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  1. Re: A Review of C. O. Bigelow Barber 1585 Elixir White: An Allure Homme Sport Clone done right

    Without a doubt!. After the alcohol note elixir dries down to an almost (identical) exact Chanel Sport on drydown IMO. None of the top notes~ that last 30 mins. Wondered why I liked it so much. ...
  2. Re: Givenchy what fragance can it be compared ????? The nearest by..

    Then list a suggestion...try it 7 bucks what do you have to life.
  3. Re: Givenchy what fragance can it be compared ????? The nearest by..

    Try club man special reserve. $7 US dollars, and smells almost identical
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    Re: The perfect scent!?

    For me, it has to be Kouros.... One Man Show (which, from what I gather was a Russian legend!) for you!
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    Re: Dark fragrannces

    Narcisco Rodrigiez for men and Encre Noir fit this bill for me.
  6. Re: Finally bought Kouros,, yes I am sorry for another Kouros thread

    Kouros is a scent I always go back to in my rotation. I read the reviews and saw a mixed bag. At first, for me, this scent was taboo, heavy and different. As I continue trough my quest for the...
  7. Re: Which Scent has a lot of Booze in it? Rum,Gin,Whiskey You name it Baby..

    Mcgraw Original~bourbon savory
    Mcgraw Southern Blend~bourbon sweet-light
    M7~ sweet plum wine, oud
    Ambré Baldessarini~bourbon sweet
    Michael for men~bourbon, leather and plum
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    Re: Dirty, animalic Fresh?

    Kouros is the best pick, it's one I always come back to frequently. Such a beautiful scent on so many levels. I also enjoy Lanvin L'homme, a great clean civet scent that can be had for a steal!
  9. Re: What is a fragrance that you could wear 7 days in a row?

    Kouros, Lanvin pour homme
  10. Re: Anything similar to John Varvatos "Artisan" but with more masculinity?!?!

    In my opinion you not going to find a better orange blossom fragrance than Artisan. I find the musk in it to be quite appealling. You may want to try Artisan Black But it's a failed attempt at...
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    Re: Honey, Honey and more Honey

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