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  1. What New (to You) Scents Would You Like To 'Scream From the Rooftops?'

    In this hobby of ours there are simply too many entries for any one of us to reasonably sample, but once in a while you come across a few that you just have to gush about to your friends. And...
  2. Re: Is there a point in even making this a hobby? (Not trying to be facetious)

    I used to play a lot of RPGs on SNES, Playstation, PS2, etc. I had such a great time exploring the particulars and experiencing the characters. By the time I finished the game I would feel a little...
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    Re: No more Chanel samples

    I think moves like this are monstrous. It is perfectly understandable to want to curtail sales of fraudulent recreations, but to cut every source of decants off is just silly. -If Chanel sold decants...
  4. Re: Wearing animalistic fragrances for going out

    Honestly it's hit or miss. I have worn countless scents out on the town featuring heavy castoreum and civet, and with the exceptions of Derby and Ungaro II my Lady seems to hate most of the musky...
  5. Thread: Top 5

    by Shifty Bat

    Re: Top 5

    Lag-based repeat post - kindly ignore.
  6. Thread: Top 5

    by Shifty Bat

    Re: Top 5

    Minotaure, Derby, Black Rosette, Yohji Homme, Dirty English, and about fifty runner-ups.
  7. Re: Which (modern) fragrances are good nowadays?

    I have found that searching for quality fragrances today is much like finding decent music - if you only listen to the radio or go to the mall you'll only find the dross that is being promoted as 'in...
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    Re: What's on your 'To Buy' list?

    Aiming to buy l'Eau du Navigateur some time soon, or Arena di Roma, if a bottle ever crops up (never seen one to date).
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    Re: SOTD: Saturday, 6th February, 2016

    Sensual Tire Fire for Men 46739
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    Re: Must-tries from Tom Ford

    GPH1 for certain, and I love Cafe Rose, but that's not for everyone.
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    I have written hundreds of reviews, most of them positive, but one of the fragrances which will (hopefully) always be in my collection is Dirty English. Juicy Couture made one male frag and nailed...
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    Re: What does l'heure bleu smell like?

    I you can recognize the 'Guerlainade' mixture just imagine that with an icy cool aniseed atop it. It's smooth as cake frosting and elegant as lace cuffs once were. I would like to think Victorian...
  13. Re: What's the most you've ever spent on a single bottle?

    Something like $330-350 for a 3.4 oz. original version Derby. I regret nothing.
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    Re: Boucheron Jaipur por homme

    Cinnamon-spiced dandy powder fragrance. Love the stuff. One of the finest uses of heliotrope I can think of.
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    Re: What's your next backup bottle purchase?

    Having finally secured a satisfactory cache of Minotaure I will soon look toward Yohji Homme and possibly Carven Homme.
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    Re: All time winter fragrances for men

    Lolita Lempicka au Masculin, Midnight in Paris, and Opium Pour Homme are all excellent (and quite inexpensive) choices, and talk about bang for your buck - they do not quit until you basically take a...
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    Re: your favorite bitter-sweet fragrance?

    Lately it's been Dzongkha for me but I always trust Gucci Nobile to scratch that itch. I also enjoy wormwood-centric frags like Yatagan or Memoir Man.
  18. Re: Is there an aftershave similar to leather?

    Avon's original Leather aftershave is surprisingly good if you can find it.
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    Re: Blind buying M7...

    M7 is a great introduction to ouds because it is powerful but not quite overbearing and it is very smooth. As mentioned, there certainly is a semi-medicinal cherry accord at work but I happen to love...
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    Re: Kenzo Homme Eau de Parfum (2016)

    Is it a stronger version of the original or a whole new thing? Either way I'll be keeping an eye out.
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    Re: Fragrances to 'warm you up'?

    I tend to go in the opposite direction, embracing the cold with cool scents like Lempicka au Masculin, Yohji Homme, and, now that we've been reunited, Black Rosette. There's just something lovely...
  22. Re: Why is Mont Blanc Individuel so obscure?

    An acquaintance of mine (user N8Ball) snagged a bottle of this during his short stint at Perfumania and he loved it. While it wasn't quite my bag it was by far the most adult scent he wore back then....
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    Re: Wish me luck ...

    If you've never tried the Dali but have tried and enjoyed the original Van Cleef & Arpels Pour Homme you will more than likely dig Mr. Lips there. They don't really smell too alike but they have...
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    Re: SOTD: Thursday, 4th February, 2016

    Black Rosette, my long-lost love.46585
  25. Re: I always end up buying fragrances that I regret purchasing!

    Buying blind is not far removed from purchasing wine at a restaurant - You can hear/read the notes listed, you may have a friend's recommendations or condemnations, but there is so much margin of...
  26. Re: Notes That Stick Out and Those That Don't

    Cumin and tuberose always jump out for me, so I am very selective in endorsing anything featuring either of the two. I can also pick up fennel pretty well but I'm probably just hoping it will show up.
  27. Re: Tobacco Recomendations - How Would You Rate These?

    Havana is a good call. Also, if you can, try Escada Pour Homme, Joop! Homme Wild, Whiskey by Commodity, and/or The Dark Heart of Havana by 4160 Tuesdays (if you like sweet).
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    Re: Rochas man vs Azzaro visit

    Super weird - several years ago I purchased both in the same month. I really enjoyed both, and about a year later sold both to the same friend.
    If you can only buy one, in my experience Rochas...
  29. Re: Then & Now: Bandit, de Robert Piguet (comparison 1970s-2015)

    I love posts like this. And I've been in such a leather mood of late! I used to vilify any remake of a classic without taking into account that every one of us changes as a person, and the times and...
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    Re: Sample of the Day - Februrary 2016

    Sample of the day - Aquae Nobilis by Profumum
    I had worn this beforehand and written a review of this soft and lovely thing, but the ultimate test awaited - would I still care for it after a full...
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    Re: The story of your basenotes journey

    I found a Minotaure deodorant stick at Filene's Basement ( a low-end department store) when I was maybe 14 and I was in love. I would not know it was a fragrance line for another decade. In my early...
  32. Re: What fragrance do you think has the best sprayer?

    The latest version of Jaguar (green bottle) has this beautifully long and even misty blast that I enjoy because it is not a heavy frag but the sprayer makes sure you get enough coverage in just a...
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    Re: Heavy metal cologne

    I am a power/symphonic metal fan (Blind Guardian, Versailles, Freedom Call, X Japan), and I enjoy fragrances with uplifting movement and a hint of minor key darkness. Therefore I really enjoy Dirty...
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    Re: Any good cheapie Leather Fragrances?

    1740 and Noir Patchouli by Histoires de Parfumes, Norell, Midnight in Paris by Van Cleef & Arpels, and Nicole Miller come to mind.
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    Re: Wish me luck ...

    If you enjoy wearing it you will discover a new love for patchouli. Don't fear the opening too much, as it tones down considerably after 30 minutes. If you Really enjoy it I would heartily recommend...
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    Re: Today I bought February 2016

    Awaiting a 5 ml sample of Black Rosette (unreasonably excited to wear this again), and very happy for Fullbuster, who is about to experience the fun I had over the last couple days with HdP.
  37. Re: What are your current feelings on the signature scent you wore when you were younger?

    I still love them. I didn't know much about fragrance in my teen years but in my early to mid 20's I wore Drakkar Noir, Opium Pour Homme, Grey Flannel, and Bowling Green. I took some considerable...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 1st February, 2016

    ]One of my favorites samples this month - 46507
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    Re: Anyone ever tried this before?

    I used to think about this a lot. Now I have more confidence in my ability to recognize my own wares because I make a point to revisit everything every few months. But if it was a toss up between...
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    Re: Rose scent with green stems

    Please try Aramis 900 and original Ungaro III. If you for some reason can't find samples, pm me.
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    Re: Lanvin Arpege

    One of my favorite hot weather frags. Very makeup-vanillic iris and orange scent with a dash of pepper, fantastic performance and buttery smooth edges. It's also a compliment-getter. Incredible...
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    Re: $30 or less dark and/or spicy fragrances

    Dirty English and Mr. Blass.
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    Re: most worn January 2016

    I haven't worn anything more than twice this month because between my November birthday, Christmas, and irresponsible spending afterward, I had received a heavy amount of samples which I'm still...
  44. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Fender Jazz Bass, my weapon of choice. I should avoid 'inviting' frags so my Lady doesn't punch a hole through me.
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    Re: Any fans of the Jaguar fragrances?

    I have both the wooden and silver cap versions of the first Jaguar and I love them both. The older formulation is heavier on the tobacco and my girlfriend finds it 'icky' and stodgy; the current...
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    Re: Summer scent that isnt citrus

    A few I really enjoy in hot weather would be CK Truth/Obsession Night, Escada Silver Light, Dirty English for casual wear, and Jaipur Homme, Dzongkha, and Ungaro III for more formal occasions.
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    Re: SOTD: Wednesday, 20th January, 2016

    Sybaris by Antonio Puig, a new acquisition which I am enjoying immensely.
  48. Re: Post your pic and other posters will pick a fragrance you look like you'd wear

    Why not? I own so damned many that I am in little need of suggestions, but fun is fun and I want to see what I look like I smell like. 46022
  49. Re: Particulate/smokey/cloudy/milky looking stuff inside bottle on bottom.

    If I shake my Envy (sounds like a dance song) it doesn't revert to its prior state, but looks like a bottle of sake from Chernobyl.
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    Re: What do you consider 'blind buying'?

    For me blind buying usually means I found it at a discounter like Marshalls and the price tag is low enough that I won't really care if it's a dud. It's like scratch lottery tickets with better odds...
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    Re: Knowing: A Chypre without Moss!

    That's as sad as it is scary. Knowing has always been a towering and unapologetic scent, so chipping away at the base of the tower is bound to collapse the whole structure. I say, if you can't...
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    Re: Your top Five Reviewers and reasons why.

    I spent my first two or three years here exclusively in the directory, so my regard for some Basenoters is rooted simply in their descriptions and not their forum posts. My top five are the ones I...
  53. Re: With perfume, without deoderant: a potentially gross-you-out quandry

    I wear Arm & Hammer unscented deodorant because I used to try to 'pair' my deodorant scents with my scent of the day and it was just a hot mess. If you can't wear that I'd say either use some talcum...
  54. Re: Particulate/smokey/cloudy/milky looking stuff inside bottle on bottom.

    I have a bottle of Gucci's Envy that had some separation in it which has not so far affected the scent at all, but made it look more like absinthe, the way star anise oil is not fully soluble in cold...
  55. Re: What is the best Vetiver based fragrance that you have smelled?

    Carven's Vetiver with the squarish green cap gets my vote. It's so warm, earthy, and friendly, like an olfactory cardigan. And damn does it smell natural. I want to try the current formula and at the...
  56. Re: Can someone recommend a long lasting, well projecting, masculine, warm cologne?

    I'll limit my answers to in-production cheapies so you can try with abandon.
    Guess by Marciano for Men - Orange, pepper, ginger, amber. Two sprays lasts 10+ hours on me. 6 sprays can kill a horse....
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    Re: Rose Fragrances on Men?

    I love rose fragrances, from Aramis 900 to Hammam Bouquet. I enjoy every scent Ken R. just recommended but I also wear Rose 31, Cafe Rose, and who knows how many others. If you wear a rose-centric...
  58. Re: Gucci Pour Homme (1976) = Balenciaga Ho Hang?

    I don't have the Ho Hang but I have noticed that the '76 Gucci is like a more reserved version of the (later) nuclear woody-herbal Bijan for Men, which, when observed from above, looks a bit like...
  59. Re: Does anybody a fragrance to honor a dead celebrity?

    I actually Did wear Minotaure that day, but I wear it about once a week so it was really just coincidence. The news did not improve my day. I went home and watched The Prestige.
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    Re: Drakkar Noir and its clones.

    As Renato Mentioned, English Blazer is probably closer to the original Drakkar then the current version, but it has become scarce. The EU restrictions on ingredients, especially oakmoss, coupled with...
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    Re: Royal Copenhagen EdC

    It's one of my very favorite fragrances, but also one which I hesitate to wear. It is so powdery that most average passers-by will equate it to either baby powder or to cheap(er) drugstore scents...
  62. Re: Does anyone else have a favorite era for fragrances?

    1976, 1984-9, and 1992-7 seem to be the ones for me, but that just means I found a higher concentration of good there. Thankfully (like with music) no matter how much dross is out there you can...
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    Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    Dirty English. Much like my tragic love with Minotaure and Nicole Miller For Men, my favorites seem to have terrible projection and middling longevity. But Dirty English has grown on me like few...
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    Re: The Fragrance Confessions thread

    At my income level I should not be frittering away any amount of money sampling perfumes so that I can write about them in the vain hope that it will help someone make a more informed decision about...
  65. Re: The Ultimate Frag For A Scorching Hot Weather?

    I like Yatagan for this, though it is certainly Not a fresh out the shower scent. It simply is not negatively affected by heat or humidity, making it a perfect arid scent.
  66. Re: What are looking forward to wearing for the warm weather months?

    Nothing comes immediately to mind for myself but my girlfriend recently purchased the new Ghost Eclipse and we found it was well-made but too meek for a New England Winter. I bet that one will really...
  67. Re: Name the fragrance you tried/smelled today for the first time.

    Franck Boclet's Absinthe.
  68. Re: Any suggestions for sampling? Not digging most things I've smelled the past year

    Have you tried Gucci Pour Homme II, Ungaro III, Escada Pour Homme, Carven Homme, Uomo? Moschino, or Lolita Lempicka au Masculin? They all make a great balance of woods, florals, and sweetness, they...
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    Re: Today's Essential Leather Fragrances?

    I have two standout favorites, but in this instance they are purely for me, and not the favorites I would choose to recommend for a community.
    Black Rosette by Strange Invisible Perfumes - A...
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    Re: What does your cologne rotation look like?

    A crowded, flaming mess. Every single day I want to wear 3-7 different ones and basically have 'tryouts' to see where my mood really lies. Owning enough for three lifetimes and not being able to part...
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    Re: Extra-animalic, extra-strong fragrances

    Ungaro II and Furyo have strong civet presence, similar in manner to that used in Jicky. Halston Limited has a dynamite Castoreum base and is rich and extremely potent. I also like Salvador Dali Pour...
  72. Re: did you ever abstain from writing positive reviews....?

    I have not, personally, because I automatically remove the SA from the fragrance experience. I once had a woman (A grown woman, with thoughts all her own!) that worked at a Macys tell me in...
  73. Re: The slow destruction of YSL fragrances by L'Oreal

    Have you ever listened to the band Guided By Voices? I love them. But their frontman, Robert Pollard, has a habit of writing hundreds of unfinished songs and releasing them instead of fleshing them...
  74. Re: What are you going to wear for Star Wars: The Force Awakens?

    I went to work today wearing Gucci Envy and, without reapplication, it was still there with me, like fragrant midichlorians, when my Lady and I saw the film eight hours later. I don't know which I...
  75. Thread: Furyo

    by Shifty Bat

    Re: Furyo

    Yes, Furyo is the Nag Champa version of Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men, meaning a hard and heavy dose of incense resin (if you've ever smelled 'dragon's blood' you'll smell it in this), with a...
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    Re: Anyone tried Joop Homme Wild?

    A scent for the younger crowd with the usually incredible Joop strength and longevity. Not amazing but stoutly made. The composition is largely unchanging so you'll probably know right away whether...
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    Re: Is Armani Code played out?

    It's still a pleasant composition, but if you ever have walked the length of the mall and seen a gaggle of guys who all look the same and dress the same walking as a unit, none of them realize that,...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    For personal wear:
    Bowling Green
    Nicole Miller Men (vintage)
    Yohji Homme

    Favorite overall composition:
  79. Re: Just picked up the best cologne I've ever had.

    I feel badly that Duke was shot down for trying to preserve fragrance terminology. If you are not aware that the term 'cologne' does not mean 'male fragrance' then you are probably just unacquainted...
  80. Replies

    Re: A Moment of Silence For My Poor Mini

    They say comedy is when tragedy happens to other people. My mini only ran me about $18 (though it goes for higher now), and the only real harm done is I would have passed it off to somebody in the...
  81. Re: Chanel Egoiste, lets get the verdict on the new bottle***no platinum pls****

    I really want to try the new one. Every time I'm at a Macy's or Sephora and I see Platinum or Allure and the empty space where the rightful heir should be I seethe a little. If it's even 'mostly'...
  82. Re: Just picked up the best cologne I've ever had.

    I have wanted to try this one, as I used to really enjoy the first Varvatos before I gave it to a friend because of overcrowding (and the bottle is neat), but I am worried it will have the revolting...
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    Re: Battle of generic summer frags!!!!!!

    I'm for 360 Red all the way but from personal experience I don't get the vibe that others like it quite so much as I do. But hey, if you want a non-aquatic aquatic with good staying power you won't...
  84. Replies

    A Moment of Silence For My Poor Mini

    Has anyone here recently (or otherwise) suffered the loss of a prized piece of their collection, especially to stupid or careless circumstance?

    I was reorganizing and trimming my collection of...
  85. Re: The most perfect scent you've ever experienced? Only one mind....I'm watching you.

    I wish I could say my beloved and oft-mentioned Minotaure but the longevity is crap.
    The only one in my collection I wouldn't dare tweak, even if I could, is Derby.
    Palmolive's choice of...
  86. Replies

    Re: What's your "ugly duckling"?

    Probably Black Rosette by Strange Invisible Perfumes. Easily one of my very favorite scents but it comes out of the bottle like a choke-slam for your nose and you have to back away for a minute or...
  87. Replies

    Re: Fragrance Quote

    *distressed look* "...Smells like Bigfoot's Dic[<!" Secretary from the film, Anchorman.
  88. Replies

    Re: A scent with well defined edges

    If you want a classy and smooth experience without price gouging I would recommend Escada Pour Homme, Carven Homme, Yohji Homme, Gucci Pour Homme I, Ungaro II, Deep Forest by Bogner, Burberry London,...
  89. Re: What are your favorite "suit and tie" fragrances?

    I like to go for the original Dunhill, or Lauder for Men (unless I am around people under 30- the amount of sage oil in this can be upsetting to them), Gucci Pour Homme (1976), or Ken's...
  90. Replies

    Re: What are you tired of?

    I am tired to death of flankers featuring the word 'black' which basically just means 'sweeter.' There is nothing sinister, lurking, edgy, masculine, or nuanced about adding more vanilla to an...
  91. Re: Fragrances of The mid 2000's (Nostalgia Thread)

    Oh man, 2004 I had just barely begun being fragrantically obsessive so my early acquisitions weren't so modern, as they often came from a drugstore. But now realizing that I bought that bottle of...
  92. Replies

    Re: What are you missing out on?

    From my experience the more fragrances I try and enjoy from each era of production the more I enjoy a broader scope of aromas and compositions, which in turn makes me try to find more and more scents...
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    Re: Best Aqua Fragrance ?

    For me, Truth for Men by Calvin Klein fits the bill. It is unusually loud on me (as opposed to 90% of the frags I own) and lasts until the next day. Not all Basenoters will claim as much but it is...
  94. Replies

    Re: It finally happened

    I hardly ever buy samples or minis of anything IN production. My love for the art bloomed a bit late, so I'm trying to get my hands and nose on as much as I can before it disappears. All I can say...
  95. Re: Does anyone find summer to be a fragrance hobbyist "lull?"

    While the Summer is a time for my 'too weak for Winter' scents it is equally suited for my moderates because I have terribly dry, greedy skin, so most things don't last or project too much on me. I...
  96. Replies

    Re: Scents that compliment cannabis

    There is a sect of French perfumery (especially Lalique and Caron) which seems to have been driven with this very thing in mind - what smells good on a smoker? You can take the classic powdery route,...
  97. Replies

    Re: Question about fragrance collecting.

    Two of my discontinued favorites, Carven Homme and Bowling Green, were averaging $40-$50 apiece when I joined Basenotes 6(?) years ago, and they have now doubled or tripled in price. Sometimes...
  98. Replies

    Re: Body Kouros problem

    What Bigsly said is likely quite true - I can attest it definitely happened to me while wearing BK and my gf complained when I reapplied it :c . A lovely fragrance but I always want the opening to go...
  99. Replies

    Re: Cosmair Jacpot!

    Simply beautiful! I imagine that's the same feeling I get every time I score a bottle of Cosmair-released Minotaure, my favorite opening in all of perfumery. What's the size on those emerald...
  100. Replies

    Re: Do You-Should You-Apply to Your Armpits?

    I spray immediately under the armpits because I use an unscented deodorant stick and don't want to smell like Right Guard. Perfumes are frowned upon at my work so I wear what I want to under the...
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