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    Re: Caron pour un homme eau de toilette

    Didn't require any patience from me...The very first time I splashed a little on I loved the initial lavender...In fact I thought "This must be what Heaven smells like"...I felt that the first time I...
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    Re: Just Went Blind On Caron Pour Un Homme!

    I got my first bottle of it blind and now it's my avatar...I loved everything about it...Don't know if I'll keep the avatar but I know Caron PUH and I will be best friends for many years to come...
  3. Re: The "Jicky, you treated me good today..." thread.

    Funny...I always dig it; but I can't say the same for those around me...
    Taxi drivers, crowded time I was giving a friend a ride and she kept checking the bottom of her shoes...
  4. Sounds like it would make a nice "Stocking...

    Sounds like it would make a nice "Stocking Stuffer"...
  5. Luca does remind me of Jeremy Clarkson on...

    Luca does remind me of Jeremy Clarkson on Top-Gear....Whether I agree with either is not the point...I find them both very entertaining, and find myself escapeing the routine for a while and enjoying...
  6. Re: Newbie, looking for something Vanilla/Tonka Bean/Woodsy/Musky!

    Lanvin Arpege pour homme.....But that opens with pepper too...Try it...
    Chanel Pour Homme Concentree.....Guerlain Shalimar and Habit Rouge...
    My personal favorite Caron Pour Un Homme has my...
  7. Re: Looking for an oriental fragrance with strong vanilla/tonka bean base notes

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    Re: Rochas man OR Rochas man intense

    Rochas Man Intense?...Why ?...I haven't tried the Intense...The regular I thought was better than Mugler...Now someone just said the Intense has less Lavender...I think the way Rochas Man uses...
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    Re: Daily Rose Scents for men?

    Another for No.89 by Floris. It's a powder bomb and I dig it...If you don't like powder and want mega sillage theres always Arais 900...Another easy to find powdery Rose for men would be Burberry...
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    Re: 10 Masterpieces of All Time (2011 Revision)

    1.Caron Pour Un Homme
    2.Acqua di Parma Colonia
    3.Guerlain Jicky
    4.Floris No.89
    5.Guerlain Habit Rouge

    Guerlain Shalimar
    Chanel Egoiste
    Guerlain Mitsouko
    Chanel No.5
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    Re: What are your top 3 best smelling Amber fragrances?

    Prada Man is the only really Amber centric on my list...I could learn to really love this...
    Habit Rouge, so complex and well blended that the individual notes of amber work more in the ensemble...A...
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    Re: Scents similar to Cool Water?

    While not a dube I thought Bulgari Blu Notte Pour Homme had a similar vibe....and it was a compliment hound aswell...I had a nice run with Cool Water in the early '90's and needed to move...
  13. Re: Do you tell people what you're wearing when they ask?

    I've been asked many times...I'm a Jazz musician playing clubs and concerts...thats a question I get asked often, if not, I think there might be something wrong with my EdT...There was a period when...
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    Poll: Re: Guerlain's Cuir Beluga versus Tonka Impériale

    I could not make a clear cut winner between CB and TI...It's really not that simple. I would love to own TI put at that price-point I can't see myself wearing it enough to get that return on my...
  15. Re: Green Irish Tweed V Cool Water - Real Life Head to Head challenge

    Great in the field test....Thanks for posting....Not as a hijack but....It's funny, I got more compliments wearing Cool Water, than any Guerlains I've worn....I still wore them because I liked...
  16. Poll: Re: The ultimate classic French niche house... Head to head

    Maybe Guerlain should try just as hard to maintain their classic fragrances after reformulation....I think Caron has done a great job at this....The few I've checked, I couldn't tell a differance, or...
  17. Poll: Re: The ultimate classic French niche house... Head to head

    Dizzy Gillespie once said, when people are talking about "Who the MAN is...or Whose the MAN...?"...They are not really picking the best player or whatever....THE MAN would be someone who was the most...
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    Poll: Re: Chanel Or Guerlain?

    Since Caron lost to Guerlain, I can see that these type polls mean for the historical importance...And I suppose the historical importance of Guerlain is unapproachable....Although right now I'm...
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    Re: Questions About Buying Perfume in Paris

    Paris is the most expensive place I have ever seen for buying perfume...Who would have thought...
    The ONLY redeeming factor is you can find all the stuff you can't find anywhere else....which may or...
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    Re: Vintage En Avion - Caron reformulations

    Great to hear...Thanks for the thread....Lets hear what more people have found with some of the other Caron scents....A friend is bringing me a new bottle of Pour Un Homme de Caron from Paris this...
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    Re: In no mood for jicky

    In Jicky's defense....It is a masterpiece and I love it....It moves through its notes like a great classic novel...With several clever plot twists and much beauty...

    Secondly in "The Good Lifes"...
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    Re: Habit Rouge L'eau

    I find it hard to believe anyone would find HR too heavy....Although I know different frags perform differently on different skin...On my skin, HR EdT is bordering too light as it is...although I...
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    Poll: Re: Caron Pour un Homme or Le 3me Homme ?

    I love all things Guerlain and I feel the House of Caron is on the same plateau, and I have loved the 3 men's frags that I have sniffed...You should have all 3 if you want...they are different...
  24. THANKS BASENOTES for this interview...I'm knocked...

    THANKS BASENOTES for this interview...I'm knocked out but not surprised...With Jean Paul's dedication and respect for their classics, and his neo-classicism approach to his own creations I would...
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    Re: Top fragrances of the 1960's (and other decades)

    My Pop was a very stylish gentleman from the WWII generation...Lets see...He wore Floris no.89, Habit Rouge, Acqua di Parma Colonia...And there was always Old Spice, English Leather, and British...
  26. Can't wait for the article by the way....

    Can't wait for the article by the way....
  27. Re: Article: Thierry Wasser on Mitsouko reformulation and IFRA regulations

    I agree....I saw a report 20 years ago in the U.S. where the F.D.A. allowed a private citizen group to get a lab report on Aspartame...The report surprised them, in that it found Aspartame to be a...
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    Re: Acqua Di Parma Colonia VS Eau De Guerlain

    I'm a great fan of Guerlains Period...But in this case...First time I smelled AdP Colonia I thought "this must be what heaven smells like"
  29. Re: Is there any apple pie (Apple+Cinnamon) fragrance ?

    Another vote for Santana
  30. Re: Do you think that HABIT ROUGE is good for summer days?

    I agree, the New EDT isn't only perfect for summer, it's my favorite year round scent, hands down...I've worn it playing concerts in the Tropics...It's my favorite...
  31. Re: Habit Rouge EDT: vintage or modern - which do you prefer and why?

    I'm afraid I do think it's worth it. The original is creamier, more powdery, and simply sublime. But the new EDT is a tad cleaner, but still powdery, and I love the powder, and it's plenty powdery....
  32. Re: What is it in Habit Rouge EDT that smells of decay?

    For me Habit Rouge has no objectional notes...Quite the opposite, I feel Habit Rouge is one of man's greatest artistic accomplishments. Along with the Sistine Chapel, Beethoven's 9th, Charlie...
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