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    Re: Chanel Bleu - Thoughts

    I agree with those that say it's somewhat synthetic, but still love it! I think it has that "freshly laundered" vibe to it, and would describe it as a "happy" fragrance, as it puts a spring in my...
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    Re: JPG's Kokorico

    Hi, I haven't used this forum for quite a while, so please excuse such a negative post, but I felt I had to respond to this. This is the ONLY fragrance that has ever left me feeling physically sick....
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    Re: If you could go back to 1997?

    Can I double up on decades and go back to 1987?I would acquire as much Boss No 1 as I could(back then it was purely known as Boss).I wore a lot of this in the late eighties and really enjoyed...
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    Re: "Barber-shop" smell,any niche?

    Beat me to it!Extract of West Indian Limes reminds me of the days when my Father would pull me by the scruff of the neck to the barbers on a Saturday morning!Funny,now I pay 7:50 for a tube of...
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    Re: People abusing free samples?

    Given the huge amount of knowledge and appreciation for fragrance on this board,I would actually question how useful samples are to the majority of it's members?How often do you hear comments like...
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    Re: The One That Let You Down?

    I had a similar experience with Boss No1.I used to wear this back in the late 80's/early 90's,when I was just "getting into" fragrance.Okay,it was nothing groundbreaking,but I enjoyed it all the...
  7. Re: Perfumed drinks, now perfumed cigarettes!

    We all know smoking is bad for you and will probably result in the partakers death over a period of years.However,I would imagine a Kouros scented cigarette would make death instantaneous!!!
  8. Live Jazz On Offer At "The Perfume Shop"

    Some of my UK compatriots may like to know this is being sold for 9.99 at the moment!I picked up a bottle at London Waterloo station today.
  9. Re: I think I found out why my Dad hates cologne..

    How about Dunhill Edition?Pure class in a bottle.
  10. Re: I dont understand how men over 25-26-27 MAX ca

    I only recently discovered Happy,at the grand old age of 35!Well,I have to say,after the Nurse has administered my oxygen,and I've got a good grip on the Zimmer frame,I do enjoy that zesty little...
  11. Re: I am just so f*cking tired of "piss" posts....

    Okay,so what happens when you want to love a scent dearly,but a "piss" note puts you off it?I bought some L'Artisan samples,and thought that "Mechant Loup" was f*****g incredible!Other...
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    Re: A new day is dawning...

    What a nice way to earn a living.Hope you enjoy your new job 8-)
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    Re: Beautiful perfume & ugly women?

    Heh. I just read a post on MUA from some gal -- something to the effect that a handsome guy sat next to her at a bar the other day, but that he appeared so judgmental and smelled so vile that she...
  14. Good Place In "Tourist Area" NYC For Basala Homme?

    Hello all.I have been trying to get some Basala Homme for quite some time now,but unfortunately it's not marketed here in the UK any longer.A friend of mine will be going on a short break to New York...
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    Free Sample Of Lacoste Essential

    Just go to and click on "try it now".
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    Re:  Aqua Elements-Boss

    I had this and gave it to my brother. Can't figure out why it's tagged as an aqua scent,when it's anything but.Very sweet and powdery,but certainly not an aqua scent.
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    Re: Nightflight and Relax: Opinions?

    I had Nightflight many years ago and gave it away.IMHO it's as crass as the infamous "pink one"(original Joop).Very very sweet and over powering.We all have different tastes and you may well like...
  18. Re: Changes In A Scent's Notes:A Common Occurrence

    Your comparison with Givenchy Gentleman is bang on the money Gavin,that's exactly what I was thinking.To be honest I think they've ruined it now and I'm not sure if I'll be using it much.
  19. Changes In A Scent's Notes:A Common Occurrence?

    After reading that a lot of people here,have been finding that scent's they wore years ago no longer smell the same,I've now experienced the same thing myself.I recently bought a bottle of what is...
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    Re: who have tried joop jump?

    Smells EXACTLY like Lynx/Axe Africa.Not unpleasant,but far from different or special.
  21. Re: Which 2 fragrances would you discontinue?

    Kouros and Joop!The Joop specifically,in an effort to get a youth at my place of work to wash properly.He does not seem to realise that copious amounts of Joop! do not neutralise his awful body odour...
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    Re: Opinions on Aramis "New West"...

    I wish I had drawers like yours....................


    [smiley=lolk.gif] Anyone remember Hero by Faberge'? I found some of that too. [smiley=tongue.gif]

    Thanks for the fine...
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    Re: Insense Ultrafloral......

    I very much like Ultramarine,the original has a "smokiness" to it that I'm not keen on at all.
  24. Re: Paul Smith London....what a let down.

    Some of you guys must have skin pores like "black holes"!I have a sample bottle of this and I'm only too glad I didn't buy a "proper" size bottle.Way too strong for me..........................
  25. Re: there should be a rule against.....

    In a word;No!At the risk of sounding antagonistic,I think that would be a somewhat bold statement from anyone here.From someone with three post's,it's just downright rude.As these guys have already...
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    Re: Which Paul Smith?

    I have the original and it's the green I'm not keen on!I love it when it's been on 2-3 hours and it dries down to a lovely fresh/spice aroma.But those first couple of hours are hard going,I find the...
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    Re: SotD, Saturday, June 18

    Acqua di Gio deodorant spray.I don't care if you love it or hate it(with the greatest of respect for BN opinions),it's actually sunny and warm in England(a rare thing!)and this is the ideal thing...
  28. Re: What's the most expensive male fragance?

    Sweat;Look at the work you had to do to get there!Biggest downside is,it doesn't even smell good!
  29. Re: Why do I have a Chanel No5 bottle icon?

    It's a wardrobe link ;)
  30. Re: That "been in the woods while its raining scen

    I may be straying a little here,but a definite "earthy,after the rain" smell,has to be Voleur de Roses.May not be what you're after,but may be worth checking out.
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    Re: Kouros- Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    I would never stoop to liken Kouros to piss.Piss doesn't smell as bad,carry as far,or take so much scrubbing to wash off.No offence to it's fans,but those comments are meant to be taken literally,not...
  32. Re: Which Dunhill scent do you like? and why?

    Dunhill Edition,now there's one I haven't smelled for a few years.An absolute classic in my opinion,one of those scents that smells like it cost you good money!
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    Re: Givenchy PI

    Smells like baby oil and vomit to me :o
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    Re: J Lo Miami Glow

    According to the directory here it's feminine:
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