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    Re: Ferrari Oud Essence

    I am crying with laughter! OMFG.

  2. Re: If you could only pick 3 designer scents to use for the rest of your life what would you pick?

    Le Male
    Allure Home Sport
    Pure Malt
  3. Musc Ravajour wearers - Has this happened to you?

    i could not STAND Musc ravajour when i first got it.

    i mean my god it stank, it was deep dark and nasty it smelt like a old man cream in fact i had smelt old man creams that were better!

    so i...
  4. Poll: Re: Acqua di Gio vs Allure Homme Sport...Longevity and Projection

    For me? Aqua da Gio by miles

    everybody is different bro :O
  5. Replies

    Re: Lacoste Challenge

    Here is a challenge for Lacoste: Make a decent fragrance.
  6. Re: Best Male night out clubbing scents?

    woulden't of said A* men was my idea of a clubbing scent but hey i have been wrong before!
  7. Best Male night out clubbing scents?

    Hello friends!

    need a new clubbing scent as 'Le Male' is great but everybody wears it!
    need something that projects is sweet, and has a good sexy going out vibe in the clubs!

    anybody got any...
  8. Replies

    Re: Dior Homme Intense -WTF ?

    ^ oh my god, i am dying!!!
  9. Replies

    Your greatest blind buy!

    For me, it would have to be "Unforgivable - Sean John" i wanted to get an idea of what MI was smell like, i was aware that they did not smell exactly the same but i wanted to get a round about idea....
  10. Replies

    Re: Dior Homme Intense -WTF ?

    this fragrance chooses it's friends.

    it didn't choose me immediately, i really just didn't get it. The make up/iris/ shit flying at you can really REALLY turn guys off. However i may be soon...
  11. Re: How would these scents perfume in the heat of Thailand ?

    Jubilation XXV?



  12. "Hi Haters" - Your guilty pleasure scent that you have no shame in sharing!!

    okay here i go, i need to confess

    I LOVE "Diesel - Only The Brave"

    there. i said it.

    i love the cinnamon sweetness vibe and the simplisity and maybe even genericness i find sort of...
  13. Re: Would you keep a fragrance in your car?

    Honustly you can leave more cheaper fragrances in your car. . .in winter. but my god if you leave like a Creed or Amouge in the car over night we can not be friends.
  14. Re: My Take on the New Dior Homme Sport

    You should, truly a great scent!
  15. Re: Your latest "I eat my words" scent...

    Dior Homme Intence
  16. My Take on the New Dior Homme Sport

    I'm sure it's been reviewed to death

    but i wanted to bring this up and hear people's ideas of the new Dior Homme Sport.
    Wow i have no words, i adore this new formulation not TOO fond of Homme and...
  17. Re: Fragrances with the strongest Performance and tremendous Projection/Longevity

    Also of course forgot to mention "Fahrenheit"
  18. Replies

    Re: la nuit de l'homme v Spicebomb

    I wouldn't even begin to compare these scents.
    i think they have very different purposes.
  19. Re: Best blind buy and would you recommend it!!

    Dior Homme Intence?????? ARE YOU KIDDING?????????

    i love that scent but dude that is not for everybody! you might as well Blind Buy Nosamatto's Duro if your going to go down that road! :O
  20. Fragrances with the strongest Performance and tremendous Projection/Longevity

    noticed another thread about "Inexpensive strong fragrances"
    but i wan't to take away that limit and ask the community to give me their STRONGEST performers

    we are talking Le Male and A* Men,...
  21. Re: What if Aventus was created by a designer house?

    Le Male is designer and Base notes seem to be accepting of that.
  22. Replies

    Re: Review: Obsession for Men by CK

    Here's my deal:

    Alot of people get the old man vibe.
    yes it's there but i prefer to call it sophisticated vibe over an "Old man" vibe, i feel this is for a young professional because even though...
  23. Replies

    Re: Review: Obsession for Men by CK

    I love this scent think it's a classic (Hi Haters)
  24. Replies

    Re: The Best Cheap Fragrances Ever?

    ahhhhh yes!

    Dyslexia caught me off guard there!
  25. Replies

    Re: The Best Cheap Fragrances Ever?

    ahhh yes, this is an absolutely mighty fine fragrance!
  26. Re: The Smell for Less: Inexpensive copies of niche

    Hey guys?

    Mont Blanc Individual - Original Santal Creed

    THE END.

    they are the same sure Santal has a fruity fizzy open for a good 10 seconds but after that a give you no...
  27. Replies

    Re: New Fragrance: Armani Code Ultimate

    Just please. make it. stop.
  28. Replies

    The Best Cheap Fragrances Ever?


    Now, we are all currently on a site dedicated to fragrances.
    So be default we are not the most common of noses to even start.
    This means that of course we are mostly here for...
  29. Replies

    Re: A*Men or Pure Malt

    Pure Malt, Everytime!
  30. An Appreciation to this lovely community! Give me scents that have knocked your socks off!

    Hello there friends!

    I'm not exactly a newbie to fragrances, i have smelt some which are considered the all time greats such as the Amouage's, Creed's and Tom fords. However i have never given my...
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