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  1. 10% off for Basenotes Members that Does Not Expire is offering free shipping and 10% off for all basenotes members by using the promo code 'basenotes'. This coupon does not expire! We are also planning on rewarding customers with...
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    Re: GUCCI discontinuations: THE WORD

    Thanks for the heads up! I'm surprised that Gucci Guilty for women will be getting discontinued, because its so new. I smelt the men's and women's versions at macy's, and the men's version was...
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    Re: Name two colognes you layer.

    I've tried Acqua Di Gio on top of 1 Million.. its pretty good
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    Re: SotD - Saturday, 26 January 2011

    Platinum Egoiste <3.. my favorite!
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    Re: CREED: Who has NEVER tried them?

    Thank you for that kind comment! :)
  6. Re: ..and suddenly my perfume is out of market!

    I really hate when this happens :/.. I wish fragrance houses would notify you a year before they discontinue a fragrance. One thing I can never do is try limited edition fragrances because I'm...
  7. Re: 20 year old - Need recommendations! (Pics of my collection included!)

    Great collection! I would recommend Platinum Egoiste by Chanel. Its perfect for someone your age, and can be used all year round.
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    Re: Blind bought 20!


    Nice blind buys! All the fragrances you bought you will most likely love. The only fragrance you will most likely not like is MJ Bang. The scent it just pure pepper. You will love it if...
  9. Re: Which is the better Jean Paul Gaultier offering: Fleur du Male or Gaultier2???

    I like fleur du male so much more. Between the two, fleur du male is a safer blind buy. Fleur du male is also a safer fragrance in general. Gaultier 2 has like a burnt vanilla/sugar smell to it. ...
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    Re: Fun With Fakes! Episode: Hermes

    Chanel is the most faked brand on earth. The more controlled/expensive/hard to get the brands products are, the more knock offs you will find from that brand. Chanel's products are the most tightly...
  11. Re: Ask an SA anything! Plus crazy customer stories!

    I love the fragrance industry, and everything about it. The one and only thing I don't like about it is how pushy and aggressive some sa's can be to try to get you to buy a fragrance. I usually...
  12. Re: Ask an SA anything! Plus crazy customer stories!

    Wow, what a story. I find that funny, and pathetic how that guy accuses you of being gay. The most absurd thing he said was how he says all men working in the fragrance industry are gay. I've...
  13. Re: Ask an SA anything! Plus crazy customer stories!

    Good question! If I was in a situation like that I would first ask what kind of scents they are interested in ex: fruity floral etc. Then, I would ask if he or she wants a fragrance for everyday...
  14. Re: Which fragrance do you think has the best commercial/advertisement?
  15. Re: Received fake Le Male off ebay... What to do

    I don't know why either. My best guess is that some brands make the stickers harder to forge? Also, I'm sure you will never find an engraved serial number on any fake fragrance bottles.
  16. Re: Unnecessary & Disturbing Celebrity Perfumes

    Great Idea! Personally I'm not a big fan of celebrity fragrances. I think they are made to get there name out there more, to make money, and if they love that celebrity that much they would buy it...
  17. Re: New Fragrance: Justin Bieber - My World

    Don't worry, I don't think this fragrance will last for long. In one, or two years when he becomes a wash up, they'll discontinue it... Hopefully.
  18. Re: Name a fragrance that whenever you smell, brings back good, or bad memories

    My father wore this one too for many years. Great fragrance.
  19. Name a fragrance that whenever you smell, brings back good, or bad memories

    Have any of you ever smelt a fragrance, and it reminded you of a good or bad memory? When ever I smell Paris by Yves Saint Laurent it reminds me of my mother who has been wearing it since it came...
  20. Re: Test your fragrance knowledge with this 8-question quiz about the color blue in perfumery

    I got a 6/8 :/...The two questions I got wrong were the Fougere accord, fresh notes, melon, pale woods: which fragrance is it?, and What makes the Boudicca brand’s first fragrance range so unique? ...
  21. Re: Just getting into fragrances, need some help

    I would suggest starting out with Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. After that, I would suggest getting Acqua Di Gio, Versace Man Eau Fraiche, and any Creed fragrances (there all great imo)

    Le Male...
  22. Re: Who else feels naked without fragrance?...

    I wear cologne almost all the time but the times I don't I don't feel naked :p
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    Re: Is this genuine or fake Chanel no 5?

    Where did you buy this fragrance from? In my opinion, It looks almost real. You have to open the bottle to check the scent. Some fakes have an identical bottle but the scent is way off. You can...
  24. Re: A professorial yet alluring signature scent for a 30yr old man

    As much as I love Acqua Di Gio, Its not very powerful, and dries down fairly quickly. I suggest Le Male by Jean Paul Gaultier. Its one of my favorites and lasts all day!
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    Re: what deodorant...?

    For fragrances I really like, I buy the deodorant version for it as well. Since your sampling right now, I suggest using deodorants like dove, degree, secret, etc. Hope this helped!
  26. Re: Which fragrance is destined to be the next Acqua di Gio, Le Male, etc.?

    Every country varies depending on how much the brand markets the fragrance and how much they push it in the country. I agree, one million is not very herd of in the Unites States. I think brands...
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    Re: My Introduction

    Welcome to basenotes! Hope you love it as much as I do :)
  28. Re: New Fragrance: Justin Bieber - My World

    I thought the same thing :/
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    Re: Back up bottles

    I really try not to fall in love with fragrances that are limited edition. I don't have any back up bottles because most of the fragrances I have won't be getting discontinued for a long time. You...
  30. Re: Which fragrance is destined to be the next Acqua di Gio, Le Male, etc.?

    Fierce by abercrombie reminds me of the cheap jock version of acqua di gio. Though, Acqua Di Gio is a very nice fragrance.
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    Re: New Heat Rush from Beyonce

    I thought the same thing :P. Haven't tried it yet but I'm sure its worth trying it.
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