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  1. I need the perfect scent for a cruise in the bahamas!

    I am actually looking for two fragrances. One for when im at the ocean or on the ship deck. And one for when im dancing or at a fancy dinner. Im 16. Any reccomendations would be greatly...
  2. Re: Best Fragrance for a Cruise in the Bahamas

    any creed is out of my price range so if you guys have any other segestions it would be great
  3. Best Fragrance for a Cruise in the Bahamas

    Hello im 16 an I am going on a Cruise this summer and I want to get a cew fragrance that would be perfect for this situation. I know its far away but I want to get this cologne for my birthday which...
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    Gucci Pour Homme II or Burberry london

    Hello my friends 16th birthday is coming up and I can decied weather to get him Gucci Pour Homme II or Burberry London. I know he already has Armani Code Issey Miyake and cool water. He is fun and...
  5. Chanel Allure Homme Sport or Azzaro Chrome? What is the best fragrance?

    Which is the best for a teenager. Projection? Uniqueness? overall scent? what is the better fragrance
  6. What is the best summer fragrance.(projection and uniqueness)

    I'm in the market for a new summer fragrancee and im looking for one that will project like a beast and is really unique. I already have cool water and issey miyake. thank you
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    Bvlgari Aqua or Aqua Marine

    Hello im 15 and I am looking for a new summer scent. I already have cool water and im looking for something diffrent. Bvlgari Aqua and Aqua marine have both caught my interest and I was wondering...
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    Can a teen where A men pure malt

    Im a teenager and i am am looking at angel men pure malt but some of the reviewrs on youtube are saying that most teenage girls wont like it. Do you guys think a teenage girls would like this scent...
  9. New summer fragrance diffrent from issey miyake or cool water

    hello again i am interested in purchasing a summer colonge diffrent then cool water or issey miyake. I have looked at bvaulgari aqua and aqua marine. Should i get one of those and what one do you...
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    Any recomondations

    Hello i have just created my base notes account and i hope to continue with fragrances my whole life im 15 currently and am looking for some new stuff I currently have armani code, leau dissey by...
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