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    Re: Creed Jardin d'Amalfi.. Woahh

    I really loved my sample of Jardin d'Amalfi. A fresh and excellent summer scent. I did not find it very feminine. Some people are too worried about their manhood in here. But it is true it is too...
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    Re: Tobacco Vanille... huh?

    Because many people really love it. Tobacco Vanille is my number one favourite perfume and a perfect comfort scent on a cold winter day. I don't know why I love it, it just hit the spot. But on the...
  3. Re: I like Tom Ford Oud Wood - What else should I try

    I also love Oud Wood. Here are some that I also really like.

    Acqua di Parma - Colonia Intensa Oud
    Armani Prive - Oud Royal
    Versace - Oud Noir
    Rania J. - Oud Assam
    Reminiscence - Oud
    Tom Ford...
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    Poll: Re: Epic VS Oud Wood VS Colonia Oud

    Tom Ford Oud Wood is the one I'd go for. I bought several bottles, just because I like it so much. But I also have a bottle of Colonia Oud that I love. It's a quite different take on Oud compared to...
  5. Re: I think I've find it! A lifelong leather-partnership.

    Congratulation! Looking forward to get this in my collection as well. Awesome perfume! :coolold:
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    Re: Your winter 2014 purchase list

    Armani Prive - Rose d'Arabie
    Bentley - For Men
    Laurent Mazzone - Hard Leather
    Parfum D'Empire - Cuir Ottoman
    Tom Ford - Plum Japonais
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    Re: Colonia Intensa Oud is Grossly Underrated

    Makes you wonder what next AdP will create in this series. So far it looks like they can do no wrong.
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    Re: I'm done with Bond No. 9

    I had been wondering why I couldn't find any samples for Bond No. 9 anywhere. This explains it. Fragrance companies should know: No samples, no purchase. Places like Surrender to Chance do the...
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    Re: Colonia Leather by Acqua di Parma

    It could be many reasons for that. My guess is that they are out of stock because of popularity. First in Fragrance list both bottles sizes immediately available for purchase. It makes no sense that...
  10. Poll: Re: TF's Tuscan Leather vs. Acqua di Parma's Colonia Leather

    Agreed. Looking forward to a full bottle of Colonia Leather.
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    Re: my first "niche" fragrance

    Oud Alif is on my to try list. Your description makes me want to try it even more. Congratulations on your gift. I hope Shay & Blue get a wider distribution, or I might have to take a trip to London...
  12. Re: My review after visiting various NYC perfumeries Part IV (Leather Oud/Sycomore/Angel/etc)

    Thanks for sharing. I generally feel the same way about these fragrances as you do. I do love oud, but Dior Leather Oud has a real barnyard smell to it that is challenging. Other ouds are better, but...
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    Re: Two picks from Serge Lutens

    Fumerie Turque
    Borneo 1834
  14. Re: Valentino Uomo... Surprised I liked it, and bought a full bottle less than 24 hours later.

    I also love Valentino Uomo. Blind bought it and was very lucky.
  15. Re: i hate amen, will i like pure malt/pure havane?

    I too fell for the hype for the A*Man series here on Basenotes, and I got samples of them all. I hated every single one of them. Do not take a chance of blind buying any of them! To me they don't...
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    Re: The Oud Game

    Obviously you have no manners. It is extremely bad form to add disruptive comments like that in a thread like this. If you have nothing meaningful to contribute, then don’t comment. You are free to...
  17. Re: Storing Cologne - what temps are acceptable?

    This is only my opinion, but no, this is to high temperature to store a fragrance in. I would not store anything above 65 degrees Fahrenheit (18 Celsius). But then again, it depends on how fast you...
  18. Re: I want something that screams "BDSM" - sexy, bold, alluring. What is it?

    LM Parfums Ė Hard Leather. None better. None equal.
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    Re: Nasomatto blamage.

    You got to love the description: “The fragrance is a foolish and hapless creation, caused by a lack of discernment and reluctant accuracy.”
  20. Re: Profumi del Forte - Versilia Vintage Ambra Mediterranea

    I have discovered that Amber is not really for me. I have tested several, and in the beginning it was interesting, but after a while I don’t enjoy the smell so much. Ambra Mediterranea is a full...
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    Re: The Oud Game

    Thanks people. I like this game. I am definitely going to sample Terry de Gunzburg - Terryfic Oud.

    My contribution is one that I also have in line to get at sample of, so I donít know if it is any...
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    Re: Armani prive

    I just blind bought Oud Royal a few days ago, and I was lucky I really loved it. Now I think I want to buy Rose d'Arabie next. I could not find samples anywhere, but I love Tom Ford Noir de Noir, and...
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    Re: Valentino uomo

    I must say I find it a little frustrating that so many find Valentino Uomo “exactly” like DHI. Yes, in the beginning Valentino Uomo starts somewhat like DHI, but that only lasts a few minutes. Then...
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    Re: No great men's fragrances anymore?

    Thanks for the link. My first impression was that if he can’t find any new good fragrances, then he is just not looking hard enough. But then I read the whole thing, and I agree with everything he...
  25. Thread: Ysl m7

    by Twilight99

    Re: Ysl m7

    I just bought a 50 ml vintage bottle. I was also worried it was a fake, but I am more relaxed after reading this thread. My batch code is 3342 on the box and 33421 on the bottle. My bottle and box...
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    Re: TF Oud wood vs ADP Intensa Oud

    I have bought both, and they are quite different from each other.

    TF Oud Wood is pleasant and uplifting with a good woody character. I like to compare it to YLS M7, but M7 is much darker, smokier,...
  27. Re: Problems with Universalperfumesandcosmetics...

    I find it unreasonable that they demand you return the broken candle with registered parcel. Where I live that is prohibitive expensive, starting at $53 USD and up. It only cost $7 USD to send the...
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    Re: Blind Buying

    The samples they send are in plastic spray bottles. Samples I got have been at least 2 ml or more. Quite generous I think.
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    Re: Blind Buying

    I found samples of Bond No. 9 - Bleecker Street, Xerjoff - Nio, and Parfums de Marly - Herod from Essenza Nobile in Germany. I have ordered samples from there many times. You should try them.
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    Re: Blind Buying

    Yes. Sample, sample, sample. Sample like there is no tomorrow. Last few months I have been using hundreds of dollars on samples from Surrender to Chance, and it have saved me from using thousands of...
  31. Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    According to Kafkaesque, it does not.
  32. Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    Well, we are all in agreement then. Those that enjoy Iso E Super should be allowed to do so to their hearts content. Those who get headaches and other problems from Iso E Super should be able to...
  33. Re: I feel like Borneo 1834 is not getting the praise it deserves on here..

    This! It stopped me dead in my tracks limiting my interest in the brand.
  34. Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    remik - If I can’t smell Iso E Super, how can I not like it? Just kidding. But can we agree that the producers should mark their bottles if they contain potential allergenic compounds? I do not agree...
  35. Re: Armani Prive Oud Royal or Tom Ford's Oud Wood ? Which one and why ?

    I have been trying to find samples of Oud Royal, but with no luck. Thinking about blind buying a bottle, but people talking about burning tires have scared me off. I love Oud Wood and have a couple...
  36. Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    In addition I made a list of more perfumes with a lot of Iso E Super. Collected at forums and reviews, just because I need to avoid Iso E Super at all cost.

    Declaration (Cartier) 40%
  37. Re: Best fragrances with a lot of ISO-E super -

    Not so. Iso E super is definitely not like every other aroma chemical. There is a large portion of the population who has a negative reaction to Iso E Super. Personally I am anosmatic to the stuff,...
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    Re: Safest blind buys?

    I donít think there are any safe blind buys. I donít like LIDGE and I canít stand DHI. Citruses I find annoying and boring, and I canít understand why anyone want to smell like a lemon. I love YSL...
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    Re: Yves Saint Laurent / YSL - L'Homme Sport

    I’m looking forward to hearing what you think of it. So far I have liked every one of the l’Homme flankers, except Libre.
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    Re: Serge Lutens: Fumerie Turque-- My Review

    What bothers so much is that neither Fumerie Turque nor Borneo comes in a spray bottle. These two are the only ones I love from the Serge Lutens range, in addition to Chergui. The rest of the line is...
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    Re: What is the worst Dior fragrance

    Fahrenheit and Aqua Fahrenheit of those I have tried. None of my friends could stand them either. I just don’t understand how it is a popular scent. When I read about it, it all sounds wonderful, but...
  42. Poll: Re: Similar to BtB - TF Tobacco Vanille or SL Chergui?

    I love Tobacco Vanille, but Chergui is more complex and more wearable. Tobacco Vanille is a powerhouse, and I’m more self-conscious when wearing it. You should also try Burberry London and L'Occitane...
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    Re: Worst blind buy for you???

    Davidoff Zino and also Oscar de la Renta Pour Lui for me. I could not find any samples, and they were very cheap. So I went ahead and ordered them based on comments here on Basenotes. Not a big...
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    Re: Valentino Uomo. A new look on Dior Homme

    I blind bought this, and I was lucky. I like it. I can absolutely see the similarities with Dior Homme Intense which I have tried. But the thing is, I can’t stand DHI. Valentino Uomo is like DHI...
  45. Re: Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir Versace for men (2013)

    Got a friend to blind buy this for me in Thailand. He is expected back from holiday in a few days, and I can hardly wait. Really looking forward to try it. I’m a little worried on the reports of the...
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    Re: How do you hunt?

    For me it’s impossible to look at the notes and predict if I like the perfume or not. For instance I really like the tobacco note in Tobacco Vanille and Slumberhouse Jeke, but I cannot stand it By...
  47. Re: Question...Why do some houses not make certain scents available to sample?

    This I do not understand either. If they are interested in selling perfumes, they should make it a priority to make samples available. And I have no problem paying for samples. But then again a lot...
  48. Re: My samples (finally) arrived from the perfumed court....

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with these samples. I’ve tried most of them, and I mostly agree with you. The best strong, fantastic, linear vanilla I have ever tried is Mona Di Orio - Les...
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    Re: Order samples in The Netherlands

    I have bought samples from many times. Have only good experiences with them. They are very generous with their samples. But you should not limit yourself to European shops. I have...
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    Re: Are We Being Too Easy..

    Sampling has been difficult. I have sampled over 300 fragrances the last few months, and I can safely say I only enjoy 1 in 10. Those I love are few and far between. But then I’m pretty new to the...
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    Re: what notes do you struggle to detect?

    For me it’s ISO E Super. I cannot smell perfumes at all if they contain a lot of ISO E Super. First experience was with Dirty English from Juicy Couture. It’s supposed to be a spicy fragrance, but it...
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    Re: Versace Eros - Extremely Disappointed

    Eros I cannot stand. I got a sample and it was just nauseating. But I really like the bottle. Just wish they would make some good juice to fill it with.

    1 Million I really like. I almost didn’t...
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