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  1. Re: Know nothing of fragrances - buying samples on ebay (Creed).

    Definitely sample as much as you can and don't judge a fragrance by the first 15 minutes. They change a lot from start to finish. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Poll: Re: Should the mods delete posts about what a religious leader would wear?

    I would rather not see them personally. Honestly, if you are wondering "what would ______ wear?" you need to log-off and go play in the real world for a while. Who cares what they would wear!
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    What about Heeley Menthe Fraiche? Would it fit what Im looking for?
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    I just ordered a sample of Geranium pour Monsieur......thanks folks....also checking out Kenzo Power.
  5. Re: why so much distaste for drakkar noir?

    Ive heard the dislike for DN from different sources. Unfortunately, I cant comment on the vintage stuff. The notes list reads nice but when trying the newest stuff I really don't get any of it. ...
  6. Re: Do the Tom Ford private blends have ISO E super?

    I don't get a lot of it in the ones Ive tried except Italian Cypress. IC would be amazing if not for the fact that it overpowers my nose and I cant smell it after a while. I would have to guess...
  7. Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino - something similar ??

    I don't get a lot of NP in Mugler Cologne. NP has a lot of neroli and white floral while Mugler has a lot of vetiver and soap. I find Bergamotto Marino with more similarities, although it has some...
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    Thanks anyway.....I may just blind buy it.

    Ill check out the Eau Aimable again.

    Anymore, something with a bit of minty freshness in it?
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    The Savile Row sounds like exactly what I am looking for. Anyone have a sample they want to cough up or trade?

    I have some neroli fragrances that I absolutely love but I don't really consider...
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    Re: Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    Plenty of great suggestions here, thanks!

    Ive tried Insense and love it but its not airy enough for me. I have a bottle of Cuir Pleine Fleur and LOVE it! Almost forgot about those two.
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    Light, Airy Masculine Floral

    Hey folks. Im looking for a light, airy masculine floral. Something along the lines of Guerlain Homme Intense, Amouage Gold Man, or Issey Miyake original. Anything out there along those lines with...
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    Re: Need help identifying cologne!!!

    Any pics of the bottom of the bottle?
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    Re: Your top lavender fragrances

    Absolutely! This one is great. Huge bottle at a joke of a price. Pure L-A-V-E-N-D-E-R
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    Re: Acqua di Parma

    Id recommend Colonia, Essenza, and Assoluta. I think the one that's probably the most crowd pleasing from this list would be the Assoluta but they are all really nice. Great citrus, good longevity,...
  15. Re: How much of your collection is made up of sweet perfumes?

    I have very few that are straight up sweet. Some of the others may have a sweet note in them but they aren't sweet overall. I tend to avoid sweet frags as they give off a vibe that I don't like.
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    Re: violet perfume & lavender perfume

    hedonist222, if you are still into lavender it would be a big mistake to not check out Agua Lavanda by Puig. Its straight up earthy lavender in an EDC format for dirt cheap. Very good specimen for...
  17. Re: Three New Les Liquides Imaginaires!! Les eaux Arborantes

    Damn!!! This is the most interested ive been in a while. All three look very intriguing, especially the Tellus. When are we doing a split on these?
  18. Re: Costume National launches "Soul," a new ambery woods scent.

    Yeah that's what I thought. I was really excited reading the notes until I got to the amber and vanilla. Has generic-sweet-bomb written all over it.
  19. Re: Calling on all Narciso Rodriguez for Him fans and owners

    Im on the fence with it. I bought a small sample of it and don't find myself reaching for it very much. I know its a better designer fragrance but it doesn't get me going.
  20. Re: Currently, are you satisfied with your collection?

    Yes and no. Yes because I have many great fragrances from vintage to designer to niche. No because I would like to fill in some gaps where Im lacking variety in certain genres.
  21. Re: Would you think they'd discontinue Gucci ph 2?

    Much better....probably masterpiece material here were talking about.

    Very good everyday frag, once sales get too low, I believe it will go too.
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    Re: Eau Sauvage bottle

    I believe there is a really good thread on here somewhere for dating Eau Sauvage. Ill see if I can find it.
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    Re: Hypothetical time

    Best answer here by far!
  24. Re: Stuff you overhear or are told while testing Fragrances

    I try my best to steer clear of most SA's offering advice.
  25. Re: *NEW* Lanvin Éclat D'Arpège Pour Homme 2015

    From the picture and notes listed above, I really had no hope for this one.
  26. Re: Do you have back ups of low production perfumes?

    Ive bought a few back-ups recently. Ive seen a few come and go and have a descent grasp on when the time is right for a back-up. I agree that more designers are backed up due to two reasons. One,...
  27. Re: AB Silver Spirit vs Insurrection Pure II vs Glenn Perri's Unpredictable Adventure?

    Buy the real deal!!! Weve all been down this road before and mostly regret getting the second best.
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    Re: I was wondering...

    Suck it up! Just because someone smells funny doesn't mean they have nothing interesting to say. I bet Hemmingway had some funny smells about him through his lifetime.
  29. Re: 40% off HEELEY fragrances at La Petite Parfumerie

    This is a great deal! I wish I could justify another bottle of Cuir Pleine Fleur.
  30. Re: Current version: Santos vs Santos Concentree?

    We need someone who owns one or the other to chime in. Anyone? Am I going to have to make the sacrifice and buy both for the sake of figuring this out?
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    Re: Flashback-inducing frags

    For some reason Polo Green takes me back to my younger days. I just feel so relaxed and calm smelling it.
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    Re: Spraying clothes

    Ive been spraying my clothes for a long time, no problems so far. Spray away.
  33. Re: Current version: Santos vs Santos Concentree?

    We need more answers on this. Ive been eyeing up regular vs concentree since I smelled the concentree at Nordstrom last year. I remember I liked it a lot but cant remember what the progression of...
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    Poll: Re: If you died tomorrow...

    Id hate to add it all up. I think it would make me realize how much of a problem this is. Remember, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a don't admit to it!!!!.....or...
  35. Re: Tea for Two was on the US L'Artisan website...

    I don't know if this is a practice in the fragrance world but does anyone think they may be taking orders and treating them as pre-orders, kinda gauging how much to make?
  36. Re: Fragrances that disappeared before our very eyes..

    And was dirt cheap too, now its doubled or tripled in price. Very good summer fragrance. Still need to buy the biggest bottle I can find. Quickly!
  37. Re: King of Oakmoss: what is the best oakmoss dominated perfume in your opinion ?

    Very interesting thread here and im really glad someone dug it up. My vote goes to Quorum, vintage of course.

    Im still trying to wrap my head around someone saying that Aventus is an oakmoss...
  38. Re: Name 1 OVERRATED frag and 1 UNDERRATED Frag.

    Over: DHI
    Under: Halston Z14
  39. Re: Your favorite of your most/least expensive scents (pick one of each)

    Most: Heeley Cuir Pleine Fleur

    Least: RL Polo
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    Re: Vintage Pine Monsters

    I love Z14! Its probably my second favorite fragrance, seems to fit me perfectly also. It is very good in all forms except the newest without oakmoss.
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    Re: Do fragrances go off?

    How many sprays to clear out the straw? Ive never tried....
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    Re: Vintage Pine Monsters

    Nevermind, Neal. I just saw a price for one on the 'bay. $595 for 100ml. Not worth it to me.
  43. Re: So I Put My Fragrance-holism Into Spreadsheet Form!?!?

    That's it? Only 179? If you aren't interested in this hobby maybe you should find something else to do. J/K Sampling is VERY addicting.
  44. Re: Thinking about watering down my Aventus with Ab spirit silver

    Owwww boy, now you really started it.....
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    Re: Vintage Pine Monsters

    In your own words, what does Halston 101 smell like? Its breakdown looks interesting...
  46. Re: What do you think is the most distinguishable note?

    Oakmoss and vanilla. You could throw vials of oakmoss or vanilla into a blackhole across the galaxy and I would easily be able to smell them.
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    Re: Vintage Pine Monsters

    Been busy with work and finally getting back to this thread. Lot of good suggestions here. Vintage Loewe Esencia (current is not piney), Granville, Blenheim Bouquet (looks thin and lemony from the...
  48. Re: Your favorite from Acqua Di Parma house of colognes?

    Essenza is the close winner for me followed by Colonia. Intensa was a different leathery take on the genre. The new Leather was good but I found it too feminine.
  49. Re: Classic powerhouses, will they ever make a comeback?

    VERY well said SportsFan.....I couldn't have said it any better....
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    Re: Fragrance dilemma

    I recommend against LDDM. It gives me anosmia. I found that out after I bought a bottle. Sample it first!
  51. Re: Classic powerhouses, will they ever make a comeback?

    I don't think the old powerhouses will ever be done the same way again. Powerhouses may come around again but in a different form. Think Slumberhouse or maybe something like Egoiste extrait.
  52. Re: Thinking about watering down my Aventus with Ab spirit silver

    I wouldn't do it. If you really want to mix the two to see what they smell like together, buy a 2ml atomizer and mix in there. It could be god-awful and at least youre only out 2ml of fragrance. ...
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    Re: Gucci pour home ii . Thoughts?

    Mine is more of a skin scent throughout the life of the frag but it does last all day. Its a very nice tea, tobacco, and cinnamon fragrance as stated above. Im sure it would be perfect for work,...
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    Vintage Pine Monsters

    Im really into some vintage Polo and Z14. What are some other vintage 'pine monsters' from back in the day that exude deep, green character? Im talking truly deep, green fragrances, not something...
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    Re: David Yurman Limited Edition info

    I know at least one person on here owns this.
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    Re: My leather collection

    The hardest part about this maddening hobby is knowing when you've found your favorite 3 or so to buy. The nagging question "did I miss something great or will the next one be 'the one'" always...
  57. Re: Which fragrance in your collection has most longevity ?

    Invasion Barbare or Grey Flannel both last tremendously on my clothing....days.....
  58. Re: Am I the only one who thinks that Tobacco Vanille smells like Spicebomb?

    Im with you on the BtB for a tobacco vanilla kick but TV and Spicebomb are leagues apart. I prefer Spicebomb by a mile with its leather, tobacco, and cinnamon. TV is too gourmand for me.
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    Re: Best boozy/spirit type frag?

    PdE Ambre Russe.....great boozy amber with amazing staying power and sillage
  60. Re: Had my car broken into (stole my vintage La Nuit de L'Homme)

    At least it wasn't a good cologne they j/k.....sorry for your misfortune.....
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    Re: Quorum = The greatest compliment getter

    I think my testosterone just blasted through the roof!!!!! Sorry for all those other pansies out there who cant wear something so manly. Maybe they should try knitting instead.
  62. Re: I don't like aquatics, but feel like I need a "fresh" option. Recommendations?

    I would recommend something of the 'cologne' genre. Maybe Acqua di Parma Colonia or one of its flankers. All very fresh smelling with citruses and some moss or leather in the base. There are a ton...
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    David Yurman Limited Edition info

    I don't see much on BN about David Yurman Limited Edition but after reading some notes on it from the other site and someone on here mentioning it being a good low-price fragrance, it has me...
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    Re: Guerlain Vetiver Eau de Cologne

    Guerlain's vetiver is amazing in my book in any concentration. You didn't go wrong with this deal.
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    Re: Tea-based scents: Your recommendations

    Someone mentioned on here that its only been re-released across the pond for now. It was said that eventually, maybe April?, it will be for sale in the US.
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    Re: What bottle size do you tend to prefer?

    This....I cant stand the small price increase for double the juice.
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    Re: Tea-based scents: Your recommendations

    I don't get any kind of tea note from Bulgari Black, smoky rubber and vanilla is what that's all about. Also, the Goutal Duel is an exceptional mate (hay&tea) the whole way through. A little on the...
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    Re: Tea-based scents: Your recommendations

    Jack Hunter....I think you are the only BN'er with the Murdock and you always mention it.....any more of this and I think you should be required to share.
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    Poll: Re: Terre D'hermes edt VS Dior Homme edt

    Voted Hermes because they have far fewer fan-boys. Plus I like Terre D'.....
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    Re: Tea-based scents: Your recommendations

    +3 on these two. You cant go wrong with these. Tea for Two eluded you for so long because it was discontinued and now just recently brought back. I haven't tried the current stuff yet, just the...
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    Re: Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, discuss

    Great neroli fragrance as everyone above has said. The neroli lasts a long time in this one then it nicely transfers to a white floral. Very uplifting and refreshing. Great sillage and longevity. ...
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    Re: Help with leather samples

    My advice to you, try each of your leather samples and judge them for what they are. Usually they are leather with something else(flowers, citrus, etc.). I gave up on finding a straight-up leather...
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    Re: Help with leather samples

    You are going to have to try a few different leather scents to find the one that is a literal leather to your nose. When I tried Tuscan Leather, I was wondering who the idiot was that said there was...
  74. Re: Recommend Two (Modren+Versitile+Mature+Project Well+Last Long) Spring/Summer Niche Fragrance

    All excellent picks, ya'll stole them right outta my mouth.

    +1 especially for the AdP Colonia
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    Re: Frank no. 2 LA - Missing the boat ?

    Either way ill have to give it a go. Even if its close, ill be happy. Im always looking for a modern masculine with possible ties to the past.
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    Re: Frank no. 2 LA - Missing the boat ?

    Yeah I concur, absolutely no plum or booze in Z14. Hmmmmmmm........
  77. Replies

    Re: Frank no. 2 LA - Missing the boat ?

    These comparisons to Z14 have my ears perked a lot. Does it have any leather in it? How is it similar to Z14 which to me is a slightly warm(cinnamon) dry pine with a background dry leather?
  78. Re: Help me choose: Polo (classic) or Esencia Loewe.

    Esencia is not even similar to Polo, at least the newest version of Esencia. Its light and bright, more vetiver than anything else. You all must have the old bottle or something to say its similar...
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    Re: What is your signature scent?

    I didn't find my signature, it found me after a year and a half of this journey. Its RL Polo original. I sprayed some on me about 3 weeks ago and haven't stopped using it since that day and I don't...
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    Re: Disappointed by CK Euphoria for Men

    If you wear 1 Million to the office, go easy on the trigger, very potent stuff
  81. Re: Suggestions, please, for my first NICHE fragrance

    I would check out Guerlain Vetiver. Not expensive and you like Guerlain. Its in line with the others you like too.
  82. Re: Need help finding a clone of my favorite cologne (Aeropostale A87).

    I would try the latest version of Dior Eau Sauvage. Its fresh and at the same time 'manly.' Do you have a Sephora nearby?
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    Re: 2015 Fragrance Predictions

    .......I predict many asked for it
  84. Re: What Are The Best Tobacco Colognes...Without The Sweet Or Powder

    I would definitely try the Sonoma Scent Studio Tabac Aurea. If you want a sample of it, smell the tobacco in an unlit cigarette. That's exactly what I get out of it.
  85. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    Amen! Enough said.......
  86. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    But Kumquat, its not illogical, its the world we live in. If the SA's at Macy's described a perfume to a customer as smelling 'old-manish' they would know in a roundabout way what it smells like. ...
  87. Re: Please don't use "Old Lady" or "Old Man" 'scent' as's offensive

    FrouFrou, I would rather hang out with the ladies in the first picture than the one in the second picture. The ones in the first picture have been there, done that; while the one in the second...
  88. Re: Reformulation thoughts on Red for Men by GIorgio of Beverly Hills.

    Nevermind, I tried it again this morning and I do get the fresh spicy opening of the Montanas but it fades so quickly to the thick sweaty carnation leather that if you blink you are going to miss it.
  89. Re: Reformulation thoughts on Red for Men by GIorgio of Beverly Hills.

    I had to dig this one up. I have the newish release of Red for Men and Im getting nothing fresh or similar to Montana in any way whatsoever. Its syrupy rich floral with a sweaty leather undertone. ...
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    Re: Most Complex Cheap Fragrances?

    Definitely both the red and black Montana hommes.
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    Re: Lucky Scent vs First in Fragrance

    Ive always received my stuff from LuckyScent just fine. Their samples are a little on the stingy side. I may have to try FiF next time.
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    Re: Most underrated/overrated

    Overrated: DHI
    Underrated: YSL Opium Homme (no love for this on here anymore)
  93. Re: State your favorite fragrance from each of these houses

    Serge: Fille en Aiguilles
    L'Artisan: Tea for Two
    Heeley; Cuir Pleine Fleur
  94. Re: Really finding it trouble finding a cologne I'm satisfied with

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    Re: Name Your Top 3 Niche, Top 3 Designer

    Slumberhouse Norne
    by Kilian Back to Black
    AdP Colonia Essenza

    Ralph Lauren Polo
    Giorgio Red for men
    Halston Z14
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    Re: Confirmed: Real or Synthetic Oud

    And we ask, "does it matter as long as it smells good?"
    Can I use cinnamon in a fragrance and tell you its oakmoss?
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    Poll: Re: Favorite perfume family

    I picked a few but it seems im always hunting down a leather....
  98. Re: Ralph Lauren Polo Classic through the years (Reformulations discussed via an audio review.) did have a lot to say there. Im sure comparing bottles, formulas, years, and differences would leave a LOT to speak about. The thing I found interesting the most was the fact you found...
  99. Re: Getting really awful longevity with Bleu de Chanel

    I guess that rules that out then....
  100. Re: Males! You wrote a love poem, now what do you spray on it.

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