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  1. [USA] Re: Creed Royal Water, and vintage Royal Water (PRICES REDUCED)

  2. [USA] Creed Royal Water, and vintage Royal Water (PRICES REDUCED)

    Hey all,been out of the fragrance world for a while here, but I am selling two 75ml bottles of Creed Royal Water. A non vintage version that is about 95% full, and a vintage version is around 40%...
  3. Creed Viking, and Drone by Ephemera

    Hey there, I'm looking to get a full or partial bottle of Viking and another bottle of Drone by Ephemera Unsound. Please contact me if you would like to trade or sell. Thanks!
  4. [USA] Re: Xerjoff Kobe, Zegna and CK |also samples|

  5. [USA] Re: |Niche & Designer| Tom Ford, Keihl's, Zegna, ect...

  6. Re: Byredo Le Gant, Escentric Molecules

  7. Re: Help needed with next Winter Fragrance purchase

    If you don't want to venture in the niche realm, I recommend Dark Rebel by John Varvatos. If you want to check out some higher end fragrances, Oud wood, and Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford would fit the...
  8. Re: Scent of peace for him authentic?

    ^ this
  9. Re: Scent of peace for him authentic?

    Yes, on three separate occasions.
  10. Re: Scent of peace for him authentic?

    Also, I just noticed on the label on the front of the bottle where it says "The Scent of Peace For Him", the etching starts to get funky around "For Him" especially where it says "Him". I'm not sure...
  11. Re: Scent of peace for him authentic?

    I feel like with beautyspin you are essentially spinning a wheel and hoping it lands on authentic.
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    Re: Tom ford vs Guerlain

    If you want to try an interesting take on Vetiver try Molecule 03 by Escentric Molecules. I happen to like it quite a bit...but in regards to your post I would go with TF hands down. Guerlain's...
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    Doesn't it depend on which kind?
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    Re: The "last letter of a fragrance" game

    2000 Fleurs
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    Are you a robot?
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    Re: The "last letter of a fragrance" game

    1 Million
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    Is it a good thing people don't play this anymore?
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    Re: The "last letter of a fragrance" game

    31 Rue Cambon
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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Part Alien Part Puppy Yorkshire

  20. Poll: Re: What would you choose for summer?

    Well I'm not sure if they changed it "again" but this sample I had from Nordstrom was from about a year ago.
  21. Re: Your best and worst blind buys?

    awh, Eau de Grey Flannel isn't that bad! I chuck this stuff on whenever I want to smell clean for a short period of time, and don't have to worry about it lasting too long.
  22. Poll: Re: What would you choose for summer?

    Of the list I went with Dior Homme Sport. Though if you gave the option to choose the regular Acqua di Gio, I would have easily picked that instead.
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    Re: Too good to be true?

    I would have stopped just by the name of the site...
  24. Re: YouTube reviewers goofy thumbnails

    I don't watch youtube reviews really at all anymore, but the ones I do/did stumble across that seemed genuine, informative and are probably worth the watch (and I'm likely forgetting a few), are...
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    Re: Escentric 04 - thoughts ?

    I realize I am attracted to Geza Shoen's fragrances, or at least the ones I've tried so far. I have Escentric 04 coming tomorrow and will get back to you with some feedback. By the way if anyone...
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    Re: Atelier samples reviewed

    Nice reviews thus far...I haven't tried more than say, twelve Atelier Colognes, but Mandarine Glacial is my favorite so far. I own a full bottle, and I understand what you mean when you said it could...
  27. Poll: Re: Find a signature and then quit?

    I enjoy discovering new fragrances, and having a variety of ones that connected with me.
  28. Byredo Le Gant, Escentric Molecules

    Hey there,
    Looking to work out either a sale or swap for
    - Byredo Le Gant
    - Escentric Molecules Molecule 02 and 04, and Escentric 02.

    Please message me even if you have something...
  29. Re: Help me decide which Sephora frag to grab

    It's Luna Rossa Sport, if it was just Luna Rossa it'd definitely be a possibility.
  30. Help me decide which Sephora frag to grab

    Happy 2017 everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays, or are still enjoying them. For Xmas I received a Sephora scent certificate which is basically a voucher for any one of the fragrances given...
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    Bvlgari Man In Black

    Looking to swap for a bottle or partial bottle of Bvlgari Man In Black. PM me to get things started! thanks
  32. Re: Wanted: Xerjoff Kobe/Uden/Oroville, Creed Original Vetiver

  33. Re: Wanted: Creed Erolfa/Original Vetiver, Xerjoff Kobe/Uden/Oroville ... and Summer/Spring Niche

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    Re: Creed GIT - First impression

    I love GIT! It is so lush, and you can tell there is quality ingredients used. Trust me, once you smell it a few more times you'll experience the VAST difference between GIT and Cool Water. What your...
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    Re: Allure Homme Sport-Really Bad?

    I agree with you, although I don't find it "unpleasant" in some cases. It just doesn't agree with me in the slightest. The stuff is an instant headache for me, I feel like I'm getting stabbed in the...
  36. Re: Which fragrance garners the most COMPLAINTS when you wear it?

    I think people are misreading the thread title as COMPLIMENTS. Aventus? GIT? Spicebomb? I don't know what world you guys are living in but these have garnered nothing but positive feedback for me.
  37. Re: Top 5 Inexplicably Cheap yet Good Fragrances for Men

    Escada Sunset Heat for Him. This actually used to be my signature back in the good ol days, and if I hadn't got into fragrances so deeply I probably would still be reaching for it almost every day. A...
  38. Re: Chanel Homme Allure Sport Cologne - 2007 or 2016?

    Is the Allure Homme Sport Cologne less headache-y? I had to swap my Allure Homme Sport because my god it was like getting stabbed in the nose.
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    Re: Masculine Iris?

    What you need to try is Hystera by Gabriella Chieffo. I find it absolutely beautiful with its Iris and Clary Sage accord. This one is more of a "green" iris than the more known "white" styled iris,...
  40. Poll: Re: FOUR MFK'S: Aqua Vitae/Aqua Vitae Forte/Aqua Universalis/Aqua Universalis Forte: Which is Best?

    I have to disagree, AVF doesn't have the florals turned up, it has the cardamom turned way up.
  41. Poll: Re: FOUR MFK'S: Aqua Vitae/Aqua Vitae Forte/Aqua Universalis/Aqua Universalis Forte: Which is Best?

    Exactly, AUF is far too floral dominant where AU is perfect balance of floral and the light citrus. Not really sure how AUF has AU dominated atm...
  42. Re: Your Top 5 Incense-Based Fragrances

    Amouage - Jubilation XXV
    Naomi Goodsir - Bois d'Ascese
    ...can't count higher.
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    Re: Himalaya (Niche Sport?)

    I am on exactly the same page as you and you couldn't of said it better lol. Definitely the most uninspired I've smelled from the house so far. That said, I could see it extremely suitable for office...
  44. Re: Acqua decima vs silver mountain water vs bleecker street.

    Silver Mountain Water, one of my favorites! I just wish it would last longer. Had a bottle of Bleecker and ended up swapping it.
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    Poll: Re: Which summer scent?

  46. Re: Baccarat Rouge: Am I Missing Out?

    You are not missing out. It's a very sweet jasmin amber type thing that can be easily overlooked without regret. This is coming from someone who loves the MFK house.
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    Re: Popular vs personal taste...

    People will wear what they like regardless. The fact that the popular ones are popular should prove they are at least accepted by most and most likely worth your attention. It's the trending...
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    Re: Slumberhouse fragrances

    My favorites are Sova and Norne. Sova is beautiful in the fall and winter, extremely wearable and one of my all time favorites. Norne is probably the most potent juice you will ever smell. I like...
  49. Re: Your Favorite True Orange Scent

    I love Mandarine Glaciale.
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    Re: Five Letter Game

    Alternating crescendos cause excessive loving.

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    Poll: Re: Amouage Lyric or Reflection

    Lyric. The second best Amouage after Jub XXV imo. Reflection man is a jasmin bomb, no thanks.
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    Re: Niche Fragrance Testing Pt. 7

    I really like the black currant in Enchanted forest, kinda mouth watering for me at times. Same for the scent of peace for him; In the high heat it is very refreshing, and almost thirst...
  53. Re: creed virgin island water review

    Smells like Malibu Rum and Lime or sweet tarts. No thanks. :thumbdown:
  54. Re: Cool Water vs Bleu de Chanel EdT: Which one do you like more and why?

    Bleu de Chanel. I much prefer the EdP as it is more refined and elegant while still performing well, while the EdT is a bit more brash. Overall, Bleu de Chanel has a far outstanding quality than Cool...
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    Re: Questions regarding MFK?

    You missed out on Absolue pour le matin and Lumiere Noir for sure. xD
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    Poll: Re: Help Choose My Holiday Scents

    - For the day I'd go with Neroli Portofino. Smells like vacation to me, like a smell a hotel might have in it's lobbies and hallways. Refreshing and classy.
    - What you have here for night time may...
  57. Re: What fragrance are you surprised gained you a compliment?

  58. Replies

    Re: Questions regarding MFK?

    1. Not too familiar with APOM as I only smelled it once at the counter, doesn't remind me to this sample of Kobe that I currently have and love.
    2. I disagree with the majority it seems, I find...
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    Re: Smokey

    Wonderwood for me.
  60. Re: Xerjoff Dhofar "Barbershop" Ultimate

    Yea I just swapped for a bottle of Nio, I was going to accomplish that like it was the last thing I did lol! Uden and Oroville are definitely next on my to try list from Xerjoff, a lot of good...
  61. Re: Xerjoff Dhofar "Barbershop" Ultimate

    Gotta try it. Really looking forward to discovering the rest of the Xerjoff fragrances as I've only smelled Nio, Kobe, 1861 and 40 Knots.
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    Re: Help me choose

    Congrats, these are some solid frags to pick from, wow. I've heard good things about Ciel de gum if you like cinnamon amber floriental. Heard good things about apple brandy too if you like...
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    Re: Need help deciding.

    Really need to test things out instead of just buying something because one is impatient...
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    Re: Need help deciding.

    Cedrat Boise is not a fruity summer frag at all...although as stated before, I dislike it less of the two listed. You can do better than these though imho.
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    Re: Answer Every Question With A Question

    How did I end up here?
  66. Re: Scents that you've tried because of the controversy behind them

    Tried Cool Water AFTER owning Green Irish Tweed to see what all the fuss was about...That whole debate was seriously a thing? Wow, what a giant waste of time.
  67. Poll: Re: Are you, or have you ever been, a "top notes zombie" ?

    Wouldn't the term make more sense saying "Dry down zombie" ? Meaning you are dead to the dry down.
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    Re: New Scent - Tauer ROSE Flash

    Guess we're digging up an old thread. I would just like to interject that Rose Flash is the only fragrance, along with Selection Verte, that actually burned my skin upon application lol. Guess I'm...
  69. Re: Fragrancenet is too much of a hassle.

    Virgin Island Water and Original Vetiver.
  70. Re: Fragrancenet is too much of a hassle.

    Here they come...

    I don't know what else to tell you other than I've got fakes on two separate occasions lol. I'm not ready to take on the swarm by myself here though, so I'm going to retreat back...
  71. Re: Fragrancenet is too much of a hassle.

    Better put your flame jacket on, a lot of die hard fragnet fans on here that will fight to the death defending how they are legit.
  72. Re: Please recommend an incense inspired smokey fragrance

    As mentioned above, Bois d'Ascese is a MUST.

    Also check out Zagorsk and Kyoto by Comme Des Garcones, as well as Jeke and Norne by Slumberhouse.
    If you want to change gears a little, I highly...
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    Re: Hello Creed Lovers......

    Stated perfectly. I would rather have an excellent smell and an average performance than an excellent performance and an average smell. Around half of the Creeds have above average performance in my...
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    Re: First date..Advice needed..

    Go with you feel most confident with.
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    Re: spoiled by niche?

    I'm on the same page as you OP. I really don't bother anymore with finding out "whats new and exciting in the designer end". Niche is far more evocative, has so much more depth and atmosphere, with a...
  76. Re: Do you wear fragrances based on seasons?

    Mostly, yes. To me it works like clothing...You wouldn't put a heavy sweater on in the heat, and you wouldn't wear a light t shirt in the cold. The colder weather has more wiggle room though because...
  77. Re: Bond No.9 Andy Warhol Montauk Thoughts?

    It's basically a blueberry aquatic. I found it quite piercing in a bad way, a bit too sharp on me. Gave it to a lady friend, smelled fantastic on her...Leave it for the females my man, smells better...
  78. Poll: Re: Bond no.9 - Vote for Your Favourite

    I didn't vote because New Haarlem, The Scent of Peace for Him, and Wall Street weren't on the list.
  79. Re: First ever perfume finished with a crimped bottle......

    Congrats! I'm sure we would all actually like how it smells.
  80. Re: JNEW JPG Le Male Eau de Parfum Intense

    Another brand that seriously needs to chill with their flanker releases. It's like a broken record except each time it skips on a different part of the record.
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    Re: Slumberhouse Norne

    Slumberhouse Norne is a must for the summer. A standard go to this time of the year, and now it's officially summer baby! I simply throw on my Norne, throw on my bathing suit, and I'm ready to take...
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    Re: DH cousins?

    Check out Hystera by Gabriella Chieffo. Puts Dior Homme to shame in a corner hiding behind a pillow.
  83. Re: $120 on 1 niche, 2 designer frags or 42 samples?

    1 niche, although the ones I want next are more like double this lol :[ Trying to swap for them atm. Usually when I sample I don't spend even close to $120. I feel like it is a loss if you are...
  84. Re: MFK --- APOM or Luminiere noir pour homme or masculine pluriel ?

    Lumiere Noir Pour Homme. Lasts and performs pretty well on me, one of my favorites from the house and in general.
  85. Re: Spicebomb Eau Fraîche ... thoughts?

    Wow, gonna have to try this one out then! I like the original too, a version for the hot weather sounds intriguing ( and perhaps a little difficult to pull off with the cinnamon and tobacco in the...
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    Re: Summer recomendation

    I, contrary to what seems to be a following, don't care for Cedrat Boise at all, or at least the first 45 minutes of it. It comes off as, chemical-y. There is this note in it (I think it is the...
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    Poll: Re: Does Tobacco Vanille....

    Most of the compliments I've received from Tobacco Vanille over the years have been by women.
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    Re: Fruity frags

    Check these out if you have the time:
    Still life - Olfactive Studio
    Mandarine Glaciale - Atelier Cologne
    Sunset Heat for men - Escada
  89. Re: YSL L'Homme line, recommendations

    The original L'Homme...and please, for the love of everything, stay away from L'Homme Sport.
  90. Another L'Homme flanker, right on!

    I'm sure I will catch everyone by complete surprise here; YSL is back, with an all new L'Homme flanker! Wow! How exciting!...

    So I stumbled across the fact that there is a new L'Homme on the...
  91. Replies

    Re: Help me with Amouage

    True, I forgot about Reflection...although way too heavy on the jasmine for me anyway.
  92. Replies

    Re: Help me with Amouage

    Hey there. To answer your question, I think the closest one that I've tried from the house that would have a barbershop vibe would be Memoir Man. There is a cooling creaminess that comes through with...
  93. Wanted: Xerjoff Uden/Oroville, Creed Original Vetiver

    Hello there,
    I am looking for Uden and Oroville by Xerjoff, as well as Original Vetiver by Creed. I am also open to any offers that you think might interest me. Feel free to take a look at my...
  94. Re: My thoughts on English Laundry

    The best from the brand by far is Signature.
  95. Re: Two New MFK Fragrances coming soon code named "New Morning" and "New Night"

    Excited for both of these, especially New Day! I do enjoy Pour Le Matin the way it is, but a "cleaner" version of it would be just fine indeed. Pour Le Soir without the animalic note sounds awesome...
  96. Replies

    Re: Perfume as deodorant

    No... It's quite simple to understand that they are not the same thing at all. If you stink from running and spray a fragrance on, you will still stink but now you merely added different layer to it....
  97. Replies

    Re: Ultra-fruity masculine scent

    I loved Sunset Heat growing up, went through two bottles of it I think. I still like it now I just haven't worn it in forever, gotta remember to reach for it when it gets warmer...Anyway, off the top...
  98. [CONUS] Re: MFK Pluriel, Terre d Hermes, Xeryus Rouge, MB Intense, Cologne Sologne, Mont Blanc, Cereus

  99. Replies

    Re: Penhaligon's Suggestions

    Gonna have to try Sartorial again I suppose. I don't think I have the sample anymore but I found it somewhat plasticy or something.
  100. Replies

    Penhaligon's Suggestions

    Hey everyone,
    A Penhaligon's boutique has opened by me recently and would greatly appreciate suggestions of frags to sniff out. I have got my nose on Lothair, Sartorial, and Blenheim Bouquet. None...
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