re: Suggestion request : woody-spicy fragrance

    What about Rochas Lui. Sounds to me like that hits the nail on the head.
  100. Re: Looking for a leather fragrance that has a very good longevity?

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