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    Re: Chicago: City of Le Male

    People happier? I doubt it. With the economy the way it is right now in America, I don't think people are happier.
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    Re: Recommendation for 19 year old please

    Versace The Dreamer
  3. Poll: Coffee Scent: Rochas Man vs. A*Men Pure Coffee

    Of these two, which is the better Coffee scent? Please vote if you have tried both, and post why you chose the one you did, I'd love to hear your opinions.

    We're going to leave New Haarlem out of...
  4. Re: Help me pick a Montale, skip to page two, LOL

    Top 5 For Men:
    Black Aoud
    Roses Musk
    Soleil de Capri
    Sliver Aoud
    Aoud Lime

    Top 5 For Women:
    Aoud Damascus
    Crystal Aoud
  5. Re: Guerlain Spiritueuse Double Vanille affordable alternative

    Affordable alternative to SDV? There is nothing that compares, SDV is orgasmic. The only fragrance that is worthy of comparison is Le Labo Vanille 44, and I still feel that SDV is far more delicious....
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    Montale "The Best"?

    Has anyone heard of this fragrance, "The Best" by Montale?
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    Re: What was your first fragrance?

    Abercrombie Woods
  8. Poll: Re: How Much Does Your Collection Cost?? Actual Price You Paid So Far For Your Smelli

    I bought almost everything I have at Basenotes or other discounted places online. Besides a few special orders from Bergdorf Goodman or Montale Paris, I've hardly ever paid full price on anything or...
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    Poll: Re: Poll: Your Favourite Niche Houses

    Glad to see this poll is still up and running!

    Mine would be Malle/Creed/Bond/Montale :)
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    Re: see your drobes

    Hi Grant, please open up Wardrobe Editing for me, thanks! :)
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    Re: Creed is more for older people?

    Sorry, I guess I didn't read your post fully before answering. SMW, MI, and VIW are definitely "young" and "fresh", as they came out relatively recently and have enjoyed more mainstream popularity. A...
  12. Re: What fragrances gets you sexual aroused?

    Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur and Britney Spears Fantasy :p
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    Re: how can people liek versace dreamer?

    That would just make it twice as disgusting. Suddenly "almost puked" would become "puked" lol.
    Are we talking about Kouros or Kouros+Dreamer? No matter, I suppose it applies to both.
  14. Poll: Re: Unofficial Basenotes Awards "Best Mainstream Frag" Recount Poll! (Help Beat ADG!)

    This poll might be unfairly biased. Is it a coincidence that Terre de Hermes is listed first? lol.
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    Re: Ebay safe for creed?

    eBay Powersellers with 99% positive feedback are the WORST people to buy Creed from! lol. If they're selling Creed in bulk, you know something's up. toolhaus it y'all. This question has been answered...
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    Re: Basenotes Awards Have Been Announced!

    Disappointing, especially after all the mounting anticipation of the award results being delayed so long.

    I'm not surprised that Unforgivable was so widely received, it's a good smell with a good...
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    Re: Is Terre d'Hermes too old for me?

    I'm 21 and I tried to love this, based on the glowing praise and every review.

    21 year old girls went running for the hills. I've never had that reaction before, besides Creed Original Santal and...
  18. Re: I wore this after gym & 2 gay Thai men wanted to eat me

    If Bogart had that kind of effect, you should try Frederic Malle Noir Epices! hahahaha
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    Re: are creed Refillable Atomizers empty?

    Yeah, I bought a red atomizer from FragranceX, which claimed to be filled with Spring Flower... and it was empty! Bastards... I knew it was too good to be true.
  20. Poll: Re: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    Just because Chez Bond is near identical to GIT, and Hamptons is near identical to SMW, people automatically think Bonds are all rip-offs of Creed. I really don't understand it. Sometimes it's a...
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    Re: Creed is more for older people?

    Creed is for older people... compared to what? It's all relative.

    Compared to Bond No.9? Yes. Creed is for classic snobbish grandpas, and Bond is for modern hipsters who aren't ashamed to be...
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    Re: backup bottles. how many?

    I had 3 bottles of Bond No.9 Bleecker Street, 3 bottles of Montale Black Aoud, and 2 bottles of Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur at one point, but I now only have one of each, cuz I had to sell them cuz...
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    Re: Please Rank my fragrances....

    Top 5:
    Creed Himalaya
    Bond No.9 Riverside Drive
    Sean Johns Unforgivable
    Issey Miyake for Men
    YSL M7

    Bottom 1:
    Terre de Hermes (gasp!)
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    Re: What Creed do you recommend

    Try Selection Verte and Neroli Sauvage
  25. Poll: Re: The Best Bond No9 Fragrance for Men-POLL!

    Now just do a run-off between Bleecker Street, Riverside Drive, New Haarlem, Wall Street, and Silver Factory, where people can only vote once. Bleecker will surely dominate, as it should.
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    Poll: Re: New Forum: Fake/Counterfeit Creeds

    True. So how about making a seperate forum called "Avoiding Counterfeit Fragrances" and put up a sticky to direct people there, and move all existing threads on this issue to there? It will mostly be...
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    Poll: Re: New Forum: Fake/Counterfeit Creeds

    Damn, that should have been the 5th poll option!
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    Poll: New Forum: Fake/Counterfeit Creeds

    We need this forum in the Basenotes Community, so we can put all these threads threads there, and we won't have to waste time sifting through them to get the legitimate threads. At least as many...
  29. Re: And by "samples"...she meant "testers"...

    Hey, if you're interested in a 200ml bottle of Gaultier2 Body Lotion, I can swap it for another lotion, shampoo, shower gel, fragrance, whatever :) Just send me a PM if you're interested!
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    Poll: Re: Got the Fake Creed Millesime Imperial that I ordered.

    It's nice to display, it is almost flawless (on the outside). If they would have taken the consideration to at least fill it with Unforgivable, it might be a bestselling fake. Instead, it smells like...
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    Re: Alternatives to Joop! Nightflight?

    Try Clinique Happy.
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    Re: Gendarme one ups Creed

    Bill Clinton? Hell, I'll wear this if it gives me good times at work when no one's looking.
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    Poll: Re: how to validate authentic Creed

    If you're so worried about counterfeit Creed, get the Bond No.9 equivalent (at discount of course, never at retail price). Bond stole many of Creeds ideas and tweaked them slightly. They took popular...
  34. Re: Ok, I'll start the thread - what's wrong in Perfumes: The Guide.

    There's things he can add, key omissions of important houses. However, I don't think he needs to "correct" his views. He is entitled to his own opinion, just like everybody else, and can share his...
  35. Re: Your favourite Creed for summer/going out

    I think that Luca Turin is an expert on designer scents, and historic/classic scents; I think that's pretty clear. However, I wouldn't listen to anything he has to say about niches...
  36. Re: Once you go niche, do you ever go back?

    Once you go niche, you never go back. They have bigger cocks.
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    Re: Another Axe Proximity convert...

    I didn't think the Amber was sweet enough! lol, probably because I'm spoiled by SDV.

    If anyone wants my bottle of Axe Amber Proximity, I can trade it for some samples or something of similar...
  38. Re: Once you go niche, do you ever go back?

    I never meant to say that Black Aoud was just M7 with better ingredients lol, obviously they are very different scents. And there's not a real analog to anything, I simply made those connections...
  39. Re: Le Labo - A lesson in how NOT to sell fragrance...

    Any company that tells you that you have to toss out the fragrance that you bought last year, because it "expired", is highly suspect. Does that mean that Le Labo fragrances go bad quicker than...
  40. Re: Your favourite Creed for summer/going out

    Sexy is key.

    - Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur (you'll smell like you can be bought for the price of dinner)
    - Montale Black Aoud (you're on your way to the brothel, and you're picking up honeys on...
  41. Re: Once you go niche, do you ever go back?


    Once I hit like 60-70 frags, more than half of which were designer. I knew I had to cut down to 30 frags and sell the rest. I call it "The Great Purge." The only designer scents to come out...
  42. Re: Your favourite Creed for summer/going out

    Summer: Millesime Imperial or Original Vetiver

    Going Out: NOT Creed lol, I have Montale, Malle, and Le Labo for that.
  43. Re: Your favourite Creed for summer/going out

    Do you believe everything you read? I suppose you should try it for yourself, huh?

    I suppose you could call all Creeds a "mini Green Irish Tweed" based on the house note. I suppose you could call...
  44. Re: Perfumes/houses that REALLY need to be in Perfumes. The Guide II

    Too many to list. I wouldn't have bought the guide if I knew most of my fragrances weren't even reviewed.

    Also, as great as his reputation is, I don't think I can take him seriously after he...
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    Re: What is a Niche?

    A niche house is generally a fragrance house that is independent from any big designer brand name. There are exceptions, but all of the well known niche houses that I can think of follow this. It is...
  46. Poll: Re: How important is a frag's bottle to you?

    I think the bottle matters to most people, unless cost is involved. To those who chose Option 2, if the cost was the same, would you rather have a frag in a cool bottle (like Bond No.9, IMHO), or a...
  47. Re: Clive Christian: Worth Buying a Sample?

    No. Best case scenario: you love it, and want to buy it, and can't afford it. Worst case scenario, you hate it, and you just wasted money on a sample. It's a lose-lose situation.
  48. Poll: Re: Kouros: Can we ban all future threads on it?

    We should ban threads where Creedheads verbally abuse those that don't "get it", such as Luca Turin.
  49. Poll: Re: Kouros: Can we ban all future threads on it?

    Hearing about Kouros makes me feel dirty. Not dirty in a kinky way, dirty in a "oh no, I stepped in some dog crap" way. I'd rather go out in public with a generous dose of MKK or Kingdom than...
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    Re: New Versions of A*Men coming in 2009

    No need to get upset about this, it just gives us more reasons to laugh at people who don't know anything and buy the 5th or 6th remix.
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    Re: Top 3 niche summer scents

    Montale Soleil de Capri
    Penhaligon's Endymion
    Creed Millesime Imperial
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    Re: Kuoros - thumbs way down.

    If I wanted to smell like my cat's anus, I would go right to the source and save my money.
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    Re: Give me Wardrobe or give me Death!

    Get me Kevorkian dammit
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    Re: Civit. A Burr article.

    Eew, Musc Ravageur has civet?? I think I'm inclined to love it less now that I've learned the horrific truth...
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    Re: Fresh rose scents?

    1. Creed Fleur de The Rose Bulgare
    2. Montale Roses Musk
    3. Montale Tea Rose (Japan Exclusive)
    4. CDG Red Rose

    I would recommend all the above. All are fresh and gorgeous, with prominent rose....
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    Re: Prediction: Storer's Winter Star

    Kadota is his best, as far as I know. It tops L'Artisan and Hermes fig efforts, and is highly comparable to Philosykos, maybe even slightly smoother and better.
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    Give me Wardrobe or give me Death!

    That is all.
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    Re: Creed's Papal gift

    I wonder what gifts L'Artisan, Etro, and Comme des Garcons are going to counter with...
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    Re: scent doesn't stay on skin?

    spray your clothes. I typically get 6 hours skin, 24 hours shirt, with the same frag.
  60. Re: Spraying 2 EDTs on at the same time - what happens?

    Spraying two different EDTs in the same spot will generally give you cancer, but if you're lucky there might be some positive effects as well. Remember the Ninja Turtles? How do you think they came...
  61. Re: Which scent gets you the most male compliments?

    Burberry Brit

    "WOW! This elevator smells REALLY GOOD!"

    I don't own this anymore.
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    Re: Is my M7 a fake?

    Find a friend (I hope you have a few :) ) with a digital camera and take some pictures, and they are very easy to upload to a picture website, and link to it. Without pictures, I don't know how you...
  63. Re: New Luca Turin book - your thoughts? Here are mine.

    I was wondering the same thing, I went cover to cover looking for a Montale reference lol. Also, it was sad to see my entire collection get trashed with 1 or 2 stars... especially my favourites:...
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    Re: I is noob:P

    I wear those too. Who says a 20 year old can't wear the frags of a really good-smelling old man? :p
  65. Re: Swedish brand Byredo launch five new fragrances

    A dirtied up rose? We have Rose 31, Black Aoud, and DC, do we need another? well, I suppose I'll have to try it anyways. because it has the word "Rose". and the word "Black". Clever marketing... They...
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    Re: "Gay" Perfumes

    If you're worried about being "gay" with your fragrance selection, just spray on some Kouros or Yatagan, and no one will question your sexuality. They might question your taste though...
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    Re: I is noob:P

    For grams, Shalimar, or Mitsouko.

    From an old man, Creed Bois du Portugal, Patou Pour Homme, Guerlain Heritage, Guerlain Vetiver, or Acqua di Parma Colonia.
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    Re: Fake Creed GIT - Comparison Pics

    Well, if you're broke, you have curve, cool water, halston unbound, and then a bottle of Green Frich Tweed on your shelf to impress people when they come over. "Oh! Green Irish Tweed! My Daddy wears...
  69. Re: Michael Storer's Upcoming New Fragrance.

    But it's not even summer yet! Ask Michael Storer to come out with Summer Sun first, before August Moon and Winter Star!
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    Re: Blind rose?

    I would say no. Rose Poivree is a totally different animal. And by different animal, I mean there it has animal parts it in. It's got real bits of panther, so you know it's good. 60% of the time, it...
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    Re: Exhorbitant fragrance prices

    The good stuff is expensive, though not all expensive stuff is good. Same as anything in this world. If the good stuff is cheap, then it'd be everywhere, like Cool Water or Abercrombie Fierce or...
  72. Re: I know decans are forbidden, but what about home made samples on paper?

    Decants are the Devil!
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    Re: Le Labo - They all smell the same??

    Sounds like people don't think that Vetiver ## smells like Rose ##. I got it from The Perfumed Court, perhaps they made a mistake, or they ran out of Vetiver ## and wanted to pull a fast one with...
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    Re: Should I buy this Bond No. 9?

    $50 for 100ml? lol, that's pretty fair, just 1/4 of retail.. lol. I'd say $70, take it or leave it. And if he doesn't want to sell, just do as another BNer suggested and find a 50ml bottle for...
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    Le Labo - They all smell the same??

    So I just got a sample of Vetiver 44, and it smells EXACTLY like Rose 31, minus the rose. I'm getting samples of Neroli and Patchouli, and I really hope they don't also smell the same. Is there a Le...
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    Re: Luca Turin and Creed

    Let's say that Turin hating Creed leads to less people buying Creed, therefore you are more unique when you use Creed. This can only be good for you.
  77. Re: When a fragrance smells just like you thought it would!

    hahaha! someone got it ;) :beer:
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    Re: Ebay fakers

    As long as you're not buying popular designer, popular discontinued, or Creed fragrances, you really don't need to worry about fakes on eBay.
  79. Re: When a fragrance smells just like you thought it would!

    "They are, who we thought they were!"
  80. Re: Turin's Perfumes: The Guide, out today

    I suppose it would end with the valiant young knight Erwin Creed slaying the evil dragon Laurice Rahme. Sure to be a thriller!
  81. Re: Turin's Perfumes: The Guide, out today

    I ordered mine from Amazon, just to be well informed.

    Once I read it, I will put it up for swap, for a bottle or decant of something ;)
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    Re: @ those with 10+ bottles

    I keep my clear bottles in the back pf the shelf, to minimize exposure to light :)
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    Re: New Jean Paul Gaultier Summer

    It should have been named John Paul Gautier Egyptian Summer, though a pharaoh would probably prefer Amouage Gold Cristal.
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    Re: Jubilation XXV

    Amouage Jubilation XXV is like an improved Bond No.9 Andy Warhol Silver Factory, yet it's more animalic, almost in a Creed Acier Aluminium kind of way. So in conclusion, try:

    -Bond No.9 Andy...
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    Re: Narrow ties

    Sure I can :)

    I'm extremely skinny, not by choice, but it's the damn metabolism... I'm 5'8" 130 lbs with a 30" waist, and I'm sure what my chest is, but probably similar to you, 36"ish. I'm 20...
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    Re: Any Alternatives to White Jeans?

    There's nothing like the real thing, I think she would appreciate an actual bottle of Versace White Jeans the most.

    There are bottles available on eBay. This particular auction stands out because...
  87. Re: GIT ordered from FragranceNet same as the the one ordered from Newman Marcus.

    That's what I'm saying, they're grey market, not counterfeit. But don't be shocked when the box turns up beat up or with stuff cut out, or if it's been sitting in a hot steamy warehouse for several...
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    Re: Creed + Me = A One-Note Symphony

    I was thinking the same thing...

    I see you have this view of all Creeds, yet have only tried three somewhat similar frags. There is an entire world of Creeds to explore, my friend. I've tried...
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    Re: Have you ever suffered sticker shock?

    I almost spent $100 on Stardust untested, back when there was a mad rush for it since it was being discontinued. Boy, am I glad I didn't, that would have been sticker shock lol. But I'm sure not all...
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    Re: Scent and personality

    I'd assume the bookworm didn't shower for days and the jock had some of his girlfriend's perfume rub off on him :p

    Seriously though, I would be shocked to smell a quality niche fragrance on anyone...
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    Re: Unisex Fragrances

    I really love unisex fragrances, and it is no surprise that most are from niche houses. Montale, Creed, and Bond No.9 all have some very good examples of amazing unisex frags.
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    Re: Sell me on TdH. Please.

    Maybe it's my skin... Yeah, it doesn't work for me.
  93. Re: Bond - I don't know what's going on here...

    People think it's hip to compare fragrances, and say "that's just like this!" especially with aquatics, even more so with Creeds and Bonds. Most people don't know what they're talking about, and not...
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    Re: Sell me on TdH. Please.

    Judging by the "Eew!" response I got from girls, a reaction that almost never happens, I cannot recommend this fragrance. I thought it was so-so, but it's not good enough that I can justify hearing...
  95. Re: Looking for two notes in a fragrance

    Are you sure it was Unbound for Men? Because there is Unbound for Women.

    I also agree with Bond No.9 Wallstreet, though I think Riverside Drive captures it more. Wallstreet is cucumbery, but in a...
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    Re: Creamy Musk note?

    I was just about to recommend that, though LV Musk wasn't really my style. I prefer a dirtier sexier Musc Ravageur type, though not so dirty as to be unwashed, like MKK...
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    Re: If you could only have one scent...

    My favorite fragrance is Bond No.9 Bleecker Street, though if I could only have one, it would be Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur. It's too damn sexy to resist!
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    Re: Creed Erolfa on Titanic?

    We need to add to the Creed mythology, in the tradition of Chuck Norris and Vin Diesel.

    George W. Bush once considered replacing the failing American dollar with Creed as currency, but was...
  99. Re: EDT, EDP and Perfume Oil...Differences?

    Nice Silverbullet, seems like I forgot a couple.

    Aftershave < Cologne < Eau de Cologne (EDC) < Eau de Toilette (EDT) < Parfum de Toilette < Eau de Parfum (EDP) < Pefume (Parfum) < Extrait <...
  100. Re: Looking for two notes in a fragrance

    Well good cucumber frags are Halston Unbound, Acqua di Gio, and Bond No.9 Riverside Drive, listed in the order of the amount of money you will pay for them ($10, $50, and $100, respectfully).
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