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    Re: Vintage Fragrances I bought today

    Not today but very recent:

    But this arrived today:
  2. Re: Penhaligon are discontinuing English Fern & Douro

    I agree as well, she was very kind and helpful and I'd made sure to let her know that I didn't blame her for what the company had decided.
    Regarding the the latest incarnation (now discontinued) of...
  3. Sticky: Re: A simple, fast, cheap, and effective way, to PROTECT your old perfumes.

    Perhaps a silly question but I want to be 100% sure. Regarding light.... storing a fragrance in its cardboard box, the box the fragrance came in - that should be sufficient right? I don't -- for...
  4. Penhaligon are discontinuing English Fern & Douro

    I didn't see English Fern and Douro listed on Penhaligon's website so I emailed them and asked - this is the response I got:

    "Unfortunately yes, this fragrance has been discontinued from our...
  5. Floris Moss Rose & Other Rose Moss Fragrances

    I'm waiting for this bottle of Floris Moss Rose to arrive, I am a bit concerned that it will smell a bit too feminine though. Does anyone have any experience with this one or maybe other "Moss Rose"...
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    Re: Lagerfeld Cologne

    Okay, so the actual genuine vintage version was simple labeled "Cologne" and not "Ea de Cologne"? But during which years did they produce the "Eau de Cologne" version then? Rather confusing.
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    Re: Lagerfeld Cologne

    I THINK I have the vintage version because its a splash bottle, as I said before, and the bottle has the "Eau de Cologne" text printed on it and not the "classic" text. However, I have actually heard...
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    Re: Lagerfeld Cologne

    No one knows if they still sell Lagerfeld Cologne in splash bottles? ;)
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    Re: Lagerfeld Cologne

    I just received a 100ml bottle of the classic in Eau de Cologne strength but to my surprise it was a splash bottle. The owner said it as new, do they still make them in splash bottles or is mine a...
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    Re: Vintage Habit Rouge

    I just bought this bottle of vintage Habit Rouge (it hasn't arrived yet) and as you can see some evaporation has occurred, which the seller also confirmed. How actually bad is evaporation and is it...
  11. Re: What is the nicest bottle in your collection? (pics please!)

    Vintage and with a glass stopper.
  12. Re: Are there any fragrances that are very similar to Penhaligons Blenheim Bouquet?

    Geo F Trumper Wellington, probably the closest you can get I believe. That and Town & Country by Crown Perfumery.
  13. Re: English Countryside type of fragrance?Can you recommend any?

    That's at least what they said on an old ad (from the 40s I believe), "the green scent of the English countryside".
  14. Re: Original Dunhill for Men (1934)... Discontinued or Not?

    Is it worth paying more for the vintage version or is the current version similar enough?
  15. Re: How to open stuck glass stopper from the perfume bottle?

    Sorry for bumping this thread but I need help! I have a vintage splash bottle of Penhaligons Hammam Bouquet and the glass stopper it stuck. The top of the stopper is made of glass while the bottom...
  16. Re: Penhaligon's: packaging, how to date, and the dreaded reformulations

    Does anyone know how old this bottle could be and if its genuine vintage? Its a splash bottle so I do presume that it is in fact vintage but it does look a bit different from the other vintage...
  17. Re: Penhaligon's: packaging, how to date, and the dreaded reformulations

    As I understand it during the post war period and up to when Sheyla Pickles bought the firm the only Penhaligons you could get was Hammam Bouquet but only from the Truefitt & Hill store on Old Bond...
  18. Re: Floris Vetiver - Untimely demise of Floris's magnus opus

    Floris Vetiver sucks right? please tell me it does! ;) I had purchased a bottle of the vintage juice for a very reasonable price on ebay but I just checked the tracking update and UK Custom had...
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