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  1. Re: Fragrances you love that doesn't last on your skin

    Polo Blue; Emporio Armani; L' nuit d'Lomme (YSL); Acqua di Gio;
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    Re: Your Most Worn Fragrances of 2012?

    My fav's for 2012 were Chanel Allure Homme Sport, Vince Camuto for Men, Hanae Mori (original and HiM), Le Male by JP Gaultier and Bleu de Chanel.
  3. Re: looking for a very strong scent for men , which lasts really long , plss help ,

    Don't know where you get Dirty English as long lasting. I had a bottle and would never buy another because of its ridiculously short longevity. one of my biggest disappointments of the past several...
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    Re: TODAY I BOUGHT - January 2012

    I bought this fragrance, too (La Nuit de L'Homme) and I am really enjoying it. I also have the original L'Homme. Like them both.
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