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    Re: Alternative for Le Labo Vanille 44

    I see you've tried and liked Memoirs of a Trespasser... is that not close enough?
  2. Re: After 20 years testing - these are the best

    Entertaining read.

    The perspective though... your handle: "MeetTheMonster"; some of the descriptive words used to frame it all: "corporate sales mercenary", "big money", "the romantic game",...
  3. Re: Fragrance to wear to an EDM festival (headliner: The Chemical Brothers)

    B2B. I'd spray on shins/socks and wear cargo shorts. Who doesn't appreciate the smell of pipe tobacco (or a decent cigar, for that matter) when mixin' with the masses? Whatever I'd do, I wouldn't...
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    Re: Let's talk about Iris

    Not a big fan of iris but I do like the way it's done in Divine - L'Homme de Coeur. Surprised it and MPG - Iris Bleu Gris have yet to be mentioned, <edit> then again I wouldn't consider either...
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    Re: Darvant on Carven Homme (original)

    I think if one is going to describe Carven Homme, the comparison/contrast with Gucci Envy for Men is a good idea. If I read it correctly, he (mr. Darvant) identifies CH more so with other scents...
  6. Poll: Re: Poll: Would You Want To See A Creed Subforum Created???

    On one hand, I don't care as I find it easy enough to ignore most Creed related threads if I so choose.

    On the other hand, I've seen enough fanatic zeal revolving around this house to last the...
  7. Re: Please provide an objective explanation as to why Creed seems to be the most hated/loved house o

    First off, if anyone participating on BN truly loves or hates a fragrance or a house, they need to be spending more time with a therapist than on scents or discussing scents. Superfluous hyperbole...
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    Re: Help me identify this fragrance?

    Maybe Ungaro II, Jicky, or Mouchoir de Monsieur?
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    Re: Your most worn for July 2015

    1 Green Water 4
    2-5 YSL pH, Havana, Fresco, Chanel Pour Monsieur 2 wears
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    Re: Fragrantica Reviews....

    Relative note strength as perceived by others... that feature is the main draw for me as well.
  11. Re: Name your top 5 fragrances you reach for.

    In the last month, per SOTD:
    3 wears: Royall Vetiver
    2 wears: Guerlain Vetiver, Leather Oud, Annick Goutal Vetiver, YSL pH, Havana, Green Water, Fresco, Secret Melange

    In Ihe last year:
  12. Poll: Re: Fig, Fig and Fig...Which one is for you?

    Not a big fig fan and I don't care much for my bottle of Good Life... but I like Dune pH.
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    Re: Define projection/silage/longevity

    This has always been it for me. If people notice me from outside my personal bubble because of my cologne then I've surely overdone it.


    I apply mostly to my chest. If I get a constant...
  14. Re: You own it, You love/like it but it is quite a while you wear it. Whats that fragrance?

    With this in mind I went and selected Chanel Pour Monsieur for a wearing. It'd been 3 long years... and, again, I remember why I haven't been reaching for it at all. I can barely smell the stuff. ...
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    Re: Rochas lui????????

    Can't remember ever seeing the two mentioned together much re similarities but for vibe, feel, weight, performance, etc., Tiffany for Men always comes to mind. I have bottles of both. They're both...
  16. Re: You own it, You love/like it but it is quite a while you wear it. Whats that fragrance?

    According to the SoTD feature, I haven't worn the following scents I rate 4 or 5 stars for over:
    1 year - Urban Musk, R de Capucci, Oud 27, Or Black, Imperial Lime, Bond's Harrod's Svarvoski Oud,...
  17. Re: Comparing Two Fragrances for Blind Buy: Polo Black or Burberry London

    I have both...

    Polo Black is a fruit salad, too synthetic smelling, too big a step toward the mundane and pedestrian. My son would always steal a couple sprays when he was getting ready for his...
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    Re: Experienced noses, please weigh in!

    I've got a few samples of STH and just spritzed some upon paper a couple hours ago. Heaven only knows whether we're all smelling the same thing, wut, given reformulations and handling, etc.,... but...
  19. Re: Dior La Collection Privée | Leather Oud

    Liked what I'd heard about it enough to blind buy into a 50ml split... then, immediately, bought the biggie 250ml bottle for a bit over $200 back when.

    I wear it year around. Dosage depends on...
  20. Re: What are the things that disturb your eyes, before your nose?

    In no particular order except that in which the thoughts came...

    Color. I don't go for red, pink, purple, light neon blues or greens, etc. Give me clear or scotch-colored juice OR a tinted...
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    Re: Masculines with prominent lavender?

    Ungaro II
  22. Re: What is your most favorite smelling fragrance you currently own?

    On the 8th, Cuba.
    On the 9th I sprayed Fresco..., still Cuba.
    Today, Leather Oud.
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    Re: 1 spritz of Leather Oud = big complaint

    I'm drawn to this suggestion like a fly to shit. If you don't terribly mind my asking, where would one procure a sample of such promising pungency?

    I thank you very much!

    p.s. Went direct to...
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    Re: 1 spritz of Leather Oud = big complaint

    As a (pending?) commercial ambassador of fragrance... did you at least let her know that the term 'old man' is offensive to some people, even if that old man smells like he's carrying sun-baked cow...
  25. Re: Why is there so much love Helmut Lang's Cuiron?

    Me too. Your detailed review in the review section matches my experience with this one to the T.

    Now, it's entirely possible my samples (vintage) are not authentic, given the history of stoopid...
  26. Re: Polarizing fragrances and why you love them

    C&S Cuba... because it makes me feel like, well like Don Draper might look if he sprouted colorful peacock feathers and walked with a barely noticeable pimp hitch to his strut. Doesn't everyone want...
  27. Re: 1776 Russian Leather by Elsha - another gem

    Agreed, a gem. Based on BNr inputs I initially grabbed a used 4oz. Now, I've got close to a quart and according to SoTD feature, it's my 5th most worn all time. It fits like a glove and its...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Your Best of Amouage Man!

    Tribute Attar................ Man!
  29. Re: First Experience with Real Oud (Oud Yusuf)

    Sorry I haven't kept up... anyone know if/how this issue was resolved? Thank you very much.
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    Re: Joop homme

    Maybe 15 years ago one of the kids gave me a gift box of minis (cool water, grey flannel, polo, and joop). Working out of the house at the time I applied liberally from each one of the little...
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    Re: eau du sud

    Last wore this mid June. My experience pretty much matches the reviews written by Will and Santemon. I much prefer Eau du Sud over the other AG citrus-based bottles I have (e.g. Eau d'Hadrien,...
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    Re: Most worn June 2015?

    2 wears:
    Vermeil for Men, Bel Ami, Cuba, Eau du Sud, Royall Vetiver

    1 wear:
    Yatagan, Beaver, Lapidus pH, Eau Sauvage, Roma Uomo, Fetish pH, AdP Colonia Intensa, Green Water, Al Oudh, Oud by...
  33. Re: Name your best leather (forget the "again?" - Keep on reading)

    Montale - oud cuir d'arabie
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    Re: Test, just a test

    Did I pass?
    Did you pass?
    Who's testing who?
  35. Re: Designer Fragrance Houses and Ethical Practices (Hermes)

    My string of thoughts:
    1. Hmmm PETA, this is bound to piss me off.
    2. Gator / Croc skins? Don't use 'em. Don't believe I ever have. Don't have any plans to do so.
    3. Hermes! I really dig Bel...
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    Re: Masculine Rose

    Given the context of masculine given, I'd suggest you get your nose on some:
    Centennial - Bois Bourbon
    Imaginary Authors - Bull's Blood
    Alain Delon - Iquitos
    +Aramis 900
  37. Re: Forbidden notes; oak moss & vetiver, what are they really?

    ^ Bois de Jasmin offers up a pretty good blog answer to the copyright question.

    Our friend IFRA provides a position paper...
  38. Re: Forbidden notes; oak moss & vetiver, what are they really?

    Cites please!

    As mentioned, oakmoss is NOT prohibited... it's restricted. People, please read the current and only oakmoss IFRA restriction straight from the horses mouth:...
  39. Re: The Visual Clichés of a Perfumer or Artistic Director

    This made my inner child and much older body laugh. Wonder what the story is behind the print...(?)
  40. Re: "Amber does not exist in perfumery . . . "

    Brooklyn Perfume Company - Amber

    Not sure when that book came out, but Roja includes the term 'amber' in the list of ingredients (not notes, mind you) in his own namesake amber. Odd he wouldn't...
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    Re: SOTD Tuesday 16th June 2015

    Oh yeah
    Everything's gonna be alright this mornin'
    Oh yeah


    Amouage Gold for Men
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    Re: The Problem With Having Lots of Scents.

    I've done this twice: once with Bogart pH which doesn't/didn't cost much and I really didn't think twice about; once with EROLFA as well but I think the 1oz came shortly after the 4.2oz. This one...
  43. Re: Natural born artist and unnatural born perfume

    My monkey stopped doing that upon reading the surgeon general's report back in the 60s. Silly monkees!

    Now, I'm just an average pragmatic guy in the midwest of the u.s. without much artistic...
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    Re: No mass!

    I'm thinking I once heard this advice: "Boy, clowns will be clowns and artists will be artists. If you understand them, that'll be OK. If you don't understand them, that'll be OK too, but try not...
  45. Re: Just tried Pure Havane, what a piece of junk!! :/

    Hey man....smells like burnt cow pooh, tastes like chocolate covered burnt cow pooh? Incredible!

    What's the proper etiquette in response supposed to be? Sorry you had such a bad fragrance...
  46. What a reasonable and rather comprehensive...

    What a reasonable and rather comprehensive effort! I'm most surprised by the number of offhand sour comments. For those, a challenge: start a thread in the gen'l forum picking apart any of the...
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    Re: Fragrence up close smells different

    Straightforward logic: Even if our olfactory system works in a similar fashion, If you share your perspective on a scent based on sticking your nose right up to it, I've got no use for your...
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    Re: Azzaro Visit without sweetness

    I think you're on the right track with GpHI and CdG 2 Man. I'd add Christian Lacroix Tumulte pH.

    If none of those work, I'd then suggest checking out Kyoto, Hinoki, Sequoia and the others from...
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    Re: Colonia Intensa

    Nice scent. I wore about 10 sprays to the chest and another 4 on the forearms yesterday. I worked in the home office so there was no risk of gassing out the commuter railcars here. Besides, can...
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    Re: Fragrence up close smells different

    Nah, of course you're not alone.

    Sure we're all different and all that jazz but I'd almost like to see a qualifier before all assessments: Yep, I sprayed my skin and stuck my snout right up...
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    Re: Best Ginger?

    Don't know about 'front and center' but definitely a big part...
    In order of what I own:
    Tea for Two
    Original Vetiver
    5 O'Clock Gingembre
    Carven Homme (I swear there's ginger in there)
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    Re: Orange and Oud fragrances?

    Aftelier - Oud Louban.

    I've only tried the solid.
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    Re: Skin Chemistry: Real or Myth?

    My guess is real, to a degree, dependent upon any number of real or imagined factors.

    Here's a couple threads I found interesting:...
  54. Re: Your favorite scent from Alberto Morillas

    It's a toss up between Cartier - Le Baiser du Dragon and Puig - Sybaris.
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    Re: Your 6 fragrances for life

    1st Line
    Knize 10
    Bel Ami

    2nd Line
    Davidoff '84
    Eau d'Hermes
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    Re: I thought Balafre was discontinued

    Well, evidently there is vintage that looks like this (as perhaps others):

    And there's an 2.5oz edt that I have that looks like this one:

    Ordinary and weak? Can't argue with...
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    Re: SOTD: Monday, 1st of June, 2015

  58. Re: Ever feel like nobody's listening or your fragrance recommendations go unnoticed?

    Not a linden blossom soliflore, but it does stand out... Get your nose on some Zoologist - Beaver.

    Here's some BN threads on it: ...
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    Re: ... Pick your Orange ...

    I'd be quite surprised if the folks at ELdO considered me within their target market. I'm 50+, old school, favs: K10, Azzaro pH, Yatagan, Bel Ami, Kouros, yada yada. So imagine a guy like this......
  60. Re: Creed Royal Mayfair Please Read!

    Hey manuel! Care to share? Formula, results? Pros/cons, any shortcomings or inherent limitation in the gcms?
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    Re: Fragonard's Fragrances ???

    Same here. New or old, doesn't matter... to me at least... and I usually run from powder.
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    Poll: Re: Best Amber Fragrance for Men

    I find amber to be one of the more ubiquitous terms in all perfumery. BN stud and frequent contributor Chris Bartlett / Pell Well Perfumes provides a very interesting explanation here which he...
  63. Re: What are some of your favorite Plum fragrances?

    MCM 24 Evening has a nice plum note that does not dominate.
    Rume feels like it might have some plum in its dried fruit potpourri.
    Frank No. 2
    + Michael
    + Le Dandy
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    Re: Masterpiece Fragrances

    What exactly are the terms of this particular masterpiece discussion... and are they any different than the 10 or so pages that come up after doing a search on the term?

    It's all opinion. Some...
  65. Re: Is there pride in wearing samples and/or splits?

    No, there's no pride in that. As a peacock always looking to attract more peahens, I only strut with spritzes from the biggest bottles bought from the most expensive and exclusive luxury department...
  66. Re: Spiciest modern designer fragrance... help!!!

    Don't know what you consider 'modern' but Bijan for Men is probably the spiciest I'm familiar with.

    Others to consider:
    Bogart One Man Show
    Aramis Havana
    Montana parfum d'homme
  67. Re: Reformulation hysteria on here is comically intense.


    Agreed, but where'd we be without a little drama now and again... especially on a perfume forum. My guess is that it's harder on those that don't see it all as so very very subjective AND,...
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    Re: Do you keep smelling notes?

    Yes, for samples I usually email myself and save to a well-organized folder for quick retrieval. For further pursuits (bottle, sizeable decant/split) the scent gets its own line item on a...
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    Re: Alcohol % on packaging?
  70. Thread: Havana

    by DuNezDeBuzier

    Re: Havana

    Respectfully disagree about it being unique. Some perceive Montana Parfum d'Homme sharing quite a bit of similarity. I'm one. On another site, fwiw, 21 users perceive the same. In is not uncommon...
  71. Re: Calling all owners of Burberrys for men ( original cologne version from 1981 )

    I have the 100ml spray ("Cologne Natural Spray"). 2 5/8" wide x 1 1/8" deep x 3 3/4" tall. Given the dimensions stated in the OP, I'd guess it'd be reasonable to agree with the 4oz representation. ...
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    Re: Summer Leather?

    Eau d'Hermes
    Homme de Gres
    + Eau Sauvage Fraiche Cuir
    Lancome Cuir worked well for me recently in 80+ degree heat.
  73. Re: Should be more love for the Basenotes wardrobe!

    BN wardrobe is good... mkay? Mkay.
    SOTD feature is good... mkay? Mkay.

    Vintage would be good. Maybe a field for prodo code or something.:thumbup:
    I'd like to see it easier to get new items...
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    Re: Egoiste concentree $649 on eBay

    Makes sense to me but I'm a free market kinda guy. Like others have said, anyone can ask whatever they want. It's up to the prospective buyers, well-informed or not, to assess the offers and behave...
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    Re: a Modernist scent....


    - Arguably the first masculine oriental, it was quite different from the fougere/chypre masculines when it was released in 1937.
    - Function over form; the bottles were evidently...
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    Re: Best of the 90's?

    Ungaro II,
    Villoresi Sandalo
    Muscs Kublai Khan
    Piper Nigrum
    Balenciaga pH
    Givenchy Insense
    Villoresi Uomo
    DK Men / Fuel for Men
    DK Men Unleaded
    Opium pH edp
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    Re: What Is Your Top 5 As Of Right Now?

    As of late...

    Davidoff '84
    Perry Ellis Cologne for Men
    Villoresi Sandalo
    Parfum d'Habit
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    Re: Homme de Gres: who has tried it?

    Smokey, dry, herbal, citrus with an attitude, old-school. Smells like what I'd expect to come out of a bottle of Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir (sans the Fraicheur).

    Reach for it when I'm just as...
  79. Re: Why does Fahrenheit smell like gasoline?

    I assumed it was due to some isobutyl quinoline used for the leather accord.
  80. Re: Who here has engaged in blind testing of their entire collection to determine their favorites?

    Three fragrances quickly come to mind: Montale - Black Aoud, Taurer’s L'Air du Desert Marocain, and Divine – L’Homme Sage. If I’d have picked up an unmarked atomizer and sprayed my standard 4 sprays...
  81. Re: Who here has engaged in blind testing of their entire collection to determine their favorites?

    Not me.

    Determining favorites has involved multiple wearing of what I own, under various conditions, with varying dosage, and upon varying application areas, all giving me plenty of input to...
  82. Re: New house Zoologist Perfumes launches Panda, Beaver and Rhinoceros

    Thanks for all the review links Magic Ketchup, they're interesting.

    I've had my samples now for a few weeks and have gone to them a few times. I like the idea behind the house and quickly was set...
  83. Re: Is there a non synthetic good oud under $20?

    Yes. For me, Al Rehab Oudy (spray) was worth the effort. Two or three bottles can be had for around $20. I'd grab the roll-on too. They fly in the face of the maxim "you get what you pay for". ...
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    Re: Flankers... when ideas run out?

    Riding coattails, or striving to associate with the successful or popular, might be frowned upon by the more virtuous of us but we sure do see a lot of it and in most aspects of life. Probably...
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    Re: New Slumberhouse Fragrance: Kiste

    In my mind's eye, I'm sitting around idlin' about, having an IPA with one of the Joshes in Portland and I ask him "It's a part Rume, Sana and Baque from the earliest batches isn't it?"

    I don't...
  86. Re: Oud Journal (an ongoing adventure in Western ouds)

    +I came in to suggest Ajmal - Dahn Oudh Al Shams (Eau de Parfum). Around $85/30ml at Zahras. I prefer the standard but def second the suggestion.
    I appreciate Zafar and Najaf from Xerjoff, as...
  87. Re: It's unpopular, but you love it. What is it and why?

    Bijan Men. Whether the 2.5oz donut & golfball edt FiveStar bottle or the 1oz letter b cologne spray bottle distributed by XEL inc., no matter. Bold n spicy, spicy n bold. Wear too much and you'll...
  88. Re: ADP Bergamotto Di Calabria-Any ideas for blending?

    I hear you. I stumbled across an opportunity to pick up the 4oz blue bottle for around $80 and jumped. Even though it's marketed edt, it clearly behaves as a fleeting edc, much like 4711 and the...
  89. Re: Does our sense of smell (discernment) improve?

    Agreed. Practice makes perfect, as the saying goes, however to minimize false expectations it is wise to understand the difference between one's ability and one's capability. In certain things, we...
  90. Re: What's your favorite fragrance from Profumum Roma?

    Santalum...then Olibanum, Fumidus, Arso, and Ambre Aurea.
    Vanitas was a sweet vanilla blind buy mistake for me.
  91. Re: I'm pretty sure I haven't told this story before

    Same here. I'm into this hobby for my own enjoyment and hold absolutely no interest in being, or being perceived as, That Ambassador of Fragrance Guy. Also, there are likely too many idiots being...
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    Poll: Re: Project Finish Bottle version 2015

    Realistically... none with more than 15ml, though an old bottle of Perry Ellis Cologne for Men (Original) with maybe 7.5ml left might be a contenda.
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    Re: Dunhill for Men 1934

    Of the 3 dice and 3 bowling pins I've accumulated (eBay) one of the 'cologne for men' pins had maybe an ounce left, the rest were empty. I'd say it aged pretty well - citrus notes had slipped a bit...
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    Re: Pipe Smoker

    I smoke mostly full english blends when alone in the home office and milder blends when hanging with the family... maybe a dozen bowls a week.

    In the past I've generally preferred contrasting...
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    Re: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

    Thanks for this. I cut the cable over a year ago and am always looking for new things and things to newly surface.

    A few years back, upon learning I was into this hobby, a neighbor loaned me this...
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    Re: Blind buy mistake? Hermes Bel Ami

    I understand. However, with enough responses you're gonna get every answer under the sun. Some will sense cumin and like it. Some will sense cumin and not like it. Some group any/all masala type...
  97. Re: As most fragrances nowadays are just chemical compositions and chemical reformulations

    I think the industry, through IFRA/RIFM, has been on top of assessing perfumery materials re health concerns for decades. Natural v. synth, no matter. I think new materials are introduced onto the...
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    Re: Blind buy mistake? Hermes Bel Ami

    C'mon now. Having doubts or second guessing a blind buy before it even arrives? Then yes, you made a mistake, regardless the fragrance.

    Brutally honest assessments may be...
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    Poll: Re: Aventus Batch Variation Poll

    hahaha. I was wondering when such a poll was going to surface.

    I answered B but in fairness my sentiment is along the lines of "I really don't know but I find the herd behavior of those...
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    Re: February 2015 - Most Worn Fragrances

    Kiehl's Musk & Jules -- 3 wears
    Agua Brava, Musc Ravageur, Centaure, Perry Ellis for Men (original), Opium pH edp, Jeke, Maxims pH, Shalimar -- 2 wears
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