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  1. Re: Hanae Mori HiM, Gucci Pour Homme 2, or Burberry London

    Man, you couldn't have picked three fragrances on the designer market that are all excellent but share a lot of similarities. These three are similar enough that they can be mistaken for each other...
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    Re: New: John Varvatos Oud

    Yeah I think they're the only one's who have had it. They had it "available" online initially but it has since become unavailable. I really can't wait to get my nose around this bad boy. You ever...
  3. Re: Michael Kors for Men recalled ?

    dang...its already been removed from Macy's website. Eeks...That's not a good sign.
  4. Re: Kenzo Jungle Homme: your thoughts?

    I agree. And its nothing like TdH, but it is a really nice fragrance.
  5. Re: Thoughts on True Religion Drifter

    Yeah, I would describe this as a synthetic, though pleasant woody-pear fragrance that is not extraordinary and not bad. I would recommend it to a younger audience as well.
  6. Re: Ab Silver Lomani - the next Aventus clone?

    Having worn this twice now, I can confidently say: SAVE YOUR MONEY. It does smell similar to Aventus but its also clearly not Aventus because it lacks the complexity and vibrance of Aventus. That's...
  7. Re: Which 2 cheapys should I buy (Lanvin Homme Sport, Perry Ellis 360 Red or Carolina Herrera CH Men

    Perhaps he's got a cheapie source. I know I got mine on eBay for a steal - 60% full 100mL bottle for $21 shipped. I wasn't complaining...
  8. Re: Which 2 cheapys should I buy (Lanvin Homme Sport, Perry Ellis 360 Red or Carolina Herrera CH Men

    I would definitely go CH Men (fruity floral with a smooth leather) and Lanvin Homme Sport (aromatic citrus with a hit of sage). Perry Ellis Red is a knock-off of AdG. You're better than that...Lol
  9. Re: Calvin Klein's "Reveal Man" Will Be Great

    I'm predicting something that smells similar to Stetson's All-American - cheap, synthetic, but pleasant and fleeting. Coty produces both Stetson and Calvin Klein fragrances so I won't be surprised...
  10. Re: Calvin Klein's "Reveal Man" Will Be Great

    Unfortunately, I don't agree but that depends on your definition of "great". Let me give you mine:

    -Does it last >6hrs?
    -Does it project noticeably within the first 3hrs with only a light to...
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    Re: Bond No 9 NY Sandalwood

    Carrot?? Cumin? Papaya?? Sandalwood?? That sounds like quite an experience! Count me in for a whiff!
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    Re: Bond No 9 NY Sandalwood

    never even heard of it...Where did you see this??
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    Re: YSL L'homme Libre alternative?

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. RD is more refined and versatile while being a little less "fresh and aquatic". Libre is more trendy, less timeless, and more casual.
  14. Re: What's your favourite oriental in the heat and humidity?

    Hanae Mori HM for Men
  15. Re: Bond Bleecker st. is sooo underrated!

    Hahaha...I'm sorry, I'm not laughing at you, but at your comment. It seems a bit dramatic but I'm sure you have your reasons. I just can't seem to grasp all the animosity for this brand. Perhaps...
  16. Re: If I have Pure Malt and Amen - would Tase if Fragrence be over kill?

    I would say that you should not buy this one blind. And if you live in the USA, I would be glad to send you a sample (at a cost of $2 to cover shipping) just so you can make that call for yourself. ...
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    Re: New: John Varvatos Oud

    Wow...this will be available at Bloomingdales in just a few weeks. At $150 a bottle, I'm pretty sure this will FAR surpass anything we've seen from the house of Varvatos to date. This may be there...
  18. Re: Bond No. 9 HTTP:WWW Now that the hype has settled, is it any good?

    I think the Aventus Light description is apt, especially since it veers more towards the light notes of pineapple, black currant, musk, and the Bond signature accord. But that's not to say it isn't a...
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    Re: New: John Varvatos Oud

    Yeah, I'd say that for a designer house, they generally do their own thing when it comes to concepts. I won't call them ground breaking but JV Original and Vintage were pretty far off the beaten...
  20. Re: "Fallish" there such a beast?

    Manhattan, Andy Warhol, Cooper Square, NY Oud (my fav)
  21. Re: What was the last frag that really "wowed" you ?

    Fico di Amalfi - what a beguiling, fresh and creamy scent. I am curious to see how long this persists on my person.

    Vettiveru was a revelation. I am a big fan of this beautifully and simply...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    Sephora carries it online, but as said only the "I Love New York" line. I think people use the designer/niche designation loosely around here. Speaking specifically, you're absolutely accurate -...
  23. Re: Fruity/Exotic Bond No 9 Scents?

    Scent of Peace for Him (only available online)
    Riverside Drive (a personal favorite)
    Wall Street (cucumber, seaweed, freshness)
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    Re: Are the Cheapies Really Worth It?

    This is a great question but the answer is ENTIRELY dependent on your needs. I have wavered on my objective in this area about as much as I have waffled on anything in my life (I'm ususally pretty...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    I do understand and I'm sorry that you can't access their collection more readily. But there are many brands that don't offer samples and are very hard to come by, even more scarce than the Saks...
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    Lol so I think I understand the frustration but ultimately you're taking your anger out on the whole company based on your experience with one sales representative. The eBay and Perfumed Court,...
  27. New Fragrance: Ed Hardy's Love Is...

    I spotted a new Ed Hardy fragrance for men in Dillards and yet I have heard NOTHING about it at all. Its not even available on the web for sale except at some fringe fragrance outlets. They must be...
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    Re: Strange issue with Versace PH

    Those websites aren't full proof. You should trust the combination of the quality of packaging and your own nose. They'll let you know if something is off.
  29. Re: Ferragamo F Free Time...anyone give this a sniff?

    Yeah, I got this at Macys when it was introduced. A real dud of a lemon/ginger scent. Its soft and subtle so if you like those qualities, maybe you'll find a purpose for it. I couldn't ever make...
  30. Re: D&G Masculine question on sprays

    Yeah with this one I also go two sprays directly on my shirt. If I want to add another to the side of my neck, then ok. But I've always found the sillage/longevity better on my clothes with this...
  31. Re: Baldessarini Del Mar Seychelles vs. CH Chic

    Man, I don't know what it is about Chic for Men by Herrera. Its always regarded as this beautiful blend of lemon, watermelon, cinnamon and sandalwood, but when I wear it it seems so muted. Its like...
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    Re: Minotaure batch numbers?

    The original strong formulation was made by the production company "Cosmair". The reformulation is made by "L'Oreal". So basically you can look for the evidence of either company on the label to...
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    Re: New Bond No 9 - Shelter Island

    The challenge is that they recently said it should be at stores nationally on Memorial Day weekend (May 24th). I was hoping to test it before Mother's Day weekend but ultimately its looking like we...
  34. Re: Dolce and Gabbana Pour Homme is BACK!

    Man, how crazy would it be if they were using the vintage bottles as "tester, not-for-sale" bottles to sell weaker, boxed bottles. That would really be an abhorrent practice! I'm hoping this is not...
  35. Re: Avant Garde Cologne: Are there 2 versions?

    Yup! Just bad lighting. I ordered from a seller with the photo on the left but I received a bottle that looks just like the one on the right.
  36. Re: Similar to Creed Erolfa but better longevity

    See, I never thought Wall Street smelled like Erolfa. But now that the summer heat is warming my skin, I find the cucumber note is playing second fiddle to the seaweed (salty) and citrus notes of...
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    Re: Good fresh and green scent

    Gramercy Park by Bond No. 9 is nearly identical to Davidoff's Good Life, though a bit more synthetic. I don't understand why more people don't review it considering all the love Good Life...
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    Re: SOTD: Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    I've got an interesting combo on! &...
  39. Re: More Sprays During The Summer??

    Maybe more frequent application is the solution. I was content with 2 sprays but all of a sudden its 70+ degrees and nothing lasts past lunch. I guess a quick top-up won't hurt! ;-)
  40. More Sprays During The Summer??

    Does anyone else feel like they need to use more sprays than they did 10-15 degrees ago??
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    Re: New Bond No 9 - Shelter Island

    I spoke with the online customer service last week and was told that this will be available at retailers nationwide in May! Only 3-4 more weeks before we can give it a whiff! :-)
  42. Re: Thoughts on Bond no. 9 I love NY for Him

    I think this review is spot on as well, but I'd like to add that anyone interested in something modern but in the vein of those designer fragrances mentioned should take a closer look at this one. ...
  43. Re: Looking for an aquatic-peppery masculine scent

    Surprised this hasn't been suggested yet but here goes: Burberry Beat for Men. Its citrus and violet notes give me an aquatic vibe, while the pepper and wood notes meet the peppery quality you're...
  44. Re: Does any of you still wear Herrera for men?

    Herrera may seem a bit too "old school" for you but if you like it, then that's all that matters. Alternatively, I think Dolce & Gabbana does a good job of capturing the same style in a more...
  45. Re: Salvatore Ferragamo Pour Homme 1999 >> HAS THIS BEEN REFORMULATED ?

    I recently bought a tester on eBay which had a batch code that corresponded to a 2003 production. It was quite potent and the base notes lasted forever. However, it was not as pleasant in terms of...
  46. Re: Coconut - cK One Summer 2014 vs Creed Virgin Island Water - which has the better/stronger coconu

    I finally had an opportunity to sample this new fragrance at Macy's tonight. My immediate impression after smelling it for 30min on a scent strip is that it definitely gives the impression of Virgin...
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    Re: Gramercy Park by Bond No 9

    Its as close to Davidoff Good Life as any fragrance will ever come. It smells good but I never found the sample (bon-bon) to be very long lasting.
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    Re: One house, 4 seasons, 4 frags...

    Love the list above!! Here's another designer house that I haven't seen yet: LANVIN

    Spring: L'Homme
    Summer: L'Homme Sport
    Fall: Avant Garde
    Winter: Arpege Homme
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    Re: About olfactory fatigue

    It has been said on this forum many times that "olfactory fatigue" is the result of wearing a single fragrance too often or spraying your fragrances too close to the nose. Well, I would like to...
  50. Re: Bond No. 9 New York Musk -- What a horrible scent

    I love this one. I think its potent, interesting and unique. While I can understand the "just-a-base" argument, I actually notice a considerable transition from the opening to the base that...
  51. Re: What are the top 5 bond no.9 scents for men?

    I'm a big fan of the Bond line. Personally I like them better than Creed but I find Creed to be enjoyable as well.

    My five favorites, in no particular order, are:

    -Riverside Drive
    -New York...
  52. Vintage Minotaure 1.7oz & Salvatore Ferragamo PH 3.4oz

    Each bottle is about 95% full as they were only used a few times.

    Salvatore Ferragamo PH 3.4oz TESTER - $15 (box, no lid)
    Paloma Picasso Minotaure 1.7oz - $24 shipped (lid, no box)

    Both for...
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    Re: Kenzo Jungle

    I've owned this three different times over several different periods, and I can say that this has never had bad longevity. It may just be your skin or nose. Its not a powerful fragrance but it is...
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    Re: Paul Smith Man

    Also fragrancenet is caring the sample vial of Paul Smith Man for $1.79. You can probably find a free shipping coupon on the Internet if you do a google search.

    as for similarities with DH, they...
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    Re: A bit worried about an Escada Magnetism I purchased at the mall.

    I'll have to double check when I get home but I think my 50 mL bottle has the same batch code syntax as yours. Not to mention, the reference to Scannon which I believe to be the original...
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    Re: SOTD, Sunday, January 19, 2014

    24838I smell like freshly cleaned, peach skin. :)
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    Re: Escada Magnetism

    As far as I can tell, that is the best clue available. But I would wait for other EM owners to chime in first.
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    Re: Escada Magnetism

    To be completely honest, I don't really remember BUT after a little research, I learned that Escada licensed its fragrances with Scannon through 2005 when the fragrance butchers known as P&G Prestige...
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    Re: Escada Magnetism

    Ok I think there are two important things to address here.

    1) Because it is discontinued and still in demand, I'm sure there are many fakes (though it still blows my mind that people are able to...
  60. Re: New Fragrance: Cool Water Night Dive

    Wow you're right!! I didn't realize it was available on eBay now! Thanks for the tip!
  61. Re: New Fragrance: Cool Water Night Dive

    I'm honestly surprised that this wasn't marketed sooner. Seems a bit late to the party, especially after the whole "Hot Water" fail. And Hot Water Night - was that a limited edition?? That never even...
  62. Re: Davidoff The Game 'intense' version

    Hot Water Night came out in the US??? I've been waiting/looking for that fragrance for MONTHS! Where can it be had?? Perhaps you meant the original "Hot Water", and not the flanker...
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    Re: You gotta love EBAY!!!

    He's absolutely right about the Chanel. If you get a real one, then congrats. But you're chances aren't good and I wouldn't recommend it as a regular practice.

    i recently got a vintage Paloma...
  64. Re: Emporio Armani Night for Him vs Polo Double Black

    Its been a while since I smelt the EA Night for Men, but I remember thinking it was similar to the drydown of Rochas Man but resembled Polo Double Black more in the beginning. I think the...
  65. Re: Versatile grassy / green / leafy fragrances with extremely long-lasting sillage?

    I agree that violet-laden fragrances can produce a fresh cut grass aroma. For that reason I strongly recommend you check out Paul Smith For Men (not PS Man which is heavy on incense). It is very...
  66. Poll: Re: Paco Ultraviolet Man or Ultrared Man???

    I think Ultrared was almost the forefather to 1 Million in its sweet gourmand plus bitter citrus, while I find Ultraviolet to be a synthetic concoction like none other. UV's closest resemblance is...
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    Re: Jay Z is lauching Gold for Men

    Crazy! This is available at Macy's? That seems hardly to believe considering it was written somewhere that this wouldn't be available until Black Friday at retailers other than Barney's. Either way,...
  68. Re: Do you REALLY like it...or are you forcing yourself to like it?

    I can totally relate to these feelings. Honestly I usually give a fragrance two weeks to really earns its place in my wardrobe once I've started to second guess it. Sometimes that's as soon as I've...
  69. Re: Should I buy Paul Smith Man if I already have DH & DHI

    Personally, I really like Paul Smith Man. It's more subtle than the Dior Hommes. I also think it differentiates itself by emphasizing incense in the dry down. So if you aren't interested in incense,...
  70. Jivago White Gold for Men 3.4oz 99% Full! $25 CONUS only

    This item comes practically brand new and is being sold for only $25 shipped. Please PM if interested or if you have questions.

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    Re: Guava

    Guava plays prominently in a very cheap fragrance by Stetson called All American. You should give it a try as its easy to find on the net. It doesn't last super long (4-5hrs) but its very cheap so...
  72. Re: Trimming your nose hair makes your sense of smell better

    Hahaha!! Priceless...
  73. Product Variation & Online Retailers - Not a thread about Creed & Discontinued Fragrances

    I think it is commonly accepted here that fragrances will change over time, and that a product you buy online may vary noticeably from its "true" scent (the scent intended by the manufacturer). As a...
  74. Re: What's your favorite version of F by Salvatore Feragamo?

    I have owned both F & F Black and I too prefer the original. I can understand issues of projection but honestly I've always found them both above average in sillage. Black especially is easy to...
  75. Re: Old Spice Hawkridge - Anyone Try This?

    The body wash is amazing! I've been enjoying it for the last two weeks and I haven't looked forward to a shower like this in quite some time. In terms of notes, it's hard to for me to pick things out...
  76. Re: Hanae Mori HM or Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin for a sexy night out?

    Both are really great for a night out on the town or a romantic evening but I think I would choose LLaM between the two. While I also enjoy Hanae Mori HM, LLaM is more masculine in my humble opinion.
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    Re: Your Favorite or Best Citrus

    Allure Homme Edition Blanche
    Creed Royal Water (really like this one but it gets mixed reviews here)
  78. Re: Modern Memories / What New " CURRENT" Fragrances Will Be Talked About In 10 Years From Now

    Burberry London definitely! Good call.
  79. Re: Modern Memories / What New " CURRENT" Fragrances Will Be Talked About In 10 Years From Now

    Midnight in Paris will be like Escada Magnetism, which has become quite popular. Also, Terre d'Hermes will be the next Dolce & Gabanna BY Man, when they finally discontinue it. Those are just my...
  80. Re: How many truly 'Great' Designer scents do you think there are?

    Sports aren't entirely subjective - fragrances are subjective. For this reason, there will rarely ever be many truly great athletes at any given sport because we have a tendency to hold athletes to...
  81. Re: Have you ever paid full price for a fragrance that "flopped" shortly after?

    Hot Water by Davidoff!! Man, I actually bought it at a Duty-Free when there weren't any retailers caring it in the USA. Now its an everyday item at TJ Maxx. I haven't even used 30% of my bottle yet...
  82. Re: Lolita Lempicka Au Minuit Masculin

    So (a very reliable website by my experience) has this available state side. I just ordered a bottle because the price they're asking isnt too bad for a blind buy ($47.99 w/ free...
  83. Re: What are the best Aquatic fragrances??

    I'm so surprised that Kenzo Pour Hommedoesn't get more love. Its one of the best, even if its not heavily fruity like Aqua di Gio. I'm also partial to Subtil Pour Homme by Salvatore Ferragamo.
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    Re: Bijan Nude?

    It's got a very clean, just showered with standard soap kinda smell. Not the smell of soap itself but the smell of your body after the clean shower. A nice gardenia and musk combo follows the initial...
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    Re: BY Man Dolce & Gabbana

    Never seen one, ever. I have only ever seen the small 5mL bottles, and the usual 50 & 100mL bottles.
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    Poll: Re: Polo Black or Double Black?

    Double Black is more oriental - that is to say, the style is fresh, then slightly spicy and oriental. Polo Black, on the other hand is just a fresh and woody fragrance. The drydown is powdery and...
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    Re: New to Bond No. 9... suggestions?

    Worth checking out:

    Wall Street - strong, fresh, cucumber-like aquatic.
    Bleecker Street - interesting floral and masculine aroma that begins with a blueberry note.
    Riverside Drive - amazingly...
  88. Re: fresh+powdery+good sillage+ very complimented+for men (not unisex)

    Big +1 for Burberry Touch, which has tremendous sillage.
    I also recommend Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin, Guerlain Homme Intense, and Armani Diamonds for Men.
    All are very good also.
  89. Re: I need an upgrade for GUCCI 2 p.h

    Hanae Mori HiM seems like an adequate replacement/upgrade from Gucci PH 2 to me.
  90. Re: What smells like Burberry London with better longevity and silage ?

    Your point about body temperature justifies the use of my hand as an appropriate application site. Higher temperatures (around the neck and chest) will result in greater and more rapid evaporation...
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    Re: The Bond No 9. Club....

    Totally agree. They are not an inherently bad house, even at the prices they sell their stuff. They just need to reduce the over-proliferation of mediocre (or even sub-mediocre) fragrances and...
  92. Re: cheap fragrances are rarely the best

    Here's my stance, as I neither agree nor disagree with the OP: I tend to have higher expectations of fragrances I purchase for more than $50 and, therefore the chances of disappointment also...
  93. Re: Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace for men (2013)

    I wonder which will be better: Davidoff Hot Water Nigtht (featuring OUD) or Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir?? As miniscule as I know the OUD will be in these, I'm still looking forward to sniffing both.
  94. Re: A question for those who own Nemo by Cacharel

    I sold mine off maybe a year ago, but as I recall, it definitely does spin. The bottle was quite leaky sometimes, especially if I inverted it. It was okay as far as smells go, but I could live...
  95. Re: Chanel Allure Homme Sport VS Dior Homme Sport VS Carolina Herrera CH Sport

    CH Men Sport didn't move me much when I did a side-by-side with Hugo Boss Sport, which I enjoyed. With the remaining options, I don't think you can go wrong with either one. I'd say Dior Homme...
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    Re: Kenzo Homme Sport? Any fans?

    It was ok on the card, but I'm pretty sure after the enjoyable opening it devolves to a lower tier version of the standard sport fragrance in the style of Dior Homme Sport. With that said, I'd have...
  97. Re: New Fragrance: Davidoff Hot Water Night.... nooooooooo!! Oud and rose!!!!!

    Can't wait, can't wait! Lol
  98. Re: New Fragrance: Ferragamo Attimo Pour Homme

    Any one else check this one out during 2012?? Seems to be very little discussion on it. Seems like the love for Ferragamo fragrances comes in waves, like the reception received by F Black by...
  99. Re: Versace Eros Revisited ~ WARNING !

    Minotaure available all over the place!! Amazon, Fragrancenet, and Beauty Encounter all carry it. What's that about???
  100. Re: Spotted at Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Ross, etc. Vol. 3

    ^^Craziness...^^ This would never happen in Raleigh/Durham, NC. :(
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