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    Re: Dab On Samples

    I second the cocktail stir sticks or coffee stirrer straws. For some reason I couldn't find these for a little while, but I stumbled on some hollow Q-tips at CVS. They work the same once I cut the...
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    Poll: Re: Amourage Dia or FM Musc Ravageur

    How about you get a little decant of each one to help you make up your mind or tide you over til you can afford both?
  3. Re: What fragrance in your collection that you must have at all times?

    Musc Ravageur.
  4. Re: Which L'artisans lasts and which - not?

    Only tried three of 'em. Tea for Two and Dzing! both last on me for some time. I could take a bath in Navegar and I still wouldn't smell it.
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    Poll: Re: Amourage Dia or FM Musc Ravageur

    Haven't tried Dia. I'm mostly with Vibert when he says MR is strictly for evenings/feeling sensual. I do think I can pull off wearing it to school in cooler weather, but I wouldn't wear it to an...
  6. Re: Has this ever happened to you? Version 2

    Yeah. Got that with Hammam Bouquet. I still like it, but now I'm afraid to wear it out.
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    Re: Has this ever happened to you?

    Simon Moon, you are a sick, sick man, but you speak my language :-) Nice to run into a fellow audio nut, albeit one who puts my little setup to shame. I think audio and fragrance are alike in their...
  8. Re: Newbie thanks for all for your respected advice

    Well I'm officially jealous :-) I'm new to this hobby and on a student budget, so most of my "wardrobe" consists of samples. While snapping my little sample vial of Musc Ravageur shut the other...
  9. Re: Newbie needs your most respected advice

    No complaints here with Scentiments. I've gotten a bunch of Creed samples from them through Amazon. Ah, they got my order wrong once, but they let me keep the stuff I got by accident. A+. Anyway,...
  10. Re: Fragrance of the day Sunday November 26

    Dzing! (sample)
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    Re: LesNez Samples

    Mine finally made it to Boston today, so if you're still waiting for yours, there's hope....
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    Re: Fragrance of the day, Tuesday, Nov 14

    Divine - L'Homme Sage
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    Re: Cologne to where to an interview

    Conventional wisdom, perhaps not on Basenotes, but at least in my chosen field, is that it's safest to wear none at all. I did wear a tiny bit of Green Irish Tweed to my interviews this fall and...
  14. Re: Ever intentionally used scent to "make a memory?"

    Well I initially posed the question here out of sheer curiousity, but I find the buy-a-new-scent-on-vacation idea compelling. I guess this means I have to work up a tolerance for brick and mortar...
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    Re: SOTD Tuesday, November 7th

    I'm giving a first full wearing to Penhaligon's Hammam Bouquet. I've decided I like smelling rose, but I'm deciding whether *I'd* like to smell like one.
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    Re: Podcast about Andy Tauer's scents

    Tauer sells samples on his site. Why not pre-order a sample? That's my plan...
  17. Ever intentionally used scent to "make a memory?"

    I've heard people say that there are certain occasions when they won't wear a particular fragrance for fear of creating a negative association in their mind. I'm curious whether anyone out there has...
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    Re: Least Favorite Creed?

    I haven't tried Original Santal yet, so maybe I'm missing the worst there is. Of the ones I've tried, I'd actually have to say Silver Mountain Water. I just can't get past the inky petrol note.
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    Sticky: Survey: which manufacturers give free samples?

    My apologies for the shameless nature of this first post, but there was a great discussion thread a while back where everyone posted their experiences requesting samples from manufacturers. That...
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