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    Re: favorite scent with an emphasis on Sandalwood

    Xerjoff Richwood is hands down my favorite sandalwood prominent fragrance. Creed Bois Du Portugal also has a great sandalwood base, it's a TKO if you like lavendar and old timer scents.
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    Re: Rose + Oud Combination

    Mancera Gold Intensive Aoud. Very little if any aoud in it, but fresh and versatile. I think it would be a good gateway into the heavy hitters for the younger crowd. I will echo the suggestion for...
  3. Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    Looking for Tam Dao EDP. Also open to other options with a heavy dose of sandalwood.
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    Re: Your favorite tropical scents

    L'Artisan Fleur di Liane is like stepping into a tropical jungle after a downpour. I haven't experienced anything else quite like it.
  5. Re: [U.S/WW] Frederic Malle, Byredo, Roja, Profumum Roma, Xerjoff, Le Labo, And Many New Bottles Ad

    It is always a pleasure to purchase decants\splits from Zee. He is on point with everything; shipping, product, communication, etc. Not only is he awesome to conduct business with, he is just a super...
  6. Re: Which one is your favourite from the Aramis line?

    Somehow I have ended up owning all of the Aramis Gentleman's collection. My wife loves New West so that one gets the most play. :) The pine and "oceananic" accord do transport me to the the Oregon...
  7. Re: Javanese Patchouli is to Patch as [______] is to Incense/Frankincense/Myrrh?

    Creed Royal Oud (ends up cedar'y but with other elements to keep it interesting)
    L'Artisan Timbuktu

    I find these sophisticated office safe scents that have incense elements without being incense...
  8. Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    Posting here worked super awesome the first time, so here it goes again! Looking for decants/splits of the following:

    Frederic Malle Geranium Pour Monsieur (for some reason I am craving the...
  9. Re: Fragrances similar to LDDM that are more wearable?

    Try Tauerville Incense Flash. I definitely feel LADDM running through it, especially the base. I found LADDM too intense to wear to work but not Incense Flash.
  10. Re: Which fragrances would people appreciate being split? 2016 thread

    Hi All!

    I would be interested in splits of:

    Armani Prive - Myrrhe Impreriale
    Fredrick Malle - Bois D'Orage/French Lover

    I would echo the interest of a split of MDCI - Invasion Barbare.
  11. Re: [WORLDWIDE] aventus &more c, TF Oud Wood & others, frederic malle, New Encre Noire, & discontinu

    Thank you for the Tom Ford decants Jay! Everything arrived safe and secure. The Tom Ford exploration has begun :) Thank you for the samples.
  12. Re: Mitzah! Aventus X21 & X01 30m $43, 50m $65 Princess SALE! Mayfair 50m $75, SMW, Dior Priv

    Thanks for all your work! Everything arrived safely and I am really enjoying exploring these new options. Really loving Spice and Wood the most thus far, to me it smells exactly like French Lover...
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    Re: Best place to get Amouage samples?

    I just purchased 13 different official Amouage samples from P Raffy for $78 including shipping. They had great customer service and turn-around so a big thumbs up. The prices I have seen on Ebay have...
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    Re: Looking for a zen fragrance

    My go-to zen fragrance is L'Artisan Dzongka. It has this strange power that puts me into a peaceful state with laser sharp concentration.

    The only other fragrance that had this kind of effect on...
  15. Thread: Best kilian

    by cfzum1

    Re: Best kilian

    I have been sampling the entire line for a while. There is a seller on the bay who offers the entire lineup of spray samples at a fair price. The first purchase I made was Taste of Heaven. So my $$$...
  16. Re: Anyone else get signed up by M2Media mag subscription after ordering men's frags online?

    I too have started randomly recieving Men's Health just this past week. Also frequent purchaser from Fragrancenet.
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    Re: L'eau de Cartier Vs Bergamotto Marino

    I own Bergamotto Marino because it has a much more "it" factor for me than Eau De Cartier. And I really enjoy Cartier as a house, I own Roadster Sport, Declaration, and Santos.

    I wore Bergamotto...
  18. Thread: Taste of Heaven

    by cfzum1

    Re: Taste of Heaven

    Count me in as another huge fan of ToH! I bought the travel refill for $60 during the MiN sale a month ago. I wore 3 sprays from a Sephora travel atomizer and I smoked out the office. This was the...
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    Re: Royal Oud in the summer?

    It is 85 degrees and fully sunny today and I am wearing it. However the humidity is not high. I am thoroughly enjoying it in this weather! Nothing bothersome or overwhelming about it from my...
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    Re: Green Irish Tweed, might just be me but..

    Ssometimes the iris just pops out too much for my liking and creates a Dior Homme on roids feeling for me... I could see how one might construe that as staleness.
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    Re: Fragrances In The Extreme Hot and Humid Climate

    L'Artisan Fleur de Liane

    This stuff is made for tropical weather. It just does something in that environment that is just so natural and feels amazing. For me its shout from the rooftops good!
  22. Re: Recommend fragrances for the person above you based on their wardrobe

    I guess this one is for Al Gae. I am going to throw out 2 of my favorite summer scents. LA in the summer is going to be hot and humid. These 2 will excel that that environment. Hermes Un Jardin En...
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    Re: Equipage by Hermes

    I have the latest formulation of Equipage. I absolutely love it, contrary to what others are noting I find that it has above average sillage and projection. 3 sprays and I am walking around in an...
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    Re: Traditional Eau de Cologne

    Look into:

    Gianfranco Ferre Bergamotto Marino Gianfranco Ferre

    It has been thoroughly enjoying it this spring and expect it to get even better as the weather heats up! As a bonus, it was cheap...
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