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    Re: Pure, Sweet, Melty Dark Chocolate

    I would say Amour de Cocao from Comptoir Sud Pacifique, it is mostly chocolate, but there is a little orange zest in there too. Reminds me of opening up a bar of my favorite dark chocolate with...
  2. Re: How do you delete a post? And do you need to?

    Okay guys, that doesn't answer my question and has nothing to do with it.......
  3. How do you delete a post? And do you need to?

    I read somewhere on the website that you may only have one thread per member per section. I would be happy to delete mine, only I don't know how! I recently posted a thread to find a sample of a...
  4. Thread: eBay score!

    by kinkajou13

    Re: eBay score!

    Just got a bottle of CSP's Matin Calin for $3.81, it was going to be $1.25 until the last five seconds of the auction someone bumped it up to $3.81. Still this is the best deal I've gotten...EVER! I...
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    Re: Flowerbomb - not workin' for me

    I know a lot of people seem to love this one, but I really don't. At first sniff I thought it might be good, but once I sprayed it on I found it creeping up on me like a nauseating cloud. It is way...
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    Re: July Purchases?

    Philosophy's Falling in Love which smells delicous and is great for summer because of the fresh clean blackberry scent, and
    Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi, Fresh and green, with lovely drydown...
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    Re: SotD Thursday 3 July

    Philosophy's Falling in Love, wore it today for the first time and my fiance couldn't keep his hands off me!
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    Re: Adding some chocolate to my wife´s collection.... CHOCOLOVERS or AMOUR DE CACAO?

    I would say Amour de Cocao for sure!! This is one of my all time favorite scents, its hard not to like this one. Very sweet and yummy, when you smell this one on her you might be tempted to take a...
  9. Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Tutti Kiwi Discontiuned

    Just wanted to spread the word that Guerlain has just discontinued their Tutti Kiwi from the Aqua Allegoria line. Just bought the last one at my local Sephora, so if you have been wanting to try this...
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    Re: seeking peachy fragance... literally

    I ordered a sample of fraiche passiflore on ebay, but much to my dismay the seller contacted me after waiting about two weeks and told me the juice in the sample had mysteriously leaked out, and she...
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    Re: seeking peachy fragance... literally

    I purchased Cote Bastide Peche De Vigne and loved the smell when I sniffed it, but on me, it doesn't work out so well :(
    Very sad about that because in the bottle it smells absolutely delicious! I...
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    Re: seeking peachy fragance... literally

    Thanks so much for all of your wonderful suggestions! You guys have been keeping me busy! I am going to go ahead and try Cote Bastide Peche de Vigne, as well as Fraiche Passiflore, and possibly...
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    seeking peachy fragance... literally

    I am seeking a fragrance that is PEACHY! It could be an inexpensive simple body spritz, or a high end fragrance, all that matters to me is that peach is the dominant smell. Many fragrances have a...
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    Re: Your best Steals & Deals!

    I just got a brand new sealed in box bottle of Comptoir Sud Pacifique Coco Extreme on Ebay for $11.50!!!
    I got up ridiculously early to bid on it, and I think the only reason I won is because no...
  15. Re: Perfumes with scent of rice? Any out there?

    I looked at their website, and didn't see "sweet rice" listed as one of the scents. Is it discontinued? Any ideas where I could get it online? It sounds yummy!
  16. Re: Perfumes with scent of rice? Any out there?

    Do you know where I can buy/get a sample of it?
  17. Perfumes with scent of rice? Any out there?

    I know this is a bit unusual, but I was eating some rice pudding the other night, and thinking about what a wonderful smell rice has, especially when combined with vanilla. Can anyone think of any...
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    Where can you get sample vials online?

    I am always finding new scents I want to try, but don't want to risk paying for a bottle that I don't love. I have gotten some samples on ebay, but are there any other websites where you can buy...
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    Re: First purchase of February 2008 ~

    I am blindly trying CK One Summer 2005 (Orange bottle). Supposed to be a fresh citrus scent. It sounds delicious, and I got a good price on it, so I am a taking a leap of faith. I hope it smells...
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    Re: Please help me with my collection.

    Aqua Di Gio is always a wonderful aquatic fragrance if you are looking for that sort of thing. Yes, lots of people have it, but it is a truly sexy, classic fresh scent. I always love to smell it on a...
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    Re: fruity floral

    Have you tried the new Burberry Brit Sheer?

    They only sell it at Nordstrom, and at the Burberry website. I sniffed this recently at the store and loved it. Light, fruity, soft. Wonderful. Give it...
  22. Re: The One cologne the ladies love the most and your relative age

    I am a 21 year old female, and personally I love the smell of Davidoff Cool Water, and Aqua Di Gio. Those two are just classics, and always catch my attention with their fresh sexy scent. Of course...
  23. Looking for a nice fresh aquatic fragrance!

    Hi, I'm on the hunt for something fresh, cool, and aquatic smelling. (for a girl) Someone suggested Davidoff Coolwater to me, but I smelled it and don't like it at all. I dont want anything too...
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