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  1. Re: Need Help Finding a "Dark" Floral for Early Spring

    You might try Byzance by Rochas. It is tuberose and incense. A little soapy. It is not as rich as the preformulation version of the 1980s, but still good. It was my signature scent for a decade. ...
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    Re: Your favorite perfumer?

    Dominique Ropion for Carnal Flower, Portrait of a Lady, and Fleur de Cassie
  3. Re: Best online site to buy a full bottle of Amouage?

    I have ordered a bunch from a lady who sells them on ebay. She is located in Oman and has high ratings from thousands of customers. Never ever had a problem with her. Most of the 100ml bottles...
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    Re: What is your HOLY GRAIL???

    My Holy Grail house is Amouage. I own a bunch of EDPs and attars, but that is kind of weaseling out of the question isnt't it? I'd say my favorite incense is Black Tourmaline although,...
  5. Re: What was the first fragrance that you bought?

    I grew up on Haight Street in SF, and I bought a cheap little Sandalwood oil made by Spiritual Sky at a Head shop. Tam Dao somewhat resembles that oil and I bought it just for that reason. A...
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    Re: Your Favourite Amouage Fragrance

    Homage is one of my Holy Grails. Love Lyric (for women), Tribute, both Epics, and Opus III too. I love Gold Man. Maybe I'm the only one. Didn't like Opus I, II or IV much. Both Memoirs are...
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    Re: Your most worn fragrance (2010)

    I definitely left the house with one of these scents on all last year:
    Amouage Homage
    Amouage Lyric for women
    Ambre Russe
    Jouzas Stratkus
    Opus 3
    Carnal Flower
    Portrait of a Lady
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    Re: place to start

    I like getting samples from Aedes des Venustas (I think that's how it is spelled) from NY. You get 7 for $15 which is a great deal compared to The Perfumed Court which charges way too much for...
  9. Re: Picture of colection: Special edition : AMOUAGE.

    Now that is a collection to admire. I am particularly envious of all of the attars. I think I counted 15 of them!
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    Re: Ouarzazate Comme des Garcons

    This one is my favorite in the series; however, I ended up buying Avignon because Ouarzazate lasts all for about a minute on me and then, poof, it's gone.
  11. Best Incense to Layer with Everything

    Incense is a note that is in just about every fragrance I adore from florals to leathers and everything in between. I just can't get enough of the stuff.

    Often I want to ramp up the incense. ...
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    Re: Which sandal would you choose?

    I love Santal de Mysore and Tam Dao. They're very different so that having both isn't redundant. SdM is a bit of a misnomer though. The sandalwood isnt really the star of the show. Tam Dao is...
  13. Portrait of a Lady...too bad for the name

    I got Portrait and am smitten with it. To me it is the epitomy of unisex: rather than being sexless (technically flowers, woods, and the like don't have genitals as far as I know) it blends...
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    Re: Unsolicited Compliments.

    This is my very first post. I don't know why I am chiming in now. I have actually been a "lurker" for years. I've learned a lot from my basenotes pals (I think of you as pals now. Isn't that...
  15. I like the name. Like the bottle. Love the...

    I like the name. Like the bottle. Love the ingredients. I cant seem to get enough of labdanum, incense, and tobacco rounded with flowers. Will have to put on my sample list.
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