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  1. Re: Decant Sales or Swaps no longer permitted on BN

    My best friend is a lawyer and she told me there is no legal background for this. This bigs companys would lose in a trial.

    The perfume I bought is TOTALLY mine. I paid for it it and it BELONGS...
  2. Re: Policy change - consumer reviews on Basenotes

    I was so glad becauseit was the first of April and for the first time I wasn't caught... well till I read your annoucement...Pfffff , well ;)
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    Re: SOTD 22nd December The Shortest Day

    I wear N19 de Chanel on the wrists, Mitsouko eau de parfum on one hand, Metallica on the other, Pamplelune on one arm and Eau des Merveilles on the other. I hate taking decisions!
  4. Re: If I hate these fragrances, what else should I avoid?

    Probably you start hating Aromatics Elixir because, in a way, you were forced to wear it and now it is forever linked in your mind with work... You should maybe try some other chypre to see if really...
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