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  1. Re: Geranium Pour Monsieur, Bigarade Concentree or any other Malle for the Caribbean Sun

    The topnotes of Bigarade Concentree would work great in a tropical setting, but the basenotes of hay and cumin could potentially get *very very* funky in a humid tropical setting too. I could see it...
  2. Re: LAX to JFK, pick a fragrance for my trip from my wardrobe

    I'd vote for nothing at all when flying, especially on flights of that length. The person next to you is even closer than someone you're having dinner with, you completely share the same space. But...
  3. Thread: Fresh cut grass

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Fresh cut grass

    One other alternative might be Herba Fresca from Guerlain, which goes (essentially) Mint + Irish Spring Soap -> Irish Spring Soap + Fresh Cut Grass -> Cut Grass
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    Re: Fragrances with Synthetic notes...

    Yeah, Pi Neo is deliberately synthetic smelling, and I actually kind of like it. I don't wear it often, but I do enjoy it when I do.
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    Re: AVENTUS by Creed

    Okay, third go around with my Aventus sample today, and I still really like. I think the fruity opening is very well done, and starts moving into other notes at the right time (i.e. the fruit doesn't...
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    Re: Bleu de Chanel by Chanel - New fragrance

    They had about 100 bottles sitting around Bloomingdales earlier this week.

    Sampled it twice now... and it's not for me. It starts out sticky sweet, then dries down into... more sticky sweet.
  7. Re: Marc Jacob's BANG is now available at Bloomingdale's - has anyone tried it yet?

    Tried a sample yesterday, and it didn't do much of anything for me. It's not a bad scent by any means, but it's the most "skin scent" scent i've ever tried: zero projection, very very subtle,...
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    Re: Comme des Garcon Incense Series

    Another vote for Kyoto. Avignon is really nice, but is *very* churchy. I think it'd work better as a home-scenting candle or something. Kyoto still has some major incense vibes going on, but is alot...
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    Re: AVENTUS by Creed

    I tried a spritz of this at the Basenotes meet-up on sunday, and really liked it, but it was one of the last things I smelled that day so my nose was pretty blown by that point.

    So today i'm...
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    Re: Boston 2010 Basenotes World Wide Meet-Up

    Yeah, double-thanks to SMM again for taking the time to put this all together; everyone really had a great time. It was really nice to see the variety of people who attended as well. I'm giving my...
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    Cire Trudon: Ernesto

    So I finally took the plunge on a Cire Trudon candle from Barneys as part of our Basenotes Day wanderings in Boston yesterday. It was described on the card as "the stubborn scent of Cuba."

    All I...
  12. Re: UPDATED JULY 20th 1st Annual US Basenotes Weekend July 24-25, 2010

    Yeah, totally seconding what SMM said here: if you're going "hmm.. should I go or not?" Just come along. I had an absolute blast last year and it's a really great, fun group of people to spend a day...
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    Re: Rhubarb as a fragrance note

    Yeah, I'd have to second B*Men for this. A very strong rhubarb element going on, and it lasts forever-ever-ever. Plus you can usually pick it up for pennies at TJ Maxx or whatnot.
  14. Re: UPDATED JULY 20th 1st Annual US Basenotes Weekend July 24-25, 2010

    Just out of curiosity, roughly how many people have indicated they're coming?
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    Re: Mugler Cologne: Buy or NOT buy?

    I love Mugler Cologne, and it lasts a while on me (albeit as more of a skin scent), but I wouldn't really consider it a "vetiver" cologne. If you want something like Mugler but more vetiver based,...
  16. Re: Ulrich Lang's Nightscape or Costume National Homme

    I was relatively unimpressed with Nightscape. It's got a slightly green opening, then sort of rushes into these pseudo-patchouli basenotes that to me smell more like leather and amber mixed with a...
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    Re: Mint fragrances ?

    I definitely second the Geranium pour Monsieur recommendation. I was actually surprised how much I liked it, given I generally don't like mint fragrances (and haaaaaaaated Roadster). But GpM was just...
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    Re: New Fragrance: L'Occitane Verdon

    Had a chance to check this stuff out today while heading in to grab refills of their Red Rice cleanser / toner / moisturizer.

    Verdon smells... pretty good. Very, very fresh. Definitely masculine....
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    Re: Best light, fresh, citrusy/fruity fragrance?

    if you can find it near you, you might like Brezza di Mare from Il Profumo di Firenze (i think it's iPdF anyway)... it has this very nice and refreshing watermelon note in the base. I thought I would...
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    Re: Favorite scent when you are furious

    I find Kyoto from CdG to be a very introspective, reflective, calm, and meditative scent.. so when i'm feeling worked up it can help to unwind me a bit.
  21. Re: SAVE THE DATE: 1st Annual US Basenotes Weekend July 24-25, 2010

    I should be able to be there! And as a survivor of last year's Boston meetup on World Basenote day, I can say that SMM does an *amazing* job of handling the logistics on things like this. So if...
  22. Thread: Herban Cowboy

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Herban Cowboy

    fwiw, I tried both of their deoderants last year (their 'normal' one and 'dusk'). I found 'dusk' too strong-smelling for a deoderant. The Dusk deoderant was decidedly different smelling for...
  23. Re: If I dislike Roadster, will I feel the same way about Geranium PH?

    So I hate hate hate Roadster, but love Geranium Pour Monsieur. Go figure.

    Roadster ends up like sickly-sweet toothpaste on my skin. GPM is definitely mint+geranium, but more bracing and less...
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    Re: Favs with a distinct basil note?

    Eau du Sud from Annick Goutal, definitely. One of my favorite citrus frags, it's a salty dry lemon scent anchored to an herby basil accord to give it some depth.
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    Re: Ice Men Vs. Mugler Cologne

    Mugler Cologne make for a fantastic office scent. It's extremely clean, and won't rub anyone the wrong way. It's also fantastic for warmer weather.
  26. Re: Brezza di Mare = my new cure for wintertime blues

    Okay, I can now say with confidence that longevity isn't going to be a problem. So I put it on when I got home around 8pm last night, and could still faintly smell it on the skin when I woke up...
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    Re: Ahk! why did I buy this syndrome!

    I definitely had a "what was I thinking?" moment with Fou d'Absinthe from L'Artisan. It's not that it's a bad fragrance, it's just that I have other frags that work better for me for any environment...
  28. Brezza di Mare = my new cure for wintertime blues

    It's been freezing cold and snowy here in Boston for the last few weeks, and it's been starting to get to me. But when I was in Barney's today (grabbing Geranium Pour Monsieur since my sample...
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    Re: AG Eau du Sud vs Les Nuits d'Hadrien

    I'm a massive Eau du Sud fan. It's the driest, saltiest citrus fragrance i've ever found, with tons of longevity. I think that's because to my nose is smells more of lemon verbena than lemon itself,...
  30. Thread: Kenzo Power

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Kenzo Power

    I love Power, it's like a more refined and smoothed out V&R Antidote for me. In terms of longevity, i find it pretty long-lasting
  31. Thread: Coriolan

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Coriolan

    I have L'Ame d'un Heros, and don't get much (if any) powderiness out of it. I actually have a bit of a hard time describing the scent, it doesn't smell much like anything else in my wardrobe....
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    Re: Kenzo Power smells just like????

    I don't find it too similar to Dior Homme except that both have a floral note and get a bit powdery. The scent in my wardrobe that feels most similar to Power when I wear them is... V&R Antidote, of...
  33. Re: With the previous thread in mind...the boards opinion on M7

    Just to offer a different opinion, I *intensely* dislike M7, and it makes me slighly woozy when I wear it. It takes amber in just a horrible, horrible direction to my nose, a strange, medicinal,...
  34. Re: Friend loves top of Bigarade Concentree but hates drydown

    These recommendations look fantastic so far!
  35. Friend loves top of Bigarade Concentree but hates drydown

    So my friend (not the sandalwood-lover, a different one) came over before we went out last night, and I put on some Bigarade Concentree right before going out. She completely freaked... "oh wow, that...
  36. Thread: Fake Creed

    by nvrlnd

    Poll: Re: Creed sold by Amazon... legit?

    What's kind of funny is their price for the 4oz bottle of GIT currently lower than their price for the 2.5oz bottle by $5.
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    Re: Zadig & Voltaire

    do you mean Tome 1 - La Purete? To me it smells like milk & patchouli. It starts out stronger on the condensed milk note, also a milky note similar to the smell/taste of those chewy rice candies with...
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    Re: Formal, arrogant, distant

    to me, well done iris scents come across as very formal and distant. So maybe something like L'homme Coeur from Divine?
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    Re: root beer accord?

    On my skin Guerlain's Cologne 68 turns into the EXACT smell of those root-beer-barrel candies about 15 minutes in. Uncannily so, to the degree I can taste them on my tounge.
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    Re: Quest for Sandalwood?

    Just a quick update. My friend ordered samples of a number of these, and her take so far stands at

    Tam Dao : "no."
    Cannabis Santal: "ewwwww. no no no. I smell like... vanilla frosting!"...
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    Re: Boston Meet-Up Wrap-Up

    Finally got my pics into the computer, sorry for the delay!

    Had a fantastic time, met some fantastic people, and found some fantastic smells! Looking forward to the next event...
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    Re: Boston Meet-Up Wrap-Up

    Okay, finally got my Boston pics in. In them you can see:

    - almost all of the group at the Saks fine fragrance counter. Notice the bags upon bags of ill-gotten-goods!
    - us chatting with reps at...
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    Re: Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford - a review

    Grabbed a bottle on Saturday, wore it Sunday. It's unidimensional in a good way; it doesn't try to hide the vetiver under a bunch of highly citric topnotes, or start to sneak really strange companion...
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    Re: Boston Meet-Up Wrap-Up

    Gah! I forgot my stupid camera in the office again! Yes, pictures will definitely be forthcoming.
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    Re: Boston Meet-Up Wrap-Up

    I've got one or two nice pics of the group, but I left my camera in the office post-smellathon. I've got to head back in there sunday so i'll grab and post them then.

    It was a tremendous day...
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    Re: Boston Meet-Up Wrap-Up

    I think we bought out half of Boston's stock of the new Tom Ford Grey Vetiver between the group!
  47. Re: Why is some Sandalwood sweet and others not?

    One of the big things is whether theyre attempting to replicate mysore sandalwood (which is sweet/creamy), or using Australian sandalwood (which tends to be sharper).
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    Re: "Chill-out" scents for night at home

    Kyoto in CdG's incense line... coffee + incense + cedar.. It's not "light", but it's extremely relaxing.
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    Re: dry citrus for men?

    Eau du Sud from Annick Goutal. It's a super-dry lemon that doesn't smell like Pledge or dishwasher detergent. Probably because it has basil notes, and I think it's more lemon verbena than "lemon"...
  50. Re: Worldwide Basenotes Meet-Up Weekend August 28-30, 2009 2 DAYS TO GO!!!

    Also, I would assume this would go without saying, but let's all try to show up... unscented! I know, I know, but if everyone is rocking their Kouroses and their Yatagans and their Muscs Koublai...
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    Re: Is Thierry Mugler Cologne Too Generic?

    I own and like both Paul Smith Story and Mugler Cologne, so I think you should smell 'em both. They're in the same general quadrant, but smell pretty different on me.

    I don't think MC is generic...
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    Re: What would a young fogey use?

    I'd say something from the Truefitt & Hill line, or some other line derived from a classic London barbershop. Calls to mind straight razors and hot lather, etc. West Indian Lime? Clubman? Something...
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    Re: Post a Picture of Your Scents - Edition III

    I hear you. I keep mine in this large flip-top bamboo box thing, that I put two grid-style organizers into to keep the bottles organized and not smacking into each other. Not photogenic, but it gets...
  54. Re: Help me find the manliest man juice for my soon-to-be 18 year old cousin

    M7, while popular here, strikes me as a very, verrrrrry risky choice for an 18 year old. Blind buying for someone is risky enough, and M7 is a really polarizing scent for many people.

    Given his...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    Not sure how good or bad their prices normally are, but CVS (drugstore chain) currently is doing $7 off all fragrances in stock. They actually had more than I expected; lots of drugstore stuff but...
  56. Re: What is your cheapest colognes that is currently in your daily rotation

    Tommy Bahama Set Sail St Barths is great for super-casual summerwear, and I got a big bottle at TJ Maxx for well under $20
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    Re: Newbie need a lot of help!

    L'eau d'Issey pour Homme is a great choice for an "everyday" fragrance. It's very clean-smelling, won't offend anyone, is very long-lasting for a citrus/fresh fragrance, but doesn't have massage...
  58. Re: Dior Cologne Blanche available anywhere online?

    I'll be traveling to SF in 3 weeks, so i'll probably grab it from the Neiman Marcus there. Excellent!

    Although i've been looking for an excuse to get back up to Montreal again this year after...
  59. Re: Dior Cologne Blanche available anywhere online?

    heh, figures. I was hunting around the Dior US site and couldn't find it for the life of me.
  60. Thread: Help Me Choose!

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Help Me Choose!

    It's pretty different from AdG to my nose; not necessarily better or worse. Aqva has this 'posidonia' accord that smells like the ocean. They drydowns end up in different areas too; AdG ends up...
  61. Dior Cologne Blanche available anywhere online?

    The intarwebs seem to have conflicting reports as to where to find this. Some blogs say it's at Saks. Others at Neiman Marcus. Others say "only at venues with a Dior Homme boutique" ...?

  62. Re: What is a really masculine cologne that would be good for work in an office

    I like Aqva, but find it a a bit to "dark" for summer office wear, unless it's raining. Polo Blue is in a roughly similar wheelhouse, and extremely office-safe.

    For masculine colognes, i'm a fan...
  63. Re: 1980s Style "Powerscents" - the bad rap and a comeback?

    I think the "powerscent" thing was also a good fit with the insanely me-centric culture of the 1980's. "So this is strong enough to knock out a horse and has a sillage cloud 20 feet wide? Well all...
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    Re: The Milky way...

    it's pretty new and I haven't seen it in any stores. The Perfumed Court has samples though, and you can buy the real deal directly from the Zadig & Voltaire website (they partnered with Le Labo to...
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    Re: The Milky way...

    'Tome 1 - La Purete' is basically milk & patchouli (and the packaging is gorgeous, fwiw)
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    Re: electronic music and fragrance

    Bulgari Black: rubber & vanilla: very very city feel.
    Pi Neo: smells deliberately synthetic, has a "techno" feel to it.
    Kenzo Tokyo as the above poster suggests isn't a bad choice either.

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    Re: Quest for Sandalwood?

    These all seem like great reccomendations. She's starting by getting samples of Cannabis Santal and the two sandalwood oils from, and then she's going to work out from there.
  68. Thread: TM Cologne

    by nvrlnd

    Re: TM Cologne

    That sounds about right. I get 1 hour of topnotes, then an hour of transition, then maybe 3-4 hours of the basenotes. I think the reason it may seem to have short longevity is the basenote is very...
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    Quest for Sandalwood?

    I have a friend who is a serious sandalwood nut. She loves the stuff. According to her, "They used to sell some good sandalwood oil at body shop, but it's been replaced by watered down crappy vomit...
  70. Thread: Shine Control

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Shine Control

    It's not cheap, but L'Occitaine has a series called Riz/Rice. It's a toner, a face wash, and a mattifying moisturizer. This stuff works *wonders* on cutting down my shine. Great stuff.

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    Re: Question on cologne longevity

    This is due to the chemical / molecular receptors in your nose getting basically "filled up" with the scent in question. It's a bigger issue with linear fragrances with fewer notes, and with bigger...
  72. Re: Guerlain Vetiver for a teen . What do you think ?

    That's a really good reccomendation too. Mugler Cologne is SUPER fresh / green. It's technically a musk base, but it's the cleanest musk imaginable. MC is also nice because it's office/class...
  73. Re: Guerlain Vetiver for a teen . What do you think ?

    I like Guerlain Vetiver, but in my mind it skews much, much older than the teen segment.

    If he likes vetiver, an alternative might be something like Paul Smith Story. It's got nice and bright...
  74. Re: Bulgari Black, Polo double black, hugo, burberry brit, chrome

    Bulgari Black: F1 car peeling out in a vanilla patch. Rubber & Vanilla. Not sure if it really has a season time; you'll know when it is when it happens. I own it and like it, but i'd never wear it to...
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    Re: State your unpopular cologne opinions here.

    Heh, I'll jump in here.
    - Bond no 9 are masterful marketers, terrible perfumers
    - if some guys spent 1/2 the time on face-care / skincare that they spent on fragrance, they'd be getting laid alot...
  76. Re: Goutal's Eau du Sud: Wow. How have I missed this?

    I love it because it really nails the salty/dry/lemon. Most of my other citrus scents go 'green' (lime notes, grapefruit notes) or go 'orange' (tangerine, neroli, etc), but most of the other citruses...
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    Re: Any men's florals out there?

    I really, really like Kenzo Power as a masculine floral. Another idea might be Viktor & Rolf Antidote which (on my skin), has a sharp citric opening that settles down into a powdery, vanillic floral.
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    Re: How to heighten or Improve sense of smell.

    As annoying as the advice is, the #1 thing you can do to improve your sense of smell right now would be to quit smoking. It'll improve your sense of taste too (theyre not really two separate senses,...
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    Re: Are your scents varied or similar?

    I have a definite bias towards green and clean/citrus scents. It's definitely the category where overlap is the least likely to make me not buy something. With the heavier stuff, the orientals, the...
  80. Re: Goutal's Eau du Sud: Wow. How have I missed this?

    Yeah, It definitely works in hot weather, but I like your line of thinking aaz. I could see wearing it on one of those strangely still days after a big snowstorm has come through, blanketing...
  81. Re: Newbie perfume questions - Advice appreciated :)

    If you want an interesting masculine take on "sharper more citric/green opening, softer more floral drydown", try out Antidote from Viktor & Rolf.
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    Re: *S o t D*, Saturday, 8th August 2009

    It's hot, and i'm meeting my girlfriend's mother for lunch (who's come over to visit from Trinidad) for only the 2nd time, so....

    Mugler Cologne it is!. Fresh, clean, and offends nobody.
  83. Goutal's Eau du Sud: Wow. How have I missed this?

    So while trying out some of the other new releases at the local Bloomies (Roadster: hideous toothpaste hell, Varvatos Rock: bottle weighs 1000 pounds, juice is a lightweight version of the original),...
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    Re: Today I bought >>> AUGUST 2009

    Annick Goutal's Eau du Sud (wow! wowwww! I love this stuff) and Varvatos Artisan.

    I bought Artisan at Sephora's and got about 500 samples... then wandered over to Bloomingdale's where I bought...
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    Re: Varvatos Rock Vol. 1?

    Bloomingdale's has some in-store signage for it, testers, and the 4.2 oz megabottles for sale by me now (Boston). The bottles are insanely heavy! All that metal and whatnot.. you could use the bottle...
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    Re: Boadicea the Victorious

    Given she led an army of rebels twenty times the size of the roman defenders, lost decisively, then drank poison, I think "Victorious" might be pushing it.

    Oh, you mean the fragrances? No idea.
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    Re: Anyone wanna play a lil game?

    You're getting Code or A*Men. Probably Code.
  88. Re: help me choose btween Brit, Armani code and hugo dark blue!!

    Armani Code is really nice. I wouldn't wear it to the office, though, and wouldn't wear it in warm weather. It's a really nice "going out" fragrance though for fall and whatnot.
  89. Thread: Your Top 5

    by nvrlnd

    Re: Your Top 5

    I'm a bit all over the map, but as of right now, i'd go with

    - CdG: Kyoto
    - Mugler Cologne
    - Paul Smith: Story
    - Divine: L'Homme Sage
    - Fendi: Theorema Uomo
  90. Re: Looking for everyday fragrance; already research done

    Yeah, you should be able to find it in most major department stores, or Sephoras, or anything like that. Mugler also does the popular line of Angel perfumes for women, and the relatively popular...
  91. Re: Looking for everyday fragrance; already research done

    I can't help too much on the tea side, but for everyday fragrances that fall into the fresh side of things and you could wear to an office or just about anywhere, i'd highly reccomend Mugler Cologne...
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    Re: Spotted at Marshall's

    TJ*Maxx in Dedham today had about every Curve known to man, a bunch of different Dunhills, a ton of Zirh original and Zirh Ikon sets, a ton of Grey Flannel, and not much else. One B*Man rubber flask,...
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    Re: Fruity fragrances in search of

    I'd second the "I Am King" from Sean John recommend. The basenotes end up a bit "meh", but the journey to them is berries, berries, and more berries.
  94. Re: Green and Floral , between Mechant Loup and Balmain Vent Vert

    I'm not sure if this really fits, but green & floral feels a bit to me like Kenzo Power.
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    Re: Today I bought >>> AUGUST 2009

    Coming through Oslo's duty free on my way back to the states today, I picked up the "concrete" limited edition of L'eau d'Issey. Yeah, I know, it's the same juice in a different bottle, but i'm a...
  96. Re: Had To Wear Old Spice For A Month....Lossed A Bet

    I am not the hugest Old Spice fan, but I don't dislike it, and it gave us that recent fantastic series of ads with Bruce Campbell!
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    Re: Viktor & Rolf's Antidote

    I like it alot, but it's not something i'd wear every day.

    The topnotes for me are more sharp / sour than the citrus openings of other citrus topnotes. Not in a bad way, more in a "the way...
  98. Replies

    Re: In search of Haitian vetiver

    Paul Smith "Story" is also built around Vetiver, although it doesn't come out in the topnotes, which is more of a grapefruit/ivy thing. It's fantastic for summer.
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    Re: Something tangy! (?)

    Clean Men has a tangy grapefruit note in the opening, although it goes away rather quickly. Also, I find the opening of Antidote from V&R to be a very "tangy" take on citrus, although again that...
  100. Re: Crabtree & Evelyn Men's scents Appreciation Thread

    I've got Nomad and don't wear it often, but I do like it now and then. It's a very, very casual scent, not for my office, but not bad for "catching a movie with a few friends" sort of thing. One...
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