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    Re: HELP - I'm going to order an Annick Goutal

    I love AGs but will only buy the EDPs, as the EDTs disappear quickly on me. My two faves are Grand Amour (complex floral with a striking hyacinth) and Heure Exquise (and, oh, Gardenia Passion..)....
  2. Re: Hall Of Shame: Most Embarrasing Fragrance Moments

    Some time ago I met my mother in law at a fancy event in Philadelphia -- she had taken the train down from New York. She was flustered and a bit bedraggled...and as we were walking into the hotel she...
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    Re: Today I bought ... (for May 2007)

    Just found two 7-oz Shalimar body creams at TJ Max for $10/each and snapped them up.
  4. Re: old caron bottle: help with seal and more

    Tinker424, thanks for the clarification about what lotion means for Caron; this makes sense now that I've smelled it. I managed to get the seal off with a tiny pair of needlenose pliers without...
  5. old caron bottle: help with seal and more

    I just bought an old bottle of Caron Bellodgia. I have two questions about it for you basenotes experts:
    ***The label says Lotion Bellodgia. Umm, it's obviously a scent and not a lotion, so is...
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    Re: SotD Thursday 19 April

    Bandit on the left and Eau du Soir on the right for a chypre comparison. I think I'll be able to replace my expensive interest in Eau du Soir with a more affordable relationship with Bandit...
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    Re: Today I bought ... (for April 2007)

    So far this month I've bought samples of Kingdom (love it...such a dirty flower), 50 mL of Bandit EDP (blind buy, but so inexpensive and a lovely rough chypre), and 25 mL of Caron tuberose extrait...
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    Re: Shopping in N.Y.C

    About Caron -- it's no longer on Madison Ave -- they moved to Lex and 58th. The entrance is on 58th rather than Lex -- 715 Lexington, 212-308-0270, The Caron web site is wrong.
  9. Re: SotD Thursday 8 March - International Women's Day

    In honor of the late Annick Goutal on International Women's Day, Passion.
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    Re: SotD Wednesday 7 March

    am: Coromandel (where'd it go? gone by noon)
    mid am: Amarige on the back of one hand to remember what it smells like. Used listerine to destroy all traces a half hour later
    pm: fm noir epices
  11. Thread: Best Freesia

    by kariekirk

    Re: Best Freesia

    Beautiful Love (Estee Lauder) has freesia. It's new and easy to find. Bois de Jasmin likes it quite a lot. -- Karie
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    Re: SotD Tuesday 27 February

    Vintage Infini by Caron. Just bought it blind on ebay -- so surprised to love it.
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    Re: Cloudy vintage Lanvin--Spoiled?

    I'm happy that the juice is still good, and I'm so glad to see this discussion of Arpege -- I bought some vintage on Ebay (not the parfum, sadly), and I really like the sharp aldehydes and then the...
  14. Re: Mitsouko - Comparison of Old and New Formulas

    This weekend I went to Saks to try Mitsouko EDT while I was wearing a spray of my new bottle of EDP on one hand. The EDT I tried was all creamy softness, which to me signalled that they may have had...
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    Re: SotD Sunday 11 February

    Annick Goutal Passion. I have to work, and the scent is so bright and intriguing that I'm hoping it will help keep me focused... Too bad it's just a little spray tester -- I'd love to have a full...
  16. Re: Chanels 5, 22, Bois des Iles, Cuir: Aldehydes or Flowers?

    Thanks all for your responses. I just bought some vintage fragrances and was struck that Arpege has the same accord I'm getting from the Chanels I mentioned. It turns out Arpege has the same notes...
  17. Re: Mitsouko - Comparison of Old and New Formulas

    Purplebird -- can you tell us which concentrations you were comparing from the different eras? And do you have the latest EDP; if so, what are your impressions? thanks - K
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    Re: frag that surprised you

    I found Marc Jacobs Blush recently...had never tried it and don't usually go for the soft florals. But this has jasmine and honeysuckle, and is, to me, soft and simple and lovely. It's easy to wear...
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    Re: Mitsouko and Parfum Sacre

    Magnolia, I had the same experience with Mitsouko today, getting it in my mouth. I have the EDP, which is so strong I can wear it only by spraying it in front of me and then walking into the cloud....
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    Re: does anyone remember mollie parnis frag?

    Oh, I'm glad you remember it. I wish I knew the other fragrance you mentioned.

    I was fascinated with Mollie Parnis because it was so intense and intoxicating (to my nose, at least), and I thought...
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    Re: Tuberose and Vetiver???

    Did you try going to the florist's for tuberose? Very intense right from the flower and unadulterated.
  22. Chanels 5, 22, Bois des Iles, Cuir: Aldehydes or Flowers?

    Hi all....being new here and with a developing nose, I need to ask whether what is so strongly, to me, a common accord between Chanel nos. 5 and 22, Cuir de Russie, and Bois des Iles comes from the...
  23. Re: How many fragrance bottles do you own at this very moment?

    I'm just getting started -- 9 full bottles, the latest two hidden in my lingerie drawer because I feel guilty...but my birthday is this week so I'm hoping to be able to add a few *legitimate* bottles...
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    does anyone remember mollie parnis frag?

    I'm trying to resurrect my memories of my mother's perfume collection from the late 70s. I remember Mollie Parnis as a beautiful rectangular, perhaps, or brown. My scent memory is...
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