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  1. Re: What else might appeal to a Mitsouko addict?

    Floris of London Bouquet de la Reine
    Molyneux Fete
    Fleur D'interdit
    So Pretty by Cartier
    First Van Cleef & Arpels
    Youth Dew
    Fracas by Robert Piguet
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    Re: Sub for Mona do Orio Nuit Noire

    Wow, how exciting! I actually am intrigued enough to sample Amouage Gold.
  3. Re: What should my first Niche purchase be based on my current perfume collection?

    Thank you yellow cello and iris! I think I will take a trip down to one of the fancier department stores and take a few sniffs. I will admit that I was very intimidated by these fragrances at first,...
  4. Re: What should my first Niche purchase be based on my current perfume collection?

    Thank you Cacio, i'll try out samples of those you suggested. If one speaks to me, perhaps it can be an Xmas gift and that way, I can justify the steep price. Thank you again.:thumbsup:
  5. What should my first Niche purchase be based on my current perfume collection?

    Hello all! I'm new to the forums (mostly used to come here to get reviews before purchasing frags), and i've always seen you guys here naming perfumes that I have absolutely never heard of, let alone...
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    Re: Sub for Mona do Orio Nuit Noire

    Santa Maria Novella Muschio
    Malle's Parfum de Therese
    Diorella by CD
    Fracas by Robert Piquet
    Obsession by CK
    Elixir des Mervilles
    Classic JPG
    Amouage Gold
  7. Re: New here I may need some suggestions for winter/fall fragrance?

    My current Fall/Winter frag is Dolce & Gabanna The One. It's got a sweet, warm, yet sexy vibe that works well in the office and on the town.
  8. Re: How long will it take for a review of a fragrance to appear?

    Yea, i'm with you. I'm still waiting on my review to appear. As serious as perfumery is, I don't think it requires concurrence by a five person panel...I kid, I kid!! :lolk:
  9. Re: Which perfumes make men melt when you walk past?

    Men go insane when I wear Escada Magnetism but, just recently, I had a man stop dead in his tracks in front of my office and tell me, "You smell great." He later said, "I'm just going to walk back...
  10. Re: Ladies and Gentlemen: Do You Wear Perfume to Bed?

    I tend to wear fresh, clean fruity florals to bed.
  11. Re: Why do certain basenoter hate Creed so much?

    I'm put off by Creed simply because I think it's overpriced, overhyped, and overrated. So, i'm over it. I think that some people buy things just for bragging rights...probably the same reason why you...
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    Re: My favourite fragrance bottle

    One of my favorite bottle designs is Lolita Lempicka, unfortunately, i'm still trying to fall in love with the fragrance itself...
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    Re: SOTD: Thurday 18th October 2012

    My scent of the day is D&G The One layered with some yummy Victoria's Secret caramel-hazelnut lotion. Deelish! Have a great day!!
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    Re: Today I Bought: October 2012

    I bought Si Lolita Lempicka and it arrived yesterday. Reminds me of a more peppery D&G The One. A bit masculine and overpowering on first spray, but very warm and cozy on the drydown. I layered it...
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    Re: If you could only wear one house...

    Based on what I know so far and what works well with my chemistry...Dior.
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    Re: In Desperate Need of A New Scent

    Sounds like you like really clean fruity florals. Maybe try Be Delicious by Donna Karen. Also Ralph (the blue bottle) by Ralph Lauren is AWESOME for your taste. Also, Jeanne by Lanvin is a good one...
  17. Re: Fragrances you love but rarely wear?

    I adore and worship my Escada Magnetism, but it only gets worn on "Club" nights lol.
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    Poll: Re: Brad Pitt on Chanel No. 5

    I wouldn't care if they had the deliciously tantalizing Jonathan Rhys Meyers...I still won't be buying Chanel #5. It never did, and never will, do anything for me.
  19. Re: Ladies...

    I can tell you that Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme is a definite win for me. It's a very sexy, warm, inviting scent that works wonderfully with my husband's chemistry. That's the key. You have to find...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT: December 2011

    Chanel Chance Eau Tendre...hands down my fav frag right now. Unbelievable.
  21. Re: Recommendations for women's fragrance

    I wear Chanel Chance in the daytime a lot. I just received a Kelly Caleche by Hermes sampler and the fragrance is divine.
  22. Re: Favorite "smell good"/"safe"/"blind buy" scent?

    Light Blue by D&G has been a steady crowd pleaser but i'm very interested in testing out my new Kelly Caleche sample in public. I think it's going to be a hit.
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    Re: Do you think my collection is ok?

    If you like your collection, that is all that matters. What is "ok" is subjective and dependent upon people's individual opinions, not based on any sort of fact or truth.
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