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  1. 3/31/14 --SPRING SALE-- Amouage Opus VI, Invasion Barbare, Caron masculines (US/Canada)


    Welcome to my sales thread!

    Please email me at I prefer using email over managing my inbox here.

    PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING within the US. ...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    Sometimes I wear fragrance purely to enjoy the scent and the experience of wearing it. Rather than likening fragrances as clothing, it's more like cuisine or art. Maybe you're in the mood for a...
  3. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by hobbes22

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Vikt is totally Mad Max, it even has a strong metallic accord to it that seems fitting.

    I have a question about Kere - how many versions of this were there? I have a bottle that smells like...
  4. Re: Asking for suggestions based on my collection...

    Sorry in advance for the wall of text.

    Since you seem pretty engaged in this thread, here's a good hit list of mostly dark, rich scents to try:

    Puredistance M
    MDCI Invasion Barbare, Chypre...
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    Re: Fragrance for a day at the Ball Park?

    Hahahaha - I can relate to you there! Everyone I date ends up liking stuff I don't really care for (with one exception with Carnal Flower, which was awesome).

    If she likes aquatics/freshness, I...
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    Re: Fragrance for a day at the Ball Park?

    Given that you're going to a ballgame for your gf's birthday, I might just wear whatever scent she really loves. Which are her favorites?
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    Re: Fragrance for a day at the Ball Park?

    From what I've tried, I'd go with Gucci pour Homme, CdG 2 Man, or maybe Encre Noire. All kind of manly, rugged scents that should stand out from the crowd.

    Sycomore would be good too, although...
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    Re: Voleur de Roses - sweetness and plum ?

    I like this scent, but the problem is my skin is pretty dry and eats up fragrances. VdR doesn't work too well with me as a result, but if I had skin where most scents projected and lasted, I would...
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    Re: Kings of Versatility

    I think any scent can be worn at any time, as long as you apply it accordingly.

    Having said that, here are my favorite versatile fragrances that I think most people would be comfortable wearing...
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    Re: Under the Radar Animalic Gems

    These are two of my favorites as well.

    OP, if you haven't got the chance, I would highly recommend you try these:

    Parfum d'Empire Musc Tonkin
    Guerlain Songe d'un Bois d'Ete

    Also, no one...
  11. Re: I want to make two blind buys: A good floral or aquatic Spring, and a good citrus Summer.

    Something like Neroli Portofino has both citrus and a floral component. I'd also second Mugler Cologne as worth checking out.

    For spring, I would try these florals:

    MFK Lumiere Noire pour...
  12. Re: My Bois d'Orage and Sycomore are too heavy for summer, "lighter" green recos?

    If you're interested in green florals, I'll second Cacio's suggestion of Paco Rabanne Metal.

    I'll also add vintage Givenchy Insense and Le Labo Iris 39. Also Diptyque L'Ombre dans L'eau.
  13. Re: My Bois d'Orage and Sycomore are too heavy for summer, "lighter" green recos?

    I would add Divine L'Homme Infini - smells similar to Bois d'Orage, but perhaps lighter and certainly okay for summer.

    Also: Frederic Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire and Creed Green Valley and...
  14. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by hobbes22

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Agree with this. Also, I respect and prefer his honesty about how his scents change, rather than try to sneak a reformulation under our noses.

    Further, I sense he changes his formulas mainly...
  15. Re: Sequoia, Artek, Kyoto, Wonderwood, and TdH Parfum

    In addition to some of the excellent recommendations above, I would add Frederic Malle Bois d'Orage and Divine L'Homme Infini. Both of these are excellent woody scents (and they smell similar to...
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    Re: What by Diptyque deserves most attention?

    My favorite is 34 Boulevard Saint Germain, which is a medley of scents all blended together. I love it, very much a comfort scent for me.

    I think Philosykos (fig), Eau Duelle (vanilla), L'Ombre...
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    Re: Animalic Madness

    I think the MFK line is worth exploring, but you won't find anything nearly as rich and animalic as Absolue pour le Soir. Cologne pour le Soir is a toned down, lighter version of AplS, so give that...
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    Re: Jardin D'Amalfi

    No, I don't think that's it. When I sprayed it at the store, I really enjoyed the scent and didn't find it powdery in the least.

    However, I had them make me a small sample, and when I sprayed...
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    Re: got Invasion Barbare, curious story

    I don't want to speak for Claude Marchal, the owner of MDCI, but I find him to be a very classy and generous man. He's a true gentleman, and I would bet money that if any of you really had a problem...
  20. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by hobbes22

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Yeah, that's pretty strange. The only listed fragrances are now Norne and Jeke in the original line, as well as Pear + Olive and Sova. Very interesting, I wonder what's going on over there...
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    Re: Rose Fragrances

    My favorite rose scents:

    MFK Lumiere Noire pour Homme (clean, spicy, masculine rose)
    Creed Windsor (sophisticated formal rose)
    TF Noir de Noire (if you get in on a split, the price is much more...
  22. Re: I love stanky fragrance, can you help sugest a few for me to sample

    My favorites are

    MFK Absolue pour le Soir
    PdE Musc Tonkin

    These are both worth trying for sure.
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    Re: Monster sillage + clean scent

    +3 Aqua Universalis Forte

    + I dunno? Rive Gauche pour Homme

    And I'll also suggest Neroli Portofino (and +1 on Ferre Bergamotto Marino)
  24. Re: Which is your favourite Frederic Malle & why?

    This is one of my favorite houses.

    My favorites are Carnal Flower, Musc Ravageur, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Portrait of a Lady, and Bigarade Concentree. En Passant is beautiful, but short...
  25. Re: Anyone own a LARGE SIZE Tom Ford Private Blend ?

    The rubber o-ring really makes it. Much better than Creed.
  26. Re: Anybody else find Moss Breeches to be one of the best private blends out there?

    I recently discovered Moss Breches, and I really enjoy it. I love the beeswax note in it, as well as the herbs and sweet, earthy woodiness. The name is a bit of misnomer, since I don't get moss as...
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    Re: Arso by Profumum

    Have you tried Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese? It's a very prominent smoke scent, certainly worth trying if you enjoy Arso.
  28. Thread: $100 Wardrobe

    by hobbes22

    Re: $100 Wardrobe

    Good picks. I'd go with these:

    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme
    Rochas Man
    Mugler Cologne

    There might be room for a small decant of something special...
  29. Re: Okay, so Kilian charges $100 JUST for the bottle/box/packaging ?!

    Can you imagine what it would be like if Amouage, Creed, Chanel, Guerlain, Mona di Orio, Xerjoff and Frederic Malle offered refills in plain bottles for $100 less?
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    Poll: Re: Its YOUR Choice!!

    What do you mean by "super-niche"? And why would AplS have a higher risk of discontinuation than the others?

    I voted for Absolue pour le Soir, by the way. Honorable mentions: L'Air du Desert...
  31. Re: Rive Gauche Pour Homme - Is this ultra butch or just butch or even boushay

    I wouldn't call Rive Gauche pour Homme ultra butch, but it is unmistakably masculine. Clean and fresh with a retro barbershop vibe.

    I used to simply like it, but I find myself appreciating and...
  32. Re: The best tobaccos at less than 100 dollars a bottle.

    +1 on these:

    SSS Tabac Aurea
    vintage Michael by Michael Kors
    vintage Dolce & Gabbana pour Homme
    Slumberhouse Jeke (as mentioned earlier, Sova is also good, though it's less about tobacco and...
  33. Re: Just received YSL Rive Gauche - Box and Tin look brownish, is it legit

    Looks legit. I always thought the tins were black and silver, but in certain lighting, the black is in fact a dark brown.
  34. Re: 2012 Blind Sampling Madness Tournament: Bracket Round!

    So, what scent won the finale? Both sound worth trying out, I need to sample these...
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    Re: Will Creed ever re-release Vetiver 1948...

    Sorry for the bump, but what would be the going rate for a 250ml flacon of Vetiver 1948?

    I don't see any on ebay. For those that love it, how much would you be willing to pay? For instance,...
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    Re: Absolue pour le Soir .. My short review

    Absolue pour le Soir is also a favorite of mine, probably in my top 5 or top 3. Oddly, I don't wear it too often (more in the winter), but it's a special one for me.

    Glad you also discovered...
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    Re: Turtle Vetiver - "it's Back!"

    Buzzlepuff, thanks for the heads up! I'm keen to try this one.

    Now begins the battle in my mind: sample first or blind buy?
  38. Re: New MFK releases. 5 new Absolue versions, but there's a pricey catch...

    The number of releases (3 new ouds, 5 absolue scents) is somewhat alarming, if your SA speaks the truth. I'd generally prefer the release of a few very good scents to a massive launch in one year...
  39. Poll: Re: If you can have only 1 full bottle of Amouage, which one of thes would you buy ?

    Based on limited testing of the line, I would pick Memoir Man. It's a striking balance of incense and herbal/green notes. Jublilation XXV is also good, as is Lyric Man.
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    Re: Gucci Pour Homme - what is a fair price?

    I paid around $70-80 for my bottles of Gucci pour Homme earlier this year, but considering the growing rarity of this scent, I don't think the price is ridiculous. Have you tried it before, do you...
  41. Re: 2012 Blind Sampling Madness Tournament: Bracket Round!

    Really enjoying reading these comparisons! Pretty sure I am knocked out at this point, but this is still fun to follow.

    L'Ombre Fauve is one of my favorites. Like you, I find the drydown the...
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    Re: Jardin D'Amalfi

    I used to love this scent. However, I recently revisited a sample my brother had, and it seemed to have turned and had an off note to it - has anyone else experienced this?
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    Re: thebeck is signing off

    Best of luck to you and your travels, and may the next phase of your life be rich, rewarding, and full of adventure. Please stop by sometime to say 'hi' and update us on your travels.

    Take care
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    Re: By Kilian Travel Set Question

    Hey Buffering, be careful with different scents using the same atomizer spray. If you're buying the 7.5ml travel bottles individually, they do not always come with a new spray, and I would not use...
  45. Re: 2012 Blind Sampling Madness Tournament: Bracket Round!

    Hey Buysblind, sorry for my late reply, but I will get my bracket to you as soon as I can! I'll have it over to you later tonight at the latest :)
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    Re: Ody's Christmas list: scents for the season

    Ody, great list. My favorite Christmas/pine scent is probably Fou d'Absinthe, although I'm getting to know Norne as well.

    Another that puts me in the mood for the holiday season is Slumberhouse...
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    Re: Parfum d'empire - Musc tonkin

    I blind bought this too, just got it yesterday.

    To me, Musc Tonkin is the opening of MKK held out for the entire ride. If you enjoy MKK but prefer the opening to the floral drydown, then Musc...
  48. Re: The 2nd Annual, 2012 BLIND Sampling Tournament Will Begin!

    Wow, I didn't think I'd be tied for first place at this point! Buysblind, thanks for doing this, it's fun to play along :)

    This whole exercise also shows how hard it is to describe a scent to...
  49. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by hobbes22

    Re: Slumberhouse

    Like Birdboy said, I think the changes are more like refinements than what we consider reformulations (technically, yes, he is changing the formula).

    Josh seems to be doing these changes to...
  50. Re: The 2nd Annual, 2012 BLIND Sampling Tournament Will Begin!

    I'm about to send in my guesses, but I'm struggling with a few of these. I've only smelled five or six, so some educated guessing is necessary.

    Birdboy, I'm curious about these fiendish methods...
  51. Re: Looking for a frags that smells like bourbon/ whiskey , incense, or fire wood

    Naomi Goodsir Bois d'Ascese is the one you're looking for: Smoke and wood (or rather, burning wood)

    Also, Le Labo Patchouli 24: smoky campire (or maybe a wood stove burning in a wood cabin)...
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    Re: My Lucky Day, Guerlain Derby Bee Bottle

    Haha, uh, I actually have no idea. You said "I have been searching for six months to find Derby in the small Bee Bottle" so I guess I thought maybe there was a smaller bee bottle and a larger one. ...
  53. Replies

    Re: My Lucky Day, Guerlain Derby Bee Bottle

    Are we talking about any old bee bottle of Derby, or some specific size/vintage of bee bottle? I'm still confused if the smaller bottle with the black/silver label is different from the bigger...
  54. Replies

    Re: My Lucky Day, Guerlain Derby Bee Bottle

    Wow, congrats, that is really awesome. Am I to understand that she GAVE you a Derby bee bottle for free?

    Also, why were you so set on the small bee bottle, does that mean it is vintage? I...
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    Re: Best Winter Night Out Fragrance?

    These would be my picks, too.
  56. Replies

    Re: My Top 10 Picks For Winter 2012

    A lot of relatively new releases here. Which are your favorites out of Bois d'Ascese, L'Homme Infini, Boutonniere 7, and Musc Tonkin? I'm curious about each of these.
  57. Re: New release from MDCI - Cyphre it today


    I've now tried a few more 2012 releases, but I think this is my favorite fragrance released this year. Which is funny, considering I've purchased a few other 2012 releases but still haven't...
  58. Re: A guy diving into tuberose: Criminelle or Carnal?

    I agree with the many comments that Carnal Flower is not an easy wear. Certainly not something you'd wear every day, and it's not a scent I grab on a whim.

    However, CF is great for special...
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    Re: Today I Bought: November 2012

    What's going on with all the Hermessence hauls (starship and Norstrom), did I miss a sale or something?
  60. Replies

    Re: Chanel Antaeus

    This is how I feel about MFK Absolue pour le Soir. It's a terrific dirty powerhouse that just becomes beautiful and delicious over time.

    Chanel Antaeus and MFK AplS occupy a similar place in my...
  61. Re: A guy diving into tuberose: Criminelle or Carnal?

    Carnal Flower was one of my first niche experiences, and perhaps my first real fragrance love, so my vote goes for that. I find it very fresh and appropriate for a guy, and I've received some pretty...
  62. Re: WOW!!! WOW!!! Must try line: Imaginary Authors from Portland, Oregon

    Thanks for your quick reviews, Bark. This line sounds pretty interesting.

    What is it about Portland that makes people so creative? I need to spend more time up there. I'll drag my brother too,...
  63. Re: A Secret Perfume by Angelo Orazio Pregoni (O'Driù)

    Alfarom, thank you for sharing!

    Consider me very intrigued... Any idea when this will be available for sampling/ordering?
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    Re: Bois d’Ascese Eau de Parfum by Naomi Goodsir

    I blind bought this recently, and it is a very authentic campfire or fireplace smell to me. I have a cold right now so can't smell much more, but so far I really enjoy it. I think Bois d'Ascese...
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    Re: Daytime Winter Cologne

    I'd recommend:

    Chanel Egoiste
    Rochas Man
    L'Occitane Eau des Baux
    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme (in black and silver tin can)
    Michael by Michael Kors
    Terre d'Hermes parfum

    And maybe YSL La...
  66. Thread: Slumberhouse

    by hobbes22

    Re: Slumberhouse

    I personally find Rume much closer to Fille en Aiguilles than Norne. FeA and Norne are similar in that they both feature pine/woods, but not much else.

    Fille en Aiguilles: Candied fruits, spice,...
  67. Replies

    Re: POL is back up if anyone interested.

    Pardon my ignorance, but what does POL stand for?
  68. Re: Name some modern men's fragrances with a nod to the past

    +1 Italian Cypress and YSl Rive Gauche pour Homme

    MDCI Chypre Palatin is another good one.
  69. Thread: Good stainers

    by hobbes22

    Re: Good stainers

    Slumberhouse has some good stainers, like Norne and Rume.

    Yosh Sombre Negra and Black Tourmaline would also stain clothes, I imagine.
  70. Re: Looking for suggestions: harsh, "distorted" amber; incense and/or oriental

    I might suggest Bond No 9 New York Amber, which seems somehow distorted (and dry), especially in the opening. Maybe it's more discordant, I'm not sure...

    I read Agonist Black Amber is an...
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    Re: Aventus batch numbers

    You're being pretty harsh towards someone making a light hearted comment, I'm not sure what that's about.

    Further, who says designer frags go bad faster than niche? Most fragrances can last many...
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    Re: White Chocolate

    Chanel Coromandel smells like white chocolate to me.

    Guerlain Cuir Beluga smells somewhat like white chocolate and suede leather.
  73. Replies

    Re: Slumberhouse bottles redesigned?

    This is awesome if true, where did you see this?
  74. Re: Rive Gauche: who's tried the new bottle and who's stocking up on the can?

    I have a feeling the original YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme is a fragrance that in 10 years time, when it becomes very hard to find, will reach a certain status among fragrance enthusiasts. While I...
  75. Re: Help wanted: Ambre Russe, L'Ombre Fauve or Chergui?

    Surfacing, the latest Chergui seems more dry/less sweet, so I would give it a try if that is more to your tastes.

    LiveJazz, I would personally pick L'Ombre Fauve out of the three you're...
  76. Thread: My Xmas gift

    by hobbes22

    Re: My Xmas gift

    +1 Dior Homme, Chanel Egoiste, Lidge
  77. Re: 2012 winding down, whats your favorite release so far ?

    So far, my favorite is probably MDCI Chypre Palatin.

    Honorable mentions go to:
    Slumberhouse Norne
    Les Nez Turtle Vetiver Front
    Atelier Vetiver Fatale

    2012 releases I still want to try:...
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    Re: Slumberhouse bottles redesigned?

    Yup, mine came in a grey bag, too.

    Wait... actually make that 'gray'. C'mon, Buysblind. This is America. On the eve of our election, no less...

    - - - Updated - - -

    Miss you too,...
  79. Re: Hi I'm new to basenote please help me picking up some sample from l'artisan

    I think Dzing, Dzongka, and Timbuktu are must-try scents if you're serious about sampling the L'Artisan line.

    My personal favorites are Fou d'Absinthe, Traversee du Bosphore, and Al Oudh.
  80. Replies

    Re: Slumberhouse bottles redesigned?

    I kinda like all the different bottles in their own way.

    If I could change anything, it would be the gray sprayers and the thin plastic caps. I'm a sucker for needlessly heavy, sturdy caps...
  81. Replies

    Re: WOW! Just discovered an AWESOME fragrance!

    Ha, I just blind bought Norne too! Received my bottle yesterday, and I would agree with everything you said.

    This is a fantastic dark, resinous woods scent. I haven't smelled too many frags...
  82. Replies

    Slumberhouse bottles redesigned?

    Has anyone received a Slumberhouse bottle with a new cylindrical bottle design? It seems there have been three different bottles designs.

    1. Earlier style of cube bottles with hand written...
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    Re: Most versatile, every day frag?

    Some versatile frags to consider:

    YSL Rive Gauche pour Homme
    YSL L'Homme
    Dior Homme
    Terre d'Hermes
    Gucci pour Homme II
    Bleu de Chanel
    Chanel Sycomore
    MFK Lumiere Noire pour Homme
  84. Replies

    Re: Top 5 niche ever

    These things change all the time, but 5 that I really love right now:

    MFK Absolue pour le Soir
    FM Carnal Flower
    Puredistance M
    Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain
    Mona di Orio Oud

  85. Replies

    Re: New L'Artisan!! Traversee du Bosphore

    I have to say, this one is really growing on me. One of my favorite L'Artisan's, up there with Fou d'Absinthe, Al Oudh, Dzing, Dzongka.
  86. Replies

    Re: My declaration of love to Gucci Pour Homme I

    Has anyone actually received a bottle of Gucci pour Homme I with green juice in the box?

    It's possible that the juice turns green when exposed to light for long periods, and it wouldn't...
  87. Replies

    Re: Some Like it Dry

    +1 to many on here, including Gucci pour Homme I, Sycomore, Encre Noire, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Dark Aoud, Sombre Negra, Yatagan, Bois d'Orage/French Lover.

    I would add Tom Ford Italian Cypress...
  88. Replies

    Re: New L'Artisan!! Traversee du Bosphore

    This bottle literally just arrived an hour ago from the post office. It was a semi-blind buy, as I've only briefly sniffed it once before.

    As of now, I am pretty pleased with this. The reviews...
  89. Replies

    Re: Czech and Speake No. 88 Impressions

    This really makes me want to try C&S No 88. You are referring to the vintage version, no?
  90. Replies

    Re: What to buy today???

    Agreed. I prefer Eau des Baux to Spicebomb, and it's cheaper. These occupy the same space in my head, so I'd just stick with Eau des Baux.

    I also prefer Bleu de Chanel to Spicebomb.
  91. Replies

    Re: Czech and Speake No. 88 Impressions

    C&S No. 88 thread rises from grave...

    Only grammar is discussed.
  92. Re: New Frederic Malle - rumored to be a lily of the valley fragrance

    mr. reasonable, thanks for the pics! I'm jealous, that atomizer looks terrific. Very simple and beautiful.

    I'm very curious what F. Malle has in store next. I guess we'll have to wait and...
  93. Re: Gucci Pour Homme I and II discontinuation...

    A shame that these have been discontinued. I have a few backups of Gucci pour Homme I that I'm sharing with my brother, but I worry it won't be enough.

    I'm just now getting acquainted with...
  94. Re: New Frederic Malle - rumored to be a lily of the valley fragrance

    That is excellent news. Ropion is one of my favorite living perfumers, if not my favorite. Good to hear there are perhaps a couple more Ropion/Frederic Malle scents in store for us!

    Also, what...
  95. Army of Dior Fahrenheit bottles for just $222,222.00

    I found this rather interesting Dior Fahrenheit listing on ebay:

    Fahrenheit Dior Edt Giant Rarity Big Christian Dior Collection with 200 Bottles...
  96. Replies

    Re: Slumberhouse Kere

    Sounds really interesting, thanks for the heads up. Between this, the retooled Jeke, and Sova, I'm going to have to put in an order for some Slumberhouse samples soon...
  97. Re: What was the last fragrance you had to scrub off, or at least contemplated doing so?

    I just tested Arquiste's Anima Dulcis on Sunday, and it was too much for me. Granted, I was already feeling pretty exhausted and slightly ill, so not the best time to heavily skin test such a rich...
  98. Re: The best Autumn fragrance you didn't even know you needed.

    Starship, are you positive that Jeke has been changed? It certainly sounds interesting with this new tea note... Perhaps this is the Jeke 1.5 Alfarom wished for in his review.

    I might have to...
  99. Re: Do you think APLS, or CPLS, and LDDM are in the same genre and are close?

    If your wife likes Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain, then good idea to get at least that (if pleasing your wife is a factor).

    I think L'AdDM might swim in the same pool as MFK Absolue pour le...
  100. Re: Do you think APLS, or CPLS, and LDDM are in the same genre and are close?

    Agreed that the language here can get very confusing. Whenever a friend reads my computer screen when I'm on basenotes, questions usually arise (even when there are no abbreviations: What's a...
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