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  1. Re: Summer Splits -Acqua di Parma / Creed / Marly / Tom Ford / Malle...(worldwide)

    received my Aventus last week. Been a bit busy so sorry for the late post. All I can say is wonderful packaging and really fast shipping. Second time i've got a split from Postuma and i've had...
  2. Re: Spring Splits - Selection Verte/ Creeds / Sarrasins/ Kilian /Ambra mediterranea/MFK/... (worldwi

    Received my Noir de Noir and Interlude today. Great communication and fast shipping. Thank you!
  3. Re: Postumo's -TV / Aventus / MI / Himalaya / Interlude Man... (worldwide)

    Pm sent :)
  4. Re: New splits for 2013! Armani/Prive | Clive C | Creed | HdP | Puredistance M | TDC | Tom Ford

    Hi just received my Aventus today. I couldn't be more happy. Thanks for the samples as well they're great.
    I will definitely be buying from you again.
  5. Re: New splits for 2012! Armani/Prive | Clive C | Creed | Puredistance M | TDC | Tom Ford

    PM sent! :)
  6. Re: Creed AVENTUS, Spice & Wood and Himalaya, MDCI Ambre Topkapi

    PM sent :)
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