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    Monoscent G - What We Do is Secret

    Just tried this today, and haven't seen any threads really discussing this scent so thought I'd start one. (I appologize in advance if they somehow flew completely under my radar).

    So Monoscent G...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Recently tried all the Slumberhouse fragrances, and the one that blew me away the most was Norne.

    It smells like a...
  3. Re: Ephemera: Geza Schoen + Kode9 + Ben Frost + Tim Hecker

    I'm a big fan of Tim Hecker and Ben Frost, so I decided to try these 3 Ephemera scents and in the end, they really captivated me. I can't agree more with Alfarom's reviews - he hit them right on the...
  4. [CANADA] Re: Bigarade Concentrée, Vetiver 46, Mitsouko, Bleecker Strt, Vintage M7, Helmut Lang, etc - w/ PICT

    Prices lowered
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    Re: Le Labo exclusives at Luckyscent

    Shameless plug: I have a bottle of Gaiac 10 for sale if anyone's interested. See my signature for a link to my sales thread...

    P.S. I really love the Vanille and Poivre as well. Not crazy about...
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    Re: Almost Transparent Blue...

    I have to agree with the others that this fragrance is awesome. It's like a mix of metallic citrus and blue synthetic candy riding on a spiky backbone of hinoki wood. There's even some sort of dirty...
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    Re: Yor most worn scent, ever....

    2000-2003 = Swiss Army
    2003-2005 = Fcuk for Men
    2006-2008 = Black Xs
    2009 - 2010 = Angeliques sous la pluie
    2011 - 2012 = Dior Homme
    2013 - 2014 = Oud Wood

    All time most worn is probably...
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    Re: Top five vanilla scents

    Indult Tihota is still hands down my favorite vanilla fragrance. It's pure vanilla at its finest, with just a touch of skin-type musk to amplify it.
    2nd in line would have to be Spiritueuse Double...
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    Re: Your top 3 strictly masculine scents

    Hinoki by CdG - smells like a man in a wood shop
    French Lover (AKA Bois d'Orage) by Frederic Malle - smells like a man in a forest during a rain storm
    Poivre Samarcande by Hermes - smells like a...
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    Currently in love with:

    Oud Wood by Tom Ford
    Almost Transparent Blue by A Lab on Fire
    Black by Pure Distance
    Bergamotto Marino
    Oud by Francis Kurkdjian
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    Re: Pumped Up for OXYMUSC by A Lab on Fire!

    This sounds a lot to me like S-Perfume by S-Perfume, also created by Alberto Morillas. Not surprisingly, A Lab on Fire's bottles resemble S-Perfume's - I remember reading somewhere that S-Perfume was...
  12. Re: Name 3 Fragrances that the fragrance community loves, but you don't see the hype!

    Tobacco Vanille for sure, it's just not my thang.
    Also don't understand the hype for Pure Distance M. I mean it's a good fragrance, but I found it too straight forward. I prefer more complexity and...
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    Re: TomFord: Tuscan Leather or Oud Wood?

    Oud Wood. It's more modern and wearable. I like Tuscan Leather but I find it too powdery at times, and it lasts WAY too long (24 hours +)
  14. Re: Your most loved and hated note in perfumery currently.

    Synthetic musk. Can't stand it if it's in big doses. It just wears me down, like a base drum playing the same beat for hours on end. The exception to the rule is ambrox/cetalox/synthetic ambergris. I...
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    Re: Need suggestions for a 'signature scent'

    The only signature scent I can wear is Mugler Cologne, because it's just so easy to wear. Even my favorite fragrances can get annoying and I end up not wanting to wear them everyday, or multiple days...
  16. Re: I've been smelling a "paper money" note in a lot of fragrances recently

    I'd throw in Aventus by Creed too. It's got that underlying paper/money note that I really enjoy in a lot of Creed fragrances. As for cocaine, I keep hearing that Tuscan Leather smells like it, but I...
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    Re: Fragrances that "WOW" you recently?

    Rediscovered Musc Ravageur recently. It's really just such an interesting fragrance, so multi-faceted. Sometimes it's cloves and cinnamon buns, other times a skanky poo-poo musk and vanilla. Also the...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I still think it doesn't matter what you wear... like it's the person smelling it that matters, and if they like you, they'll usually like what you're wearing. That being said, I get tons of...
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    Re: Scent for my wife

    I would recommend Love by Sarah Jessica Parker. It's musky, but just so comforting and surprisingly not "perfumey" in an obnoxious way. It's really one of my favorite women's fragrances. Smells like...
  20. Re: So Le Labo swears that their fragrances only last 2 years (if stored correctly) before turning b


    I have a bottle of Gaiac 10 by Le Labo that's going on 4 years strong and smells the same as it did when I first got it.
  21. [CANADA] Bigarade Concentrée, Vetiver 46, Bleecker Streett, Vintage M7, Citta di Kyoto

    SHIPPING is 10$ for bottles and free for decants, anywhere in Canada. Shipping is free if you purchase more than one fragrance or decant.

    All fragrances have been kept away from light and heat and...
  22. Re: Been searching now for 6 years and still haven't found it

    Oh and it could also be Rive Gauche by Yves Saint-Laurent... but I could spend all day naming stuff. I think the ones I named above are my best guesses.
  23. Re: Been searching now for 6 years and still haven't found it

    I second the Narciso Rodriguez for Him. Otherwise could also be Rose 31 by Le Labo.

    On the other end of the spectrum, there's Terre d'Hermes, which I don't find musky, but it does smell like woody...
  24. Re: Fragrances that may smell different when sniffed from certain distances.

    PonyBoy, I totally agree. I have the exact same experience with the two fragrances you mentioned. If I smell SDV up close, all I smell is pink peppercorn, but from a distance, I get a nuanced...
  25. Re: TOP TEN for Spring and Summer - what are they?

    L'anonyme - fresh without being fresh, citrusy without being sharp and sour
    S-Perfume S-ex - to me this smells like really good surf wax
    Mugler Cologne - Summer staple, shower fresh
    Tom Ford Oud -...
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    Re: What are you not feeling anymore??

    Overdoses of synthetic musk.

    I feel like everyone gets extra upset about lack of longevity in fragrances these days and one of the easiest solutions is to overdose on synthetic musk for increased...
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    Re: Your 10 Modern Masterpieces?

    These are not only my favorite fragrances but also the ones that I wear the most:

    Angeliques sous la Pluie
    Helmut Lang EDC
    Oud Wood by Tom Ford
    Mugler Cologne
    Fierce by Abercrombie
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    Re: What are your Top Ten Fragrances?

    I've realized my favorites are always changing but there's a select few I always go back to:

    Angéliques sous la pluie
    Helmut lang edc
    Cuiron by helmut lang
    Around midnight by Mark buxton...
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    Re: Today I Bought: November, 2013

    Duplicate post

    - - - Updated - - -

    Great find! Im a big fan too :)
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    Re: Today I Bought: November, 2013

    Pretty excited about this one. Big fan of Mark Buxton's work. This is one of the only fragrances I bought this year, including Tihota which I'm currently really loving.
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    Re: Today I Bought: November, 2013

    Came home to find this in a box on my porch. Thank god no one knew there was a 200$ bottle of perfume inside the ugly cardboard box or it wouldn't have been there when I got home (erhh thx UPS)
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    Re: Today i bought; May 2013
  33. Re: What scent does this cold, urban song and image reflect?

    Hmmm maybe something like Narciso Rodriguez for Him. It's dark and melancholy, but the musk kind of envelopes you in its comfort.

    There was a thread a while back on dark fragrances, you might...
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    Re: TF Oud Wood strength/application

    I do two sprays and it lasts me 24+ hours.
  35. Re: Not a fan of synthetic musk? Try these...


    Assuming Musk to Musk is the king of all musk fragrances, I know feel compelled to try it, this thread aside.
  36. Not a fan of synthetic musk? Try these...

    I made a thread about this a while back but it didn't really catch on...

    I've never been a huge fan of synthetic musks, as they tend to last forever and just annoy me at the end of the day. Since...
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    Re: The drydown of La Nuit De L'Homme

    I don't like it either (or, the whole fragrance for that matter). I think the base is an overdose of tonka and/or coumarin with other woody notes. Smells cheap and grates on my nose.
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    Re: What are your Top Ten Fragrances?

    An updated list for 2013:

    1. Angeliques sous la Pluie
    2. Dior Homme
    3. Geranium pour Monsieur
    4. Mugler Cologne
    5. Helmut Lang Cuiron
    6. Helmut Lang EdT
    7. Erolfa
    8. Le Male
  39. Re: Summer cologne for 21 year old college student

    I was gonna disagree, but I see what you're saying here. Eau Sauvage might not be dated per se, but it certainly doesn't smell modern, and most likely won't appeal to most people below the age of 30....
  40. Re: Hoarding was the solution, but now it is too late!

    I always get bored with fragrances, even my favorite of all time. I used to have back ups but then realized I'd never use them.
    I even have a bottle of Cuiron by Helmut Lang that I was terrified to...
  41. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    I'm with CapriDog. It's always great to hear your thoughts, Buzzlepuff. I always pay extra close attention when I see your posts!
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    Hah no way! That's awesome you remembered my favorite frag. No worries though, ASLP is still my fav of all time. I might have lost some interest in it over time, but it's still "me" and just feels...
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    Re: Fresh, aquatic? Rose scent

    If you can find a bottle, L'Eau Bleu d'Issey Eau Fraiche is an aquatic rose fragrance. Very crisp, clear and refreshing. The basenotes are also really interesting - they somehow managed to recreate...
  44. Re: I did not realize that PUREPROTEIN had purchased

    I use "Adblock" so I've never even seen the ads you guys are talking about! I strongly suggest it, I think it works on most browsers and even cuts out those annoying ads at the beginning of youtube...
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    Re: Invasion Barbare

    Same here. That's only the only reason it's not quite perfect in my books. Still a great fragrance though, so close to perfection. I wore it for years before I got annoyed with the drydown. The late,...
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    Re: Name some "dry" fragrances you love.

    I'll throw in L'idole by Lubin.

    It's not uber dry, but dry nonetheless, and a fantastic fragrance.
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    Re: Dior Homme Cologne?

    I own a bottle of the original Dior Homme Cologne (not the new bottle) and wear it often in the summer. It smells like the original minus the lavender in the opening and with orange flower thrown in...
  48. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    Hmm give it some time, I wouldn't pass them off without giving each one a few full wearings. At first I thought Cashmere and Velvet were indiscernible from each other, but after wearing them each on...
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    Re: Musc Ravageur: Whats the hype about?

    Yes, and I especially like number 4 :)
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    Re: Anything close to a forest?

  51. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    Mikesc, I am SO jealous! Thanks so much for the inside account of the new releases.

    On a side note, I found it strange that Velvet Mood wasn't getting too much recognition on the boards, so I wore...
  52. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    aphexacid, if you'd like me to translate for you, just send me a pm with the text copied. I was born and raised in Montreal so I speak and read French pretty well.

    - - - Updated - - -

    For those...
  53. Re: MFK Oud Cashmere & Oud Velvet (Just Wow...)

    Just tried these recently, I have to agree with the consensus that they smell pretty awesome.

    Cashmere is my favorite, but Velvet smells surprisingly similar, although different, and yet almost as...
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    Re: Mugler Cologne - why can't I smell it!?

    I don't know what the deal with Mugler Cologne is, but I have a pretty good sense of smell and sometimes I have a hard time smelling it.

    The first reason is probably that, for whatever reason,...
  55. Re: Which scent is loved by Europe and hated in America or vice versa

    Well I can't really comment on the Europe VS America thing, but in terms of the OP, I can say that in general, people in asia (in general) don't like anything musky, dirty, spicy or sweet. They...
  56. Re: Yohji Homme relaunch, a potential disappointment?

    I'm sure it'll be good. My only fear is that it'll be less "full" smelling than the original. That's usually the case with reformulations, eg. M7, Dior Homme, Chergui, etc.
  57. Re: Feeling kind of bored with fragrances lately... What do you suggest I try?

    Hah! Good idea. I need to get out more and make it a full fledged hobby.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I've been thinking about this lately...

    - - - Updated - - -
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    Re: Rum based fragrances

    Ah man, just noticed you mentioned you didn't want a patch fragrance! lol

    The only other one I can think of would be Sequoia.... Has a bit of rum in the top and mid.
  59. Re: Feeling kind of bored with fragrances lately... What do you suggest I try?

    Wow, great recs, thanks :)

    I wasn't even expecting you guys to look at what I've tried, that's awesome you thought of that.

    Some really interested stuff mentioned so far, I'll be sure to check...
  60. Feeling kind of bored with fragrances lately... What do you suggest I try?

    Anything goes. What are you guys really loving right now?
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    Re: Rum based fragrances

    Straight to Heaven by Kilian is a good one.
    Sugary rum over patchouli and cedar.
  62. This is pretty awesome. If you took some big...

    This is pretty awesome.

    If you took some big whiffs of it, I wonder if it would result in an instant habituation (inability to smell) all 1400 fragrances...
  63. Re: What's the darkest scent that you know? And with dark I mean SUPER-DARK!!!

    Awesome recommendations.

    I'd like to throw in the following too:

    Black Tourmaline - smokey, black, spicy tar and incense fragrance. Just look at the color of the juice!
    Kyoto - Smells like you...
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    Re: Was Le Male reformulated in the past year?

    Guys, make sure you take into account how fragrances mature over time. It's not just a marketing gimmick by Creed, but a fact of chemistry. Some fragrances get worse, some get better and some just...
  65. Re: What fragrance gives off the vibe of honesty & respect.

    I feel that way about Geranium pour Monsieur. It has this pure feeling to it that fits well with someone who has a fresh and positive outlook on things. Lasts a long time too, with medium sillage....
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    Re: Adam Levine-first impressions

    Tried it today - it's a solid fragrance, but nothing special IMO. I know Octavian thinks it's the shiz but I'm not sold. It smells like grapefuit and guava to me throughout most of its life on paper....
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    Re: Fredric Malle's own signiture scent

    Nice indeed! It was my scent of the day today and I enjoyed every moment of it. Such a classy, approachable and fresh fragrance. I'm not surprised he wears it.
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    Poll: Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    There are some great ambers mentioned here, but my favorite has only been mentioned a few times:

    Amber Absolute by Tom Ford

    It's created by Christophe Laudamiel, one of my favorite perfumers,...
  69. Re: Blending/layering, post your favorites!

    I like the idea of layering... but when you think about the countless hours, days (and possibly years) a perfumer spends getting the balance just right in one fragrance... it seems to me like...
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    Re: Erolfa Alternatives

    Cheaper alternatives? Prob not much out there that's cheaper but smells the same.

    Erolfa is great frag if you ask me. Not generic at all.
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    Re: Invasion Barbare similar to Le Male !!??

    I have to agree with this. I like both Le Male and Invasion Barbare equally though.

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'd have to disagree. The resemblance between Le Male and Invasion Barbare is more...
  72. Great marketing. The notes and the combination...

    Great marketing. The notes and the combination sound boring, but I trust that the fragrance will smell great (too).
  73. Re: New Fragrance: John Paul Gaultier - Le Beau Male for Men

    I tried Le Beau Male today at Pharmaprix (AKA Shopper's Drug Mart). Those of you in Canada will know what I'm talking about.

    Well, Le Beau Male is a solid, well-constructed fragrance with good...
  74. I think it sounds promising... He obviously...

    I think it sounds promising...

    He obviously saw the paycheques though and jumped on the bandwagon.
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    Re: Luckyscent.

    I have to say, I absolutely agree that Luckyscent is top notch. I've been ordering from them for years and the customer service is stellar. While there are a number of online retailers I have had...
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    Re: Musc Ravageur Reformulation

    Fragrances (ALL fragrances) are known to change very slowly over time, even in unopened bottles. There was interesting article written by either Chandler Burr or Luca Turin about how new bottles from...
  77. Re: ATTENTION all M7 fans: interesting videos.....

    I appreciate what you're doing and I think you might be onto something interesting here, but I have an original formulation bottle and there isn't any "agarwood oil dust" in mine... How would you...
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    Re: What is your Signature Scent?

    I've found mine, it's Angeliques sous la Pluie. I think I've said this in a number of threads now... Well I love it because it suits me and I never get tired of it... it's so light - I think that's...
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    Re: Mint/vanilla, Mint/chocolate, Mint/candy

    Just thought of another one: Fahrenheit 32

    It's got a minty orange blossom vanilla thing going on.
  80. Re: Which fragrances would you consider 9/10 or even 10/10?

    Almost all of my wardrobe
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    Re: Top 3 recs CDG

  82. Replies

    Re: Ambre topkapi - anything similar?

    Hmmm not much out there that smells like it. It really is a translucent amber, and for what it is, it's quite unique. It's too bad it gets bashed for not being opulent, when that's obviously not the...
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    Re: Today I bought: December 2012

    Interesting purchases! Must be hard to find, no?

    I bought this a few days ago:
    - - - Updated - - -
  84. Re: 4 Years Later: Now I Understand the Genius of Frederic Malle Fragrances

    I see what you mean, SOS. I used to see that as a downside, but the fact that the fragrances sometimes feel a little cold or calculated is something I like more and more these days -> they only come...
  85. 4 Years Later: Now I Understand the Genius of Frederic Malle Fragrances

    I started in this hobby around 4 years ago in the fall of 2008. I still remember trying Frederic Malle and being underwhelmed by Musc Ravageur (MR) and French Lover (FL). I thought both were unique,...
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    Poll: Re: Your favorite leather?

    I haven't smelled them all but my favorites are Cuiron, M, and Dior Homme Cologne.

    I also really like Poivre Samarcande, which to my nose smells more than leather than anything. I guess because...
  87. Thread: Man Cans

    by L'Aventurier

    Re: Man Cans

    Pretty cool looking. Have you smelled them yet? Then again, they're cheap enough to buy blind...

    Would love to hear your thoughts if you have.
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    Re: 5 Humiecki & Graef samples reviewed:

    Well, that's the reason I didn't buy Blasque, Bosque or Skarb - they're wayyyy too expensive. I appreciate and love all of them but didn't feel that I needed them enough to warrant the price tag.
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    Re: Fragrances that smell like a ghost.

    I'd say something like L'Antimatiere by Les Nez. It's known to be the invisible ink of perfume. You can barely smell it, but it lasts for days and it's always there with you!

    Otherwise, I think...
  90. Re: pleaz halp - CREED fakes are getting BRILLIANT

    Words of wisdom, Hirch.

    Also, I think we can all agree that buying from a non-authorized dealer and saving a few bucks is never worth the hassle and worry involved (ie. wondering if it's fake, if...
  91. Re: Dans Tes Bras by Frederic Malle - a review

    Just thought I'd throw my opinion in here, even though the thread is pretty old now.

    To the OP, Mike! I'm so glad you wrote such a long and detailed account of your experience and interest in Dans...
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    Re: Mint/vanilla, Mint/chocolate, Mint/candy

    I'm not a huge fan of Very Irresistible Fresh Attitude, but it smells nice and it defnitely fits the bill - minty vanilla coffee

    - - - Updated - - -

    I'm not a huge fan of Very Irresistible...
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    Re: Today I Bought: November 2012

    Bought this one today. I love the minty clean feeling - I don't get a toothpaste vibe at all. This is one of those fragrances you can spray...
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    Re: Jicky and Musc Ravageur

    I see where you might smell some resemblances. The opening of MR has a lot of lavender and dries down to a dirty musk that is a mix of civet, castoreum and vanilla, among other musks.

    I don't...
  95. Re: Hermessence Brin De Reglisse longevity issues

    It's beautiful while it lasts and then, that's it.... I guess it's just another reason to appreciate it while it's on.

    I get about 3-4 hours from it, then it turns into a skin scent for another...
  96. Replies



    Is it a clean musk? I can't imagine a body/deodorant spray aimed at the masses to be that dirty.

    (I'm hoping it's a clean musk cuz that's what I like)
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    Re: Is civet a dated note in fragrance?

    I haven't really read everything everyone has said so far, but I do think that civet is dated, and I don't like it much at all, even in small amounts. The real stuff (non-synthetic) smells like poo,...
  98. Re: If you were restricted to one incense fragrance...

    Hmm, I stand corrected. I could swear I've seen it marked as Mark Buxton throughout different websites. I guess I was wrong, but it smells so similar to Avignon that I couldn't see it being created...
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    Re: Terre d'Hermès vs Terre d'Hermès Parfum

    This is a pretty old thread, but I figured I'd comment because I've spent a lot of time with both the EdT and EdP.

    The EdP is smoother, denser, darker and has more of those burning red pepper and...
  100. Re: What has a blue star shaped bottle and smells like garbage?

    lol nice thread title. I thought you were talking about Angel, and I was ready to defend it, but alas, yeah I don't particularly like Bond no. 9 fragrances much either.
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