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    Re: The Perfumed Court service gone downhill?

    Has anyone experienced them charging your card for a fragrance they don't have?! I have and I'm furious. It wasn't a tiny decant, but 15 mls of Caron extrait. I'm cancelling my order and they...
  2. Re: Article: Kurkdjian creates latest Carven L'Eau de Toilette

    Le Parfum is one of the first full 100 mls bottles I've bought I ages. It's been a long time since I've come across something that isn't like what I already have, that is elegant and beautiful and...
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    Re: Antilope by Weil - Current version

    I have a small vial of the the new Antelope in EdP strength that came with an on-line order and thought "why do they send me this stuff?" but a little had leaked and got on my fingers. The clouds...
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    Re: New Fragrances: Puredistance Antonia and M

    FYI, all of the Puredistance frags are extrait and most reviewers give them amazing lasting power. $198. for 17.5 ml. of extrait is pretty darn good. Dying to try them.
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