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  1. Re: M7 by Yves Saint Laurent is a masterpiece?

    again this kind of posts?

    the answer is always going to be, yes for some and no for others.....
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    Re: Starting over, need some suggestions!

    next visit to the perfume store you should test Rochas Man and Givenchy Pi
  3. Re: Your 3 unisex favorite fragrances - Your List

    I agree with Hillaire,

    besides I think that reply was not polite at all
  4. Re: Your 5 favorite perfumes (man) - Your List

    someone is having memory problems :rolleyes:
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    Re: Has Anyone Tried Lalique White?

    this is no joke but it smells very very similar to a feet deodorant that is sold in my country called ¨deo pies¨ :rolleyes:

    so I would not wear that any time soon and be remembered as...
  6. Re: Fruity Cologne : What was this guy wearing????

    Diesel Fuel For life
    Paco Rabanne Black XS

    girls love those 2
  7. Poll: Re: My wife won't "alllow" me to buy fragrances for the next 6 months

    if its your money do whatever you want with it, as long as you still keep up with your responsibilities
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    Re: fragranceX

    does anyone know how much time it takes the international shipping to Colombia (south america)??
  9. Re: Need suggestions to complement my collection

    I have been trying and trying scents when I can, what do you guys think about Tom Ford Black Orchid or Tom Ford Black Orchid Voile de Fleur as an addition to my wardrobe

    Im already decided to buy...
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    Re: Do you wear your age?

    I wear anything that I feel comfortable wearing which means what smells good to my nose.
    Now thinking about it... when I was about 10-14 yo I remember using my dad´s colognes every day before going...
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    Re: Tom Ford Black Orchid for a Guy?

    I have only tried Black Orchid Voile de Fleur (never tried the original BO) and I think it is very good and would wear it if I own it.
    my question is, what is the difference between voile de fleur...
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    Re: Post A Picture of Your Scents - Edition II

    I think all points to you :cool:
    they are too large, you should make them smaller if you don´t mind
  13. Re: Need suggestions to complement my collection

    Yeah Bvlagri Black its very good! thanx man I´m going to buy it next time I can.

    I tried Le Male before but didn´t like it, it is just too loud for me just like A*men. I preffer scents on the...
  14. Re: Need suggestions to complement my collection

    Hey guys I really appreciate your responses too (jrdt4t, marymark, fakepurseninja)

    I have been testing and still have some to go like for example M7, Rive Gauche, Dreamer, Narciso Rodriguez and a...
  15. Re: Need suggestions to complement my collection

    thanx bbBD and Basteri for your suggestions! I got them written down for my next visit to the perfume store and test them.

    keep them comming
  16. Need suggestions to complement my collection

    Hello guys, I have been around at BN for some months now and I have found a lot of interesting information and the people here its very nice and helpful. I just wanted any suggestions based on my...
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    Re: Acqua Di Portofino

    it´s the original I suppose, the one that comes in the blue box package. I didn´t know they had a unisex fragrance, the other one I saw was the Donna for the ladies.

    its weird that it is not that...
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    Acqua Di Portofino

    I was yesterday looking around at my local perfume shop searching for new arrivals or scents that I have not tried, when the SA offered me to test this new italian scent Acqua Di Portofino. I...
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    Re: Daddy Yankee is launching a fragrance...

    I am latin but I would never wear or buy that crap. I have never semelled that scent but judging by the music he does and looking at his haircut... he doesn´t have a good taste

    why would...
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    Re: Post A Picture of Your Scents - Edition II

    yeah specially style in play, I sometimes stop wearing it for some weeks and when i go back to it its like the first time i smelled it which was just delicious :rolleyes:

    LOL those Ferraris...
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    Re: Post A Picture of Your Scents - Edition II

    ok here´s my little collection. i know it´s not that great as most pictured in this thread but what the hell =)
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    Re: Hangover fragrance?

    definately you should layer some Le Male with Kouros or maybe a little of A*men!! and you are all set...
    to vomit! haha

    actually, I would suggest to stay away from scents, breathe fresh air ,...
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    Re: Accidental Layering

    Yves Saint laurent L´homme + DKNY Be Delicious

    ok I came with this due to that for some reason i can´t stand the smell of Yves Saint laurent L´homme, it makes me give a headache when i wear it,...
  24. Re: Is there a reason why perfume is not generally available in smaller sizes?

    if all fragrances were available in those sizes i would buy waay more often.
    Here in Colombia i have only seen Black Xs in 30ml, which i bought right away.
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    Re: Sweet/Sugary/Gourmand Scents

    I totally recommend Lolita Lempicka Au Masculin and Rochas Man, can´t go wrong with those two
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    Re: Any love for A*Men ?

    I kind of like it for the chocolate but the coffee note i cant stand it ,just as i cant stand drinking coffee.
    I would never wear it, too strong for me. and besides i dont want to be smelling like...
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    Re: Basic Wardrobe Editing now available

    Well Oeno, I agree with you on replacing the "Owned" with "Used to Own," and "Test List" with "Wish to Test" . But I dont agree on disabling the stars on the second one, instead of disabling them I...
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    Re: Favorite Jeans?

    Diesel, I love the details, style and how they fit me very well
    used to wear Levi´s but they are too old school, old fashioned even though they try to make more up to date designs they still got...
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    Re: The (Almost) Identical Fragrances Thread

    and which one is that :confused:
    cheers paisano
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    Re: The Other Side (a SA's point of view)

    ok i have divided thoughts here from my experiences : there are SAs who know how to treat a client and those who dont.

    When I get those SAs that literally become my shadow even when i tell them...
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    Sticky: Re: Which scent gets you the most female compliments?

    I got complements wearing these:

    Cool Water happy summer - Davidoff
    D&G PH
    Black XS by Paco R.
    Rochas Man

    and I got a negative response while wearing Fleur du male by JPG which i tried on...
  32. Re: Today I Bought - January 2009; HAPPY NEW YEAR FOLKS :)

    yesterday I was at the mall and could not resist going into the perfume store I bought Rochas Man and Paco Rabanne Black XS

    ps: yeah im a newbie
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    Re: The (Almost) Identical Fragrances Thread

    I have never tried Moschino or Versace man au fraiche, but I tried D&G light blue for women and I found that the dry down of Paco Rabanne black XS (at least on my skin) is very very similar.

  34. Re: Hi, I am in search of an online store that ships to south america

    yeah Ebay would be my last option, I prefer an online store because its safer in those issues .
  35. Re: Hi, I am in search of an online store that ships to south america

    Thanx for the info there aeishunu, will check the website.
    LOL thats what i want to know too, everyone here on BN talks about it , i have seen reviews, etc. and since here in my country no one knows...
  36. Hi, I am in search of an online store that ships to south america

    I am From Bogotá, Colombia (South America)

    I started buying colognes about a year and a half, the first colognes were gifts and i just used them and didnt paid much attention to it, just...
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    Re: The BIG list of online stores - your input needed!

    Hi Guys

    I live in Colombia (South America) so Im in need of an online store that ships internationally, I looked at and seems to me that they have very good prices.anyone has...
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